Sunday, November 30, 2014

Interviews with our associates - Fairline North Mallorca

Fairline North Mallorca is one of the last companies that have joined the AENIB. They are members of an important international franchise, as well as taking the image of the Balearic Islands to the main international nautical venues through their catalogues and promotional videos. We have had the pleasure to speak to them, so that they can talk about their professional work and their impressions about the present of the yacht sector in our islands.

First of all, I would like you to introduce me your company, make a summary of your trajectory and the services you offer here in our islands.

For nearly two decades, Fairline North Mallorca has been the main dealer for Fairline boats in the region. Built on our motto "It´s all about service", with its headquarters in Port de Pollensa, Fairline North Mallorca has a wealth of experience in sales and service. The team are fully trained, bi-lingual and resident locally, some staff were even born in Pollensa. Fairline North Mallorca has become famous for hosting some of the most enjoyable events both on and off the water. This dedication to our loyal customers culminates in receiving the allocade of "Worldwide Dealer of the Year". We also have a dedicated charter division specialising in Charters on the island and run a Wake School.

For a company like yours, the exemption of the matriculation tax in the charter boats will be a blessing. How do you forecast that this measure will affect the following seasons?

The exemption of the matriculation tax will positively affect our type of business in many ways, so will definitely be a joy. The fact that the exemption will create more boats available for charters and therefore more charter business will firstly have a direct impact be generating a greater revenue for the island and all businesses connected. Secondly, the indirect benefit for an increased movement in the charter business is that it introduces people into the island in a very lovely way, then if the charter is done well they will look into repeat business, boat sales, property sales and a general healthy spending on the islands.

Having a look at the catalogue and the promotional videos of Fairline, one can see a clear commitment for the Balearic Islands. How important are our islands in the global strategy of the company?

The islands are the biggest single market for Fairline worldwide distribution. There are 5 individual Fairline dealers on the island compared to 2 Fairline dealers for the whole of United States. The quality of the dealerships on the islands are recognised worldwide. Fairline North Mallorca was awarded the Worldwide Dealership of the Year.

Under your point of view: What is really necessary for the Balearic islands to be able to attract more nautical turism?

Having an institution like AENIB gives us an opportunity to get our thoughts forward. The nautical business and its importance to the communities economic welfare needs to be fully understood by those with political power then they can improve the attraction of nautical business. We think that the individual nautical businesses are doing a great job but need more support.

Changing a bit the topic, what do you value most about being a member of AENIB?

Being part of a group of like minded business men and women in the nautical industry. It gives a great sense of belonging and the opportunity to share thoughts and

Anen Informs: Job offers for the new job exchange “Nautical Jobs”

As we announced during the ANEN Convention, which took place during the last edition of the Barcelona Boat Show, the Association is creating an online platform for management of a job exchange for the nautical sector, which will complement the work done by the Association for the future Collective Agreement for the Nautical Sector.

This platform will be incorporated in the website of ANEN, and once operative, you can add yourselves the job offers you wish to publicize. At the same time there will be a section “jobs wanted”, where the job seekers can upload their curriculum.

To start adding content to the job exchange, we request companies that currently have vacancies, to send us an e-mail (, so we can upload the offers on the platform, which we plan to have operational in 2 to 3 weeks.

We need the following details:

Regarding the job offers:
* Position
* Location
* Type of job
* Job description

Regarding the company offering the job:
* Name of the company
* Company logo
* E-mail
* Website (optional)
* Slogan of the company (optional)
* Video (optional)
* Twitter account (optional)

in the following links you can see some drafts for the new ‘Nautical Jobs’ – platform:

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Port Authority awards the management of the berths in the port of Savina to Marina de Formentera

The Council of Administration of the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands decided to give the concession to run the berths on the eastern dock  in the port of Savina  to the company Marina de Formentera SA, as their proposal was deemed to be the best among the ones presented in the public tender.

