Tuesday, October 28, 2014

PP meets with the representatives of the nautical sector in order to collect proposals for the 2015 election programme

The general secretary of the People´s Party (PP) of the Balearic Islands, Miquel Vidal, and the coordinator of the election programme, Mabel Cabrer, had this afternoon the sixth of the meetings with different collectives and associations, with an aim to gather proposals for the upcoming elections in May 2015. Today´s meeting took place with the representatives of the nautical sector. In the meeting the proposals from the campaign in 2011 were discussed one by one - which have been complied with and the reason why some have not. 

Afterwards, the representatives of the sector had a chance to evaluate the work done so far, and to propose new initiatives for the future. 

In the meeting participated also the coordinator of the sector meetings of the party, Maribel Crespi; the director general of the Ports and Airports, Toni Deudero, and the director of IB Ports, David Gómez.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Prospective oil drilling rejected at the II Tourist Forum in Ibiza

Rejection towards any prospective oil drilling in the Balearic waters was palpable at the II Tourist Forum in Ibiza today. The forum aims, among other things, to evaluate the past season and to analyse the role of the public administration in the tourist promotion.The Mayor of Santa Eulària des Riu, Vicent Mari, emphasised in his inaugural speech how the future of Ibiza as a tourist destination depends on stopping the oil prospections."The environmental values are very important when attracting visitors, which leaves us no other option than to say very clearly "no" to the prospections", stated Marí in his opening speech at the forum, which takes places at the Congress Palace of Ibiza, informed the Town Hall of Santa Eulària.

Marí emphasized also the need to convince the tourists that "they can have unique and unrepeatable experiences here", and underlined that Ibiza, as a tourist brand, should not compete "in quantity, but in quality".

The island councillor of Tourism, Carmen Ferrer, used a similar line of argument when she assured that "activities that are not environmentally sustainable, constitute a danger for the island", and warned that threats like the prospective oil drilling and bad every-day practices spoil the environment on the island.

The president of the ferry terminal, Antoni Guasch, mentioned additionally the need to "join forces" for marketing purposes, and encouraged "the companies and all sectors related to services to join in cooperations like ours".

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The most participative edition of the Boat Show drawing to a close

The Barcelona International Boat Show closed its doors last Sunday in Port Vell, confirming the trend towards a recovery of the sector.

During 5 days the show, which exhibited over 650 vessels out of which 120 new products, registered an important volume of business and a great flow of visitors, who were able to participate in the more than 100 programmed activities.

For the chairman of the Show, Luis Conde, "this edition has oozed more optimism, the exhibitors have received more visitors, given more interviews, prepared more estimates and registered more contacts and sales than in previous editions".

Furthermore, he assured that "it is obvious once again how the show reflects what is going on in the sector, as for the first time in six years the vessel registrations are growing, with an increase of 12,8% from the beginning of the year until September".

For his part, the director of the Boat Show, Jordi Freixas, remarked that "it was one of the liveliest editions in the recent years", pointing out a certain change in the visitor profile: "this edition has not only drawn the buyers interested in acquiring a vessel in the coming months, but we have also managed to attract a younger public and families to come and try the multiple activities and proposals we had designed for enjoying the sea".
One of the most successful was the generator of waves in a pool installed in the port, a groundbreaking initiative in Europe and where over 400 people dared to try surfing. This edition had as one of its principal objectives to attract the public to recreational sailing and water sports, and apart from the many activities on offer, a new guide book about towable yachting was distributed among the visitors. This form of yachting and water sports will benefit greatly from the reform of the nautical qualifications approved by the Council of Ministers on the 10 of October.

The show, organised by the Fira de Barcelona in collaboration with the Spanish Nautical Trade Association (ANEN), registered more than 54.000 national and international visitors, the international ones coming mainly from France, Germany, UK and Russia.

Being an annual show, the next edition of the Barcelona International Boat Show will take place from 14th to 18th of October 2015.

Source: Expreso.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

ANADE is satisfied with the new normative regarding the nautical qualifications

The Association of Marinas and Nautical Installations of the Balearic Islands (ANADE), is of the opinion that the scope of the nautical qualifications in the royal decree approved by the central Government recently “will contribute to a renovation of the fleet and which will benefit the whole sector”.

The president of the association, Antoni Zaforteza, gives a very positive evaluation of the novelties included in the new normative, specially the ones that concern the qualification of the recreational boat skipper (PER), the most popular qualification in Spain.

From now on the holders of this qualification can maneuver vessels up to 24 m of length, while they were previously limited to 15 m. Besides, with complementary practical training, they are allowed to do crossings between the mainland and the Balearic Islands.

"Many people will get encouraged to upgrade to a bigger boat, with a subsequent boost to ports, charter, boat yards and the rest of the sector”, assures Zaforteza.

