Thursday, March 16, 2017

2017 Award to the “Oldest Partner of the club”: Náutica Martín

This year, Náutica Martín was awarded the Oldest Partner of the Club. Xisco Llabrés is a lifelong businessman, a historical person of the sector; and with good reason. He has been more than forty years working in Cala d'Or to give his customers the best possible service. He loves his work and he is also compromised with this association, from which he has been a member since 1998.

How do you value this recognition?
In fact, very positively. At first, I doubted if I had to accept it, because I don't like to receive awards if it's for doing my job properly. But I understand that it is also important for the association. In this sense, I want to mention that Juan Rosselló was the “culprit” to make me initially join to the association.

Which were your professional beginnings in yachting?
They were in Cala d'Or. I was around 18 years old when I started a business with another partner. I ended up keeping the company, and finally, I had to trespass it. This is why nowadays it is still Náutica Martín. It is called Martín for my father. He, then, had a taxi and a rent a car companies, all with the name of Martín. I've been almost 45 years working professionally in yachting.

How was the business when you started it in Cala d'Or?
It was not the same as now. We started it when the port of Cala d'Or had just been built, and tourism started to have an important volume. In the beginning, we started with accessories and basic objects, and now, we sell Yamaha and other inflatable boats. The customers that we had before, most of them were foreigners and tourists, we also had Spanish. Since then, the area has grown. Another of the services that we offered was safekeeping of boats. Before, many boats were sold, but the customers had problems in winter when they wanted to keep them, and we offered this facility. When the mechanic that we had, retired; I decided that I preferred to simplify, and now I only sell.

2017 Award to the “Entity that has collaborated most with the yacht sector” Conselleria de Treball, Comerç i indústria

The Conselleria de Treball, Comerç i indústria of the Government of the Balearic Islands, has received an award for being the Entitiy that has collaborated most with the yacht sector during the past year. The organization, managed by the counselor Negueruela, has been one of our best allies when making important improvements for the sector, boosting quality vocational training of our future professionals; and collaborating with the companies, so that the Palma Boat Show becomes more relevant at an international scale.

1- This year, the Conselleria that you are running, receives the award to the Entity that has most collaborated with the yacht sector. How do you value this recognition?

We value it positively, because it is a recognition to the work that the team of the Conselleria does, together with the IDI (Innovation Institutue). It has been a lot of work with the sector. We are aware that the nautical industry is very important for our Community; both for the creation of jobs and for its volume of business.

This award encourages us to continue the same way, strengthening and deepening the collaboration with the sector, continue the dialogue with the associations and nautical companies, listening their needs and develop inititatives together, to favor the promotion of the yacht industry. All this, can be done by organizing the Palma Boat Show, the future Plan for Industry. Or we can also improve human capital through training, so that productivity and competitiveness of nautical companies progress; and, at the same time, the economic model of the Balearic improves and diversifies.

2.- Our companies have the highest boat enrolment dates of all the State, and the data of charter improve year by year. What policies are being carried away (or will be carried away) from the Conselleria to consolidate this growth and potentiate it at the same time?
In the Govern, coordinately, we collaborate with nautical associations to develop initiatives to promote the development of the sector, with overseas activities to make the companies known, and attract investment in the territory, as well as potentiate training and the appeal of the Community as a touristic destination.

2017 Award to the “Most Outstanding Trajectory”: Nautipaints

The Award to the Most Oustanding Professional Trajectory, this year was given to Nautipaints, for its clear focus on internationalization. Toni Salom, son of nautical entrepreneurs, has achieved with a lot of effort, constance, and creativity, that Nautipaints becomes a synonym of excellence at an international level.

What does this award represent to you and to this company?
For me, obviously, it is an honor to receive the recognition from all my workmates. To see that all my effort has been compensated, motivates me to keep working. This means that I am doing a good work. We always have our doubts at a certain point: if we are doing everything correctly or taking the best decision; and this recognition, confirms it. It is very satisfying for our company, we are a team. Without them, I could not have obtained this recognition. It is shared, and for all of us. And, of course, it helps us continue fighting, so that everyday we can improve and satisfy our customers. This is the target and the motto of NAUTIPAINTS.

According to your experience ¿How has the yacht business changed since 1991?
From my point of view, the yacht sector from 1991 and now, have nothing to do. The companies and their human equipment have specialized a lot. The market has grown enormously. For instance: the volume of companies; but also the size of boats. In 1991, a boat of 24 meters was a mega yacht, and nowadays it is a very common length. But the biggest change has been the importance given to the nautical industry as an industrial network, because before it wasn't recognized; both for the creation of jobs and for its volume of business.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Elections 2017

In accordance with the provisions of the statutes of the Association, the board of directors of AENB has called for the elections for the renewal of all the charges that make up the board. The day of the vote will be on the 16st of February 2017, coinciding with the Annual General Meeting.

The election process will be directed by the electoral council consisting of the President, the Vice- President and the Secretary. These charges will be represented by Mr. Andy Halcón/ RIVIERA TRADE SL, Mrs. Patricia Bullock/ NETWORK MARINE CONSULTANTS and Mrs. Tina Campins / NOVA NAUTICA SL
We would like to point out the following deadlines on the electoral calendar:

1º) On the 23th and 24th of January from 9:00 hrs. to 13:00 hrs., the candidacies of the interested members are received. The requirements laid down in the electoral regulations must be met, referring to the presentation of documents and the number of members. The candidacies are handed in at C/Gremi de Passamaners, 8 nave 12, Edificio Dahlberg S.A in Palma de Mallorca.

