Monday, April 30, 2012

Employers want the cancellation of matriculation tax

The nautical sector employers organized a year ago  a protest at the  Palma Boat Show to request the removal of  registration tax for commercial vessels over 15 meters in length. A year later they claim that nothing has changed.

The association of nautical companies of the Islands says  that this tax remains in effect and has caused many companies  not to do business with the islands.They prefer to go to other European Union countries like France or Italy, where they would  not pay the fee. The government say they will meet soon in Madrid to demand the withdrawal of the tax.

Watch it on IB3.

The Nautical Mostra "returns the illusion" to a critical sector with poor promotion

The Nautical Mostra XIX concluded yesterday in Ciutadella with the "satisfaction" of the participating entrepreneurs, but with a big but. The president of the Nautical Business Menorquina (ASMEN), Justo Saura, deficiencies at promotional lamented: "It has been publicized too late." A finding that has not dampened an issue that "has restored the illusion."

Saura explained at the end of the last day of sailing, shows that "many people came," which permitted the development of a lot of contacts and even closure of some sales. A boost for a sector in need of incentives after a few years when the crisis has spread discouragement.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Portals Nautical Weekend, from 26th to 28th of May 2012

"Portals Nautical Weekend" is a unique event. A collaboration between several local companies located in the facilities of Puerto Portals, participating companies presented new boats, used and rental boats up to 30 m. in length, ribs, auxiliary, jet skis, etc. chandlery.

Thousands of customers and potential visitors in the databases of the participating companies have already received an invitation. Communications have been sent to local and international press, and will be updated on the information as the date gets closer. Restaurants, bars and boutiques of the port are also invited to collaborate.

There are available a limited number of moorings and approximately 25 tents of 9 m2 on port Boulevard. If you are interested in participating in the event as an exhibitor, please contact Jane Thompson (, tel. 605 223 202) or Aila Bell (, tel. 639 612 629) for more information.

The intention of the event is not seeking direct benefit, but to offer a platform for each participating company where they can make your their business. The costs to participants are directly related to actual costs, which makes the event very attractive economically. The accounts are open to scrutiny, at the weekly meetings of the participants.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Landaluce: 'You have to choose between the model of Düsseldorf or Cannes'

With an industry in free fall since 2007, the company and the Spanish shipyards try to reinvent themselves to weather the economic crisis. This was transmitted from the National Association of Marine (ANEN).

One of the challenges of Spanish companies is to continue expanding in new markets where demand is emerging. A slow and very competitive, but success in the future. "It is now in the Shanghai Boat Show with good sales for Spanish firms from day one. Soon there will also be the show in Korea.It will be the fourth year we go to this exhibition," says the CEO of ANEN, Alejandro Landaluce.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Alcúdia is open to the sea with a fabulous exhibition dedicated to sepia and all things nautical

With the sea as an excuse, for an entire weekend Port d'Alcudia has been the epicenter of sailing and sepia related food..Thousands of visitors from all parts of the island have enjoyed the Mediterranean and have been shown the best means to navigate, from the ancient to the newest navigation systems built into most modern ships.

From sailing boats on display to viewing the Maritime Rescue boat or getting to know the work carried out on the ground before the departure of the ships, or the tools of the Mestres d'aixa served to publicize the maritime side of Alcúdia. 

Given that the annual show in Palma was not celebrated this year, the Alcúdia fair converted into the main reference in the sector with numerous exhibitors and visitors.

Friday, April 20, 2012

The Balearic Islands Internationalization Plan

The Internationalization plan IB has been prepared jointly by the Vice Economic Minister of the Balearic Government (through the IDI), the Balearic Islands Chambers of Commerce and ICEX. The Plan sets out the main actions, programs and services will be developed throughout 2012 to promote the internationalization of businesses in the Balearics. The primary target of the Plan are:

- SMEs, Entrepreneurs and Individual Entrepreneurs "not internationalized"
- SMEs, Entrepreneurs and Individual Entrepreneurs "internationalized"
- Business and Professional Associations
- College Students and Intermediate and Superior.