The president of ANADE emphasizes also other measures included in the new text regulating the nautical qualifications for the recreational craft, which enable a larger segment of the population to have access to yachting.

As an example, the exemption from nautical qualification to maneuver motor boats up to 5 m and sailing boats up to 6 m, always when the power of these boats´ engines doesn´t exceed  11,26 kW (15CV), and as long as the navigation takes place daytime and not further  than 2 miles from shelter.

ANADE considers that the combination of all these measures is a significant step forward in making the sector more competitive.

Complete article in  ABC.

The Balearic Islands invoice 428 million euros from the nautical sector

The Balearic Islands received ca. 444.000 nautical tourists in 2013, which represents a 20% increase compared to the previous year. Additionally, these visitors spent  more than 428.000 euros and 90% of them evaluated their experience as very satisfactory, as informed by the Balearic Ministry of Tourism and Sports in conjunction with their presence at the Barcelona Boat Show, where they will stay until the 19th of October to promote the islands as a nautical destination.

The Balearic Islands are on display for the visiting public in a stand of the community, shared  between ATB, the Tourist Foundation of Ibiza, Ports IB and IDI.

The Barcelona Boat Show attracts thousands of visitors every year, which makes it a perfect opportunity to showcase a tourist destination like the Balearics, and also the companies of the islands.

In fact, in order to promote the islands as a destination for nautical tourism, the Balearic Tourism Agency, together with the Ports IB and the Institute for  Industrial Development (IDI), which organizes the Palma Boat Show,  will be participating with their own stand at the current edition of the Barcelona Boat Show, offering various information about the Balearic Islands as a nautical destination.

Nautical tourism up by 20% in 2013 in the Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands received ca. 444.000 nautical tourists in 2013, representing an increase by 20% compared to the previous year, informed the Balearic Tourism Agency (ATB), an entity that will be present at the Barcelona Boat Show until the 19th of October.

The nautical tourists spent in excess of 428 million euros in 2013 in the Balearic Islands and 90% of them evaluated their experience as very positive (8 or more in a scale from 0 to 10), informed the local Ministry of Tourism in their statement to the press.

ATB will participate in the Barcelona Boat Show with an aim to market the Balearic Islands as a destination for nautical tourism. They have set up their own stand, where they share space with the Tourism Foundation of Ibiza, Ports IB and IDI.

The Barcelona Boat Show attracts thousands of visitors every year and is considered an excellent opportunity for the sector to showcase their products and services.

Source: Finanzas.com

The nautical sector needs a nationwide marketing plan

To develop a nationwide marketing plan for the nautical sector with involvement of all the components of the sector: companies, professional sailors, institutions, media, administration.... is fundamental in order to create a "culture of the sea" that is so far inexistent in Spain. This is the principal conclusion drawn from a debate "The sea welcomes you", organized by ANEN during the Barcelona Boat Show, reuniting prominent figures from olympic sailing, professional sailors, journalists, entrepreneurs and representatives of the Administration.

Amongst the activities organised by the Spanish Nautical Trade Association during the 53rd Barcelona Boat Show, the debate "The sea welcomes you" marked a start of a closer cooperation between the various segments of the nautical sector to seek and support real alternatives to promote collectivisation of the sector.

"Sailing is fun" pointed out Theresa Zabell, the chairwoman of the Ecomar Foundation, in her contribution to the debate. With this message as a focal point of the communication, junior sailing programmes as much as various other activities at sailing clubs and other entities need to be developed. "This is the way to correct the perception many people in Spain have of sailing as something very expensive and complicated", stated the double olympic sailing champion.

Friday, October 17, 2014

ANEN starts to work on a future Collective Agreement for the nautical sector

A future Collective Agreement will be an essential tool for the collective bargaining and for the relationship between the employees and the employers in the nautical sector, up until now regulated by various, separate collective agreements for professionals.

In tandem with the development of the collective agreement, ANEN will also create a job exchange for the nautical sector, with an aim to promote the job offers of its associates and to help the workers of the sector find employment.

The creation of a specific collective agreement for the nautical sector in Spain is one of the pending tasks that ANEN, in its role as employers´ association, started to work on a few months ago.

Up until now, the professionals who work in the nautical sector have their relationships with the companies in the sector regulated through various non-specific collective agreements, according to the occupation they are specialized in. This results in more complicated collective bargaining than in other professional sectors, both for the employees as for the employers.

To find a solution for this situation and to progress in establishing a more professional and competitive nautical sector both in our country and in Europe, ANEN will first prepare a basic document for the negotiations between the companies and the representatives of the workers, which will  eventually get developed into the Collective Agreement for the Nautical Sector.

“The most representative industrial and business sectors of the Spanish economy have their own collective agreements as necessary tool for demonstrating their professionalization and their day-to-day reality for the society and for the administration. The nautical sector should also respond to this necessity”, states Carlos Sanlorenzo, the general secretary of ANEN.