Marina de Formentera proposed an annual fee of nine hundred and thirty thousand euros, an investment  of more than half a million euros and a concession period of seven years, five years less than projected in the specifications.

The project contemplates an operation of a public port area in Formentera, total area being 17.235 square meters, out of which 5.410 square meter correspond to land with various buildings, currently used for different commercial enterprises like car rental, chandleries, restaurants and a fuel depot for recreational vessels.

Source: APB.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cala Figuera, new destination for the megayachts

The area of Cala Figuera is about to turn into the luxury nautical destination of Menorca and Port of Mahon, where it is located. As announced last April, the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands continues with the plans to create a new marina in the area that once belonged to the company CLH, with 150 moorings for luxury megayachts, a shopping complex, parking and other services required by this type of clientele.

The State Ports acquired the grounds located in the north of Port of Mahon with the idea of a megayacht marina, a plan that not only exists on paper but seems to be gaining force. The president of the Balearic Port Authority, Alberto Pons, declared that in a time frame of maximum three months, a public tender for a project to construct a marina capable of converting the Port of Mahon into a reference in luxury nautical tourism, will be announced.

Although the details of the future town planning of the area are not known, it seems like the agreement  with the Club Marítimo of Mahon (CMM) will not be affected. According to the agreement CMM can manage around 66 berths in the same bay.

The new marina is planned to have a capacity for 150 vessels, in parallel with the type of services required by the superyacht client.

Read the complete article in Nauta 360.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Restructuring of the Palma Port is necessary, but in agreement with all involved, according to the refit sector

The remodelling of the Port of Palma de Mallorca is one of the keys that the boat repair sector sees to increased production capacity, although the changes in the Bay of Palma should be done by consensus "between all involved, the city, other organisms and entities".

This is how the director of Servicios Técnicos Portuarios (STP), Joan Rosselló, explained it in an interview with Europa Press. He emphasized that the minimum that the sector requires from the reform planned by the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB) in the Port of Palma is to have "the same installations as currently and some more". Were they given "more space and more capacity", also keeping in mind that "location is an important factor, the repair sector could improve considerably".

Rosselló explained that if these factors are kept in mind, and seeing how the demand in the sector has increased in the recent years, the sector has to grow in order to maintain the quality".

For example, if the boatyard areas were extended, it would be possible to create the necessary installations for repair and maintenance of yachts between 100 and 120 m of length (the current capacity is only up to 60 m), explained the director of STP.


Regarding this, the director of the Astilleros de Mallorca, Diego Colón, affirms that "in any case, remodelling on the port is necessary", although he added that "the dimension of the expansion is debatable", as according to him, this reform "has to be done in mutual agreement for the benefit of all".

When it comes to the environmental impact of the reform, which consists of an extension of 340.000 square meters of new areas gained from the sea according to the plan by APB, Colon assured that "they will continue with their good environmental practices" recognized by the Confederation of the Balearic Trade Associations (CAEB) in 2012 for their Environmental Management System.

For Rossello, the legislation in the sector has experienced a change in the past year and a half with the elimination of the matriculation tax for charter yachts and the Law of Ports, which, according to Rossello "increases the concession times" and "opens the door to investments in new installations and machinery". 

Complete article: Yahoo.

Monday, November 17, 2014

YARE, refit and aftersales show for super- and megayachts

The YARE (Yachting Aftersales & Refit Experience), is one of the few international shows dedicated to refit and aftersales in the super- and megayacht sector. The show will take place in Viareggio in Marina di Carrara, from 2nd to 6th of February, parallel to the 13th edition of Seatec (International Exposition of Technologies, Subcontracting and Design of Boats, Megayachts and Ships).

Large number of captains and yacht managers from various international and Italian companies, specialised in services for this type of large vessels will participate in the show. Additionally, various forums and conferences, expert meetings and visits to nautical districts of Toscana are in the planning.

Like any other show, the YARE attempts to strengthen the contact between the companies that provide products and services and the end users and those in charge of making decisions: superyacht captains, brokers, yacht management companies, international registry officials etc. In other words, the target public in this show is highly qualified and professional, with high purchasing power.