The plan is structured by strategic lines as shown below:

In the Balearic Islands
Resource Guide, and market overview, statistics, etc.
Presentations University, Basic courses and seminars on trade and internationalization.
Tables and workshops, counseling and consulting, general and sectoral conferences, etc.
Conferences, courses and seminars.
Advisory and consultancy services, support programs to international initiation, strategic guidance, financial support,   incorporation of specialized human resources, etc.
Trade fairs, show rooms, trade missions.
In the Balearic Islands and abroad
Trade fairs, show rooms, missions, seminars, workshops, video conferencing with Commercial Offices Abroad, etc.
Note I: Priority Sectors: Fashion (jewelry, shoes and clothing), services (tourism, technology and consulting), Nautica, Agri-Food (wine and food), infrastructure (architecture, engineering and construction), Biotechnology, Audiovisual and Leisure.

For more information, check the calendar or contact data will not hesitate to write to:

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The marine industry requires government to develop non-legislative proposal for recreational boating, highlighted at the Development Commission of the Congress of Deputies

The main organizations that bring together strategic subsectors that make up the industrial sector of recreational boating, led by the National Association of Marine (ANEN), do not let their guard down and claim the Spanish government, as a first step to develop the proposal Law not for recreational boating, adopted at the Development Commission of the Congress of Deputies, a year ago. A breakthrough, with the votes for the PP, PSOE and CIU, was the recognition of a productive industrial sector itself and able to promote nautical tourism.

7 th Annual Future of Superyachts Conference

Becoming one of the most important dates on the calendar of big boats, the 7th Annual Conference The Future of Superyachts will be held in Palma shortly before the Superyacht Cup, on the 19th and 20th of June 2012 and will bring together a group of the elite of the industry leaders to work together and discuss.

The Future of Superyachts focuses on legal, financial, tax, crew, registration, compilation and design problems and regularly attracts an international audience of senior executives from the world of yachts.

Sailing and gastronomy

The municipality of Alcudia is preparing once again the "Fira Nautical and gastronomic for Sepia", which this year will be held on 21st and 22nd of April at the Port of Alcudia.

This fair celebrates its seventh edition this year and its organization is the place for sailing, cuisine and culture, presented a comprehensive program that is attractive to visitors. You can view the agenda by clicking here.

Since this year there is no Palma Boat Show, the association offers you this alternative option with the following advantages:

-To exhibit at the fair is free.
-The only cost for participation is 60 € for exhibitors by way of promoting the fair, in order to achieve maximum possible number of visitors.
-For FENIB partners, the promotion cost is 50 € and as a member of FENIB or AENB we can offer this special price to all interested partners.

Letter from the President - March 2012

About a month ago it was announced that the Palma Boat Show was postponed until 2013. From our position we support the decision of the Government. Our actions are marked by the general opinion of our partners and, in this case, most saw holding this year's as a problem, for economic reasons. Although, to be honest, we must recognize that there are some who are dissatisfied with the decision of the Government and so this was told to the Director General Pacheco. On the other hand, I announce that the National Association of Marine (ANEN) has asked us to remain on their Board. In a couple of weeks the "Nautical and Gastronomic Sepia Fair." will be held in Alcudia. This is a chance to speak at an event that already has a significant track record (this year is the seventh edition) and can attract many visitors and that is why AENB and FENIB support it this year. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Spanish nautical enterprise says "enough!"

Industry and the Spanish nautical companies have teamed up again to ask the Spanish Government to implement the proposition of law to stimulate the activity of recreational sailing passed last year in the Development Commission of the Congress of Deputies. This will happen at a meeting with the media to be held on the 17th of April at the Madrid headquarters of the CEOE and where representatives of the major employers and associations of our country will take part to explain what the sector needs to overcome the deep crisis in which it finds itself.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Nautical fair and celebration of SEPIA

The municipality of Alcudia is preparing once again the "Fira Nautical and gastronomic Sepia", which this year will be held on the 21st and 22nd of April at the Port of Alcudia.

This fair celebrates its seventh edition in 2012 and its organization is a place for sailing, cuisine and culture, it presents a comprehensive program that is attractive to visitors you can view the programme  here .

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

AENB holds a meeting with MEP Rosa Estaras and the deputy Lourdes Bosch

On Friday March 30th the president of AENB, Margarita Dahlberg, presented to the People's Party MEP Rosa Estaràs the Award of the "Public Person'' for greater collaboration in 2011 with the sailing industry ." After that she met with Mrs.. Estaras and deputy Lourdes Acarreta Bosch, who is also spokesman for Tourism, They discussed the problems of sailing in our region and the registration tax. The Nationalists took over the difficulties affect the sector and pledged to seek a solution for the tax issue, which is unique in Europe and in the opinion of nautical employers makes the sector less competitive....