Job exchange for the nautical sector

As has happened with the collective agreement, ANEN has detected another need in the sector, and will go on to create a job exchange, so that companies and workers of the nautical sector  can have access to a platform of supply and demand of jobs, dedicated exclusively to the nautical sector.

The job exchange under development will, to begin with, contain job offers from the associate companies of ANEN, as well as applications of people looking for work or wishing to change jobs.

The new platform will be located on the website of ANEN (www.anen.es).

Source: ANEN.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Barcelona Boat Show opens with the number of stands up 17% from last year

The Barcelona Boat Show opened the gates today with 17% more stands than last year, explained the mayor of Barcelona, Xavier Trias, and pointed out that "the nautical activity is recovering".

Trias thanked the Fira de Barcelona for the important effort of keeping the show afloat during the hard years of crisis and for investing in it with determination.

The Barcelona Boat Show will have around 250 exhibitors presenting  650 vessels in total, 70 of which new models, 50 novelties in electronic accessories  and motors of the last generation, as well as other products and must-haves.

The show, which will remain open from today until the 19th of October, is organised by the Fira de Barcelona in collaboration with the Spanish Nautical Trade Association (ANEN), concentrates the exhibition and activities on the "España" and "Fusta del Port Vell" docks in Barcelona.

The president of the show, Luis Conde, highlighted the tangible optimism this year, as a result of the recreational craft registrations being up by 12,8% in Spain during the first three quarters of the year, compared to the same period last year.

Speaking with the press, Conde explained about the plans to talk with the Minister of Taxation, Cristóbal Montoro, about eliminating the matriculation tax altogether, because "it doesn´t make any sense having to pay 12% tax for buying a boat in Spain when you don´t need to do it in France or Italy".

Among the novelties presented on the show this year,  a motor cruiser Rodman Muse 44 stands out, as well as the Sunseeker 75, a superyacht that combines the design experience of the British yard with the use of new technologies.

Source: Yahoo noticias.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The nautical qualifications and the competitiveness of the sector

The fundamental objective of this new regulation is to foster the competitiveness of the nautical segment, above all when it comes to training for obtaining the qualifications, or the scope of the qualifications as such. It involves also a considerable reduction of bureaucratic procedures.

The majority of the associations have given their consent to the Royal Decree, although they regret the delay of almost a year since the announcement of the reform. Additionally, it should be taken into account that the BOE states that the new regulation comes into force in the beginning of next year, three months after the publication  (read the attached BOE).

The delay is due, amongst other issues, to a series of developments, basically of technical nature (debated between the representatives of the sector), related to the characteristics of the boats and their equipment on board, and which have led to a need to simplify the theoretical content of the training to access the recreational qualifications and to adapt them to the current situation, as well as to introduce various changes in the scope of them.

As an example, a qualification as a recreational yacht skipper (PER, the most popular nautical qualification in Spain, will allow longer distances of navigation, taking into account the acquired practical training of the skipper of each boat.

Read the complete article in Naucher Global.

Boat show in tail wind

The International Boat Show of Barcelona will be the chosen stage for the Spanish and international firms to launch their new models related to the nautical world.

Around 250 exhibitors will participate in the show, exhibiting for the first time over 70  new models among the 650 vessels in total, and presenting more than 50 electronic accessories and motors of the latest generation. The 53rd edition of the show, in a context of a recovery of the sector, will also host a variety of activities and conferences for the professionals and nautical enthusiasts.

Third year in Port Vell

Organized by the Fira de Barcelona in collaboration with the Spanish Nautical Trade Association (ANEN), the boat show concentrates the commercial exhibition and activities on the docks “España” and “Fusta del Port Vell”. The boats above 8 m are exhibited in the water – an initiative carried out for a third consecutive year, which without doubt has contributed to make the show more visible and spectacular, while on land the visitors can find all types of products and nautical services, apart from small boats and inflatables.

Among the novelties presented this year in Barcelona, standing out are the Rodman Muse 44, a Spanish built motor cruiser of global reference, and the Sunseeker 75, a superyacht that combines the design experience of the British yard with the use of new technologies.

The Lagoon 630 MY, a spectacular catamaran, directed to long distance sailors without sacrificing the comforts of a motor yacht, or the sailing yachts Oceanis 60, Beneteau and Dufour 560 GL which will also be a delight for the sailing enthusiasts.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The central government eases the 'lighthouse tax', benefiting the tourist but not the resident

Dashed hopes again as the Balearic nautical sector has to continue waiting to get rid  of the Tax for Aid for Navigation - commonly known as T0 or the lighthouse tax, despite demanding its elimination for years, specially after the the government increased this tax by more than 100% last year, raising the volume of protests to record high. This tax is paid by all recreational craft with a mooring in the Balearic islands, as well as by visiting yachts.

