Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Presentations at the VII Boat and Sepia show of Alcudia

On Monday 26th of March the presentation took place of the poster for the seventh edition of the Nautical and Sepia fair to be held in the port of Alcudia on 21st and 22nd of April.

The Mayor of Alcudia, Coloma Terrace, explained that one of the innovations that will be held this year at the fair will be the maritime nautical parade. There will be workshops in the morning for schools and sports activities, also an exhibition of old photos. Snr Terrace thanked the cooperation between the Fishermen's Association and the City and the colaboration of organizations and institutions participating in the exhibition of sepia and nautica,the Council of Mallorca, the Balearic Islands, the Association of Friends of n'Agustina with traditional boats of n'Agustina, companies like Iscomar and Emsa and also to the local police, as well as the areas of Trade, Tourism and Sports. Coming soon will be the program of events. Alcudia is expected to be, as has said the mayor, "a counter display for all of Mallorca" with the aim of seasonality in a pre tourist season, both to make the promenade a display of seamanship, boat and water utilities, for guests to enjoy alongside the cuisine linked to sepia.

* Excerpt from press release of the City of Alcudia.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Key aspects of the 2012 Labour Reform

The BOE num. 36 of 11th of February 2012, published by the Royal Decree Law 3/2012 of 10 February, for urgent action to reform the labour market and entered into force on the date February 12, 2012. This Royal Decree law amends existing regulations of the following fields

- CREATION OF NEW CONTRACT. It must be permanent and full time and can arrangd by all the companies that employ fewer than 50 employees (but is said to be of support to entrepreneurs). Can be agreed trial period of one year and regulating tax incentives and bonuses SS fees if the current employment contract is for 3 years.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rosa Estaràs promises to intensify her support for the nautical sector after receiving the award “Public Personality of 2011”

The member of the European Parliament Rosa Estarás from the PP party received the award from AENB at the awards ceremony during the Annual General Meeting for her close collaboration with the nautical sector and the defense of its interests in the European Parliament. The Balearic MEP, who was unable to assist the awards ceremony personally and who was represented by close colleague and ex MEP Francisca Bennassar, thanked the president of AENB, Margarita Dahlberg and all the members of the association for the distinction. At the same time she expressed her pride in receiving this award from one of the most important business associations in the Balearics, representing one of the basic pillars of the Balearic economy.

The fifth edition of the AENB Nautical Sector Awards

The traditional nautical sector awards ceremony of AENB took place after the General Assembly. With the awards AENB honours its members, public personalities and institutions that have most contributed to the nautical sector. This year the award for The Public Personality Most Involved With Our Industry in 2011 was presented to Mrs. Rosa Estarás. AENB explains that Mrs Estarás has stood out this year for her tireless work in Brussels to liberate our sector from its many fiscal, legal and administrative obstacles. She is a person who has made it a personal challenge to change the matriculation tax adapting it to the European standard. As Mrs Estarás could not assist at the award ceremony personally due to work commitments, Mrs Francesca Bennassar received the award in her representation.

President's Letter - February 2012

Dear Members,

On February 23rd we celebrated the most important act of the year for our association: The Annual General Meeting. At the meeting you had the absolute protagonism and the power to decide our future. We, who have the honor of enjoying the confidence you have placed in us to run AENB, are happy to be amongst so many friends, amongst so many entrepreneurs. We are all part of this family.