Read the complete article in Panorama Náutico.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

ANEN survey about the participation in the 53rd edition of the Barcelona Boat Show

As the 53rd edition of the Barcelona Boat Show is past us, ANEN thinks it is the right moment to reflect over organization, activities, visitors etc. in order to gain more information about how the exhibitors and visitors alike experienced their participation, and thus make improvements in the future.

You can participate in the survey through this link.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Next edition of METS is approaching with increased Spanish participation

The next edition of METS will take place from 18th to 20th of November. METS is the biggest exhibition of equipment, materials and systems for recreational yachting in Europe, and will have an increased Spanish presence.


The companies MARINE INSTRUMENTS, 2MPRO, QUER, CALYPSO MARINE INSTRUMENTS  and DALMAU & HOLMAN GROUP participate for the first time in this event that congregates over 1.500 exhibitors from all over the world.

In METS 2014 the nominees for the DAME awards for nautical innovation are the flexible adhesive that doesn´t require curing in dry conditions, called DR. SAILS, developed by the Spanish company SAILING TECHNOLOGIES, as well the propeller protector THURSTOR, which is sold in Europe by BAITRA. Both products are among the 45 most relevant nautical innovations according to the jury of these prestigious awards that are going to be published on the 18th of November.

The ANEN team, formed by José Luis Fayos, the technical consultant and responsible for internalization, and Lara Hidalgo from the legal department, coordinate the mission and participate in METS until its closure on the 20th of November, helping out the Spanish exhibitors and representing the Association in various events and celebrations. All the associates are welcome to use the stand of ANEN for their meetings or any other things they may need. As in previous years, the stand is located in the Spanish hall, the exact direction being 01.181.

Once the exhibition is closed, we will publish the degree of satisfaction by the Spanish participants of METS 2014.

Source: ANEN.

Monday, November 10, 2014

The ports in Ibiza had a good season and already receive bookings for 2015

Nautical tourism was booming this past season in Ibiza, confirmed by the positive balance sheets of the main ports and marinas. After a "slightly difficult" start, marinas like Ibiza Magna, Marina Ibiza and Marina Botafoch closed a "satisfactory" season after having managed to extend it due to good weather. "September was almost like August, we had nearly full occupation and only a few empty moorings. The last week of August and in the beginning of September it slowed down a bit, but afterwards the bookings bounced back. We thought that with the closing of the discotheques (first week of October), it would go down again as is normal, but October was good as well", assures Andrea Arabi, who is in charge of Ibiza Magna, as well as of the new megayacht marina Port Ibiza Town in the vicinity. According to Arabi, this season "was better than last year, which already was good". He reminds that in marinas of this type the waiting lists are habitual during the peak season. "We can end up having a waiting list of 15 to 20 yachts on a daily basis in August", he specifies.


In the case of Marina Ibiza, the director Daniel Mari explains that "the results of July and August are difficult to improve, as there is a lot demand for moorings, but we have registered an increased activity in June, September and even in October. We had a slightly better result than last year, I calculate that we had a growth of occupation about 10% in June and September, bearing in mind that they are the only months allowing growth as July and August are always fully booked". According to Mari, the result is "satisfactory, considering the economic situation".

Read the whole article in Periódico de Ibiza y Formentera.

Friday, November 7, 2014

The sailing club Fanautic opens a branch in the port of Marina del Cantábrico de Raos

The company Fanautic Club is going to open an operation in the port of Marina del Cantábrico de Raos with both sailing and motor boats. In charge of welcoming the club to Santander this Wednesday were the president of the Port Authority, José Joaquin Martinez Sieso; the Mayor of Santander, Iñigo de la Serna and Fernando Echavarri as the sailors´representative.

According to the press release by Fanautic, the port of Marina de Cantábrico is the first port in the Cantabrian Sea to have a permanent base of the club.

