Friday, July 6, 2012

President's Letter - July 2012

Dear partners,

Behind us is a pretty busy June and it is not yet high season. Today, as well as the heat, has not given us respite. This past month much has been happening, news about the moorings on seagrass meadows and the question of whether also charge for anchoring on sand (an outbreak of controversy quickly faded, as the whole sector to be positioned against) . Also this month is marked by the words of the president Bauza at the opening of the conference "The Future of superyachts", who said Madrid would lead to the proposal to eliminate the matriculation tax on charter boats.

It is good to start with what we believe is great news: that the regional president of our community to become engaged in public to fight a tax against which we fought so long. The news appeared on the "Future of the Superyacht VII Conference" in Palma. The president of the Government said about the problems of the marine industry in the Balearic Islands and Madrid announced that it would eliminate the proposed registration tax to charter boats, a tax that leaves us at a disadvantage against other competitors around us having more to offer. To say that this is a clear case of unfairness, and that neither the charter of aircraft or car rental this tax applies. Since we value AENB thus we expect to be treated in the same way and to eliminate this tax as quickly as possible for the sake of the Balearic economy and companies, because we will never tire of saying: this tax deters tourists and we lose much more money than it collects.