Monday, July 29, 2013

The first informal get together of the members of the EU Group of AENIB

On the 27th of June a considerable number of EU members of AENIB and other interested nautical entrepreneurs had an informal meeting in the bar Varadero. Although the atmosphere was relaxed, it was a proper working meeting in which many important issues that affect the day to day running of the nautical companies came up. Some of the problems discussed were the of lack of space in STP, resulting in loss of business for many local refit and service companies, when they have to turn clients away. Another issue was the prohibitive charges imposed by the port Authority for the companies located on the premises, making their overheads so high they end up pricing themselves out of the market. And how to convince Astilleros to give Access to outside contractors to work on their premises was another question raised. A subcommitté was formed to serve as a link between STP, Astilleros and AENIB in an attempt to find a satisfactory solution for all parties.

In the meeting the recent Palma Boat Show was also discussed, and allthough the show´s come back was considered successful, those present emphasized the need to concentrate heavily on attracting not just visitors but those clients who will come with a serious intention to buy.

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