The statement goes further to explain that the "great nautical tradition", the "incomparable conditions" for sailing in the Bay of Santander, and the "recent success" of the World Championships of Sailing have propelled the move to the Cantabrian capital.

Popularizing yachting

In their own words, the Fanautic Club has as its main objective to "popularize" yachting among the population and to help to "boost" the economy of the companies of the sector. They go on to explain that business formula has been adapted from the Anglo-Saxon economies.

The associates can sail whenever they want to

In the welcome reception, the representative of Fanautic Club, Diego Orallo, explained that for less money than what a mooring costs, each associate can enjoy a number of voyages per month, according to their subscription. "Just as you don´t need to own a golf course to play golf, you don´t need to own a boat to go sailing", says Orallo, who explained that the associates "can sail whenever they want to without having to worry about a mooring, an insurance or maintenance".

Access to the boats is managed through a modern online reservation system. Additionally, the management tool 'iClub' will serve as a support to form a national network of correspondence between different ports in Spain, and this will enable the associates to sail in different destinations "in the near future".

The club already has bases in Mallorca, Barcelona, Costa Brava, Valencia, Marbella, and the next opening will take place in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. According to Orallo, this will help to boost the nautical tourism between regions, as already happens with other activities like golf. "A circle of tourism different from the rest is going to be created", says Orallo.

This outlook is shared by De la Serna, who pointed out that there is a niche in the market for this kind of activity. "For a city like ours which wants to grow and to continue developing the sailing activities in the bay, it is an additional attraction", he added.

Read the original article in 20 minutos.

ANEN invites the biggest trade unions to the negotiations over the Collective Agreement for the Nautical Sector

According to the plans ANEN revealed during the recent Barcelona Boat Show, and now that the negotiations have been set up for the nautical sector, ANEN has invited  the largest trade unions (UGT and CCOO) to initiate the negotiations for a nationwide Collective Agreement for the Nautical Sector.

Ahead of this, the representatives of the participating companies and the general secretary of ANEN, Carlos Sanlorenzo will meet - during the month of November - with the consultancy that the Asociation habitually collaborates with and which will be in charge of the technical part of the negotiation. The reason for this preparatory meeting is to form the proposals and to define the strategy for the negotiation.

In this context it is worth mentioning the report that the above mentioned consultancy has prepared, based on a questionnaire directed to all the associates. The report presents an in-depth analysis of the current employment situation of the sector, including the weaknesses and needs in this area. The report is available to all associates upon request to ANEN.

Source: ANEN.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Letter from the president - November 2014

The Royal Decree of the reform of the nautical qualifications was published in the Official State Bulletin last month. Adapting the qualifications to the reality of the sector is a necessary improvement in order to have a level playing field with the rest of Europe. The reality of the sector was plain to see during the Barcelona Boat Show - despite some positive signs, the show still has a long way to go in order to recover its place among the top shows. In this month´s letter we speak also about the modification of the lighthouse tax for the transient yachts and about the meetings we have initiated with the various political parties ahead of the municipal elections next year.

Just few weeks ago the Royal Decree of the reform of the nautical qualifications was published in the Official State Bulletin (BOE). It means an important step forward for the sector, as it updates our legislation to the day to day reality of yachting and puts us at the same level as the rest of the EU countries. Some of the novelties introduced in the RD are the extension of the scope of the qualifications, simplification of the training and disappearance of the “titulin”. On behalf of AENIB we want to praise the work carried out by ANEN, as the text approved by the Council of Ministers is practically the same as prepared and presented by ANEN at the II Nautical Congress. We also want to express our gratitude to Direction General of the Merchant Navy for their efforts in making the reform happen. Having said that, we do think it has taken too long and the reform should have been approved before the summer. ANEN deserves congratulations also for the work carried out with the comments and suggestions to the Law of Maritime Navigation, and for letting AENIB to participate in the process. It is worth remembering that this law, amongst many other things, will facilitate the economic transactions of the operations in our sector.