2º) The presented candidacies will be examined by the electoral council on the 25th of February, leaving a period of 48 hours for correction of possible errors.

3º) On the 6th of February the valid candidacies will be published, followed by a 48-hour period to lodge an appeal. Once the possible appeals are resolved, the definite candidacies will be proclaimed on the 9th of February.

4º) In the case of only one candidacy being presented, the electoral process will be concluded and ratified at the Annual General Meeting.

5º) In the case of several candidacies being presented, the Electoral Campaign will begin until the 15th of February.

6º) The presential voting will take place on the 16st of February, during the Annual General Meeting. Votes sent by mail to C/GremiPassamaners, 8 nave 12, Edificio Dahlberg S.A, 07009 Palma de Mallorca, and received by 13:00 hours on that day will be accepted.

For further information you can email Patricia Bullock at

Monday, November 7, 2016

Letter from the president - November 2016

In the Barcelona Boat Show, great novelties and news for the sector have been announced. In this sense, we have to outstand that the 5th Nautical Congress will be celebrated next March in Palma. This fact is a way to recognize the weight that the Balearic nautical has at a national level. Some days ago, the Gaceta Náutica announced the winners of the Timón 2016 award. This award is an excellent initiative, and AENIB will participate in it, because they are part of the jury. We also have to stand out that the next 30th of November, the Extraordinary General Meeting of our association will be celebrated. That is why we beg you to take time off your busy schedule and attend to it. Moreover, during those days, the first edition of the Nautical Charter Course is being celebrated in Palma, and we have participated in its organization. Besides, from AENIB, we keep working regarding nautical vocational studies, together with the SOIB and JOVENT. 

The Barcelona Boat Show always brings us great expectation, because plenty of novelties are announced. Those news are not only about new products and services, they are also about changes that affect the yacht sector and the next actions that the ANEN will take. In this sense, it was confirmed that the 5th Nautical Congress will be celebrated in Palma next March. This is not a trival issue, because it is the biggest national congress specialized in nautical. From our association we would like to congratulate ANEN for taking that decision, and we also want to value the leadership that our islands have in the national market. As expected, as more progresses are made, we will keep you informed. Regarding the Boat Show, we have to highlight its huge success, because plenty of companies and professionals attended and participated in the event. And a lot of the companies from the Balearic Islands were present. The ones we were there, can say that the activity has increased with respect to previous years. We would also like to point out the impulse that was given to the campaing #embarcate, that it was created to promote recreational boats in our country, and to all the workshops and conferences organized by ANEN. 

In these days, the 1st Course of Nautical Charter is being celebrated in Palma, and although it is still very soon to make an assesment, we can say that we are very satisfied with the level of participation. This reply from our students, plus the true interest for the subjects that are being done, makes us think that the call has been very successful. We have to remember that in the organization of this classroom course, the IME (which will issue an official certification to confirm the participation in this course), ANEN, AEGY and the AENIB have participated. 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Letter from the president - October 2016

Although the high season still has not finished, many of us need to be strong and pay attention to our customers and attend the different boat shows that will be celebrated in the next months. Like the one in Monaco, that finished not long ago. And according to the Balearic companies that participated, it had an excellent rating. Tere will also be another boat show in Barcelona, that will be celebrated in less than two weeks. On the other hand, in our island, the yacht sector awakes again eternal debates like the posidonia. From our part, in AENIB, we continue focused on vocational studies and professional qualifications for the workers of the sector. 

A few days ago, an editorial from one of the newspapers with largest circulation in Mallorca, pointed out that the general director of Natural Spaces and Biodiversity had been ceased from her position. It was because she was inactive when chasing indiscriminate anchoring in posidonia meadows. We do not know if it is an exaggeration of the newspaper, or if it is one of the reasons to cease her. If it was the last case, we do not know where is this data taken from, because the posidonia anchorings are an exception in our sector. It is unfair that people judge one collective for the mistakes of a few. And if any political and simplistic decision would be taken to legislate against anchoring in general, they would be destroying years of work and effort. Not only from the own administration, but also for thousands of people that fight every day to keep recreational yachting to the highest possible level. 

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Letter from the president - August 2016

The yacht sector is working at full capacity this summer in our islands. In order to realize about this fact, we only have to see any of our beautiful coves and beaches and the great number of boats anchoring there. Not in vain, the Balearic Islands are still at the head of the national market when referring to the number of registrations. Those, have grown more than a 9% with respect to the first semester in 2015. These good numbers are helping to boost the turnover of our islands' nautical industry. While our companies work at full capacity to provide service to their customers, they are also starting to attend to large boat shows: like the one in Barcelona, or the METS. 

From the 24th until the 28th of October, an interesting course about nautical charter will be celebrated in Palma. It is organized by the IME (Spanish Maritime Institute), and the AENIB is going to collaborate actively. During those days, 16 professionals that belong to the sector, have a recognized prestige and an excellent professional experience at their backs, will offer first quality and updated training about all the necessary aspects to take into account, to work in this sector. In this sense, the agenda contains sections dedicated to the current market situation in Spain and Europe; the business strategy and its particularities, the legal framework in the nautical charter, the aspects regarding the exploitation of boats; and of course, the crucial topic about insurances and accidents. From AENIB we encourage all our associates to attend the course. So that, apart from obtaining an official certificate issued by the IME, it will be an excellent opportunity to be in contact with professionals and entrepreneurs of different sectors related to yachting. In the section of News, you can find the complete program of the event.