Little has it helped to have the backing of the president of the Balearic government, José Ramón Bauzá, who in the beginning of the year declared his support for the cause and who even promised to protest in Madrid. Now, eight months later, it is obvious that his complaints served for nothing, and that despite a modification of the tax in the 2015 state budget, the more than 25.000 vessels permanently moored in the Balearic Island won´t benefit from it.

The tax, which until this year was insignificant, serves a purpose in financing the loss-making Sea Rescue and Safety at Sea (SASEMAR), and the modification of which is included in the Project for the General State Budget, presented last week by the Tax Minister, Cristóbal Montoro, in the Lower House of the Parliament. More specifically in the part dedicated to the Ministry of Development of Infrastructures, although the contents of the modification are not specified.

The changes benefit above all the tourists who moor their yachts in the archipelago during their vacations, but not the residents who will not be affected by the modification. From 2015 onwards the transiting yachts pay only for the days they are moored, while up until now they had to pay for a whole month even if they stayed a shorter time, the intention being to stimulate more visiting yachts to the islands and to boost nautical tourism.

In the meantime, the residents will have to pay the tax for the whole of 2015, which means they will not benefit from the changes, according to the confirmation from the State Ports (which  functions under the Ministry of Development of Infrastructures). This has angered the Balearic nautical sector, which collectively feels that it has been ignored once again. However, the same official sources point out that until the budget has been approved, nothing is confirmed. We have to wait and see if some of the presented amendments will be successful.

Read the complete article in El Mundo.

The Royal Decree regulating the nautical qualification published in the Official State Bulletin (11.10.2014)

Last Saturday, on the 11th of October, Royal Decree 875/2014 regulating the recreational nautical qualifications was published in the Official State Bulletin (BOE). As we have been informing in the recent days from ANEN, the reform of the nautical qualifications is now a reality.

The speeding up of the application of the new regulations is also proceeding satisfactorily, as the category “exempt from qualifications” is valid immediately, and the Navigation License is valid in 20 days.

You can read the complete text published in the BOE, by clicking here.

Source: ANEN.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Royal Decree over the nautical qualifications is approved at the Council of Ministers

The beginners to yachting are to benefit greatly from the reform of the nautical qualifications. Boosting and promoting the nautical activity has been of utmost importance when developing the new normative.

There will be no need to have a qualification to maneuver motor boats up to 5 meters of length, and sailing boats up to 6 meters. This rule will be valid straight after the publication of the Royal Decree in the Official State Bulletin, which will happen in the next few days.

The Navigation License, which replaces the current license popularly known as Titulín, will be valid within 20 days from the publication of the RD in the Official State Bulletin. The other modifications that broaden the scope of the rest of the nautical qualifications and simplify the training, will be valid in three months after the publication of the RD in the Official State Bulletin, a time period required for the Royal Decree to become a Law.

According to the information ANEN has received from the Administration, apart from minimal changes the RD respects the draft presented during the II Nautical Congress. The draft text was agreed between the industry associations, the companies, the yacht clubs and marinas, nautical schools and the aficionados within the sector.

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Marina will host the third edition of the Valencia Boat show

Valencia Boat Show starts marketing the 2015 edition with the sights set on improving on the results of the edition of 2014, which had 80 exhibitors, 130 boats in total on show and 40.000 visitors.

The boat show will take place in The Marina from 16th to 19th of April 2015, organised by the Nautical Trade Union with the collaboration of the Municipal Sports Foundation and the Consortium Valencia 2007. The dates were agreed after a debate  with those involved in the sector, not only in Valencia but also in the rest of the country.

The marketing of the show is about to start with very competitive prices and a discount of 25% to those exhibitors who register before the 31st of January 2015.

Also, with an aim to attract new products to the show, the still unregistered boats in the water or less than 12 months of age can be exhibited without charge.

After only two editions, the show in Valencia has established itself in the Spanish boat show scene, becoming also a focal point of entertainment and activity for the Valencians. The show looks forward to the new edition with optimism, buoyed by the recent good results in the sector: according to the information published by the Spanish Nautical Trade Association (ANEN), the number of vessel registrations has grown by 12,80% during the first nine months of the year, while the summer season was very positive with a 16% increase in the registration during the months of June, July and August.

Additionally, new measures like the Law of Maritime Navigation, a Royal Decree concerning vessels above 24 m of length, recently approved by the Council of Ministers and the new normative for the nautical qualifications, which integrates us to the legislation in the rest of the European countries, will without doubt simulate the sector.

Read the complete article in El Periòdic.

7 modifications by Bauzá included in the European strategy for coastal tourism

The regional Committee has approved seven modifications presented by the president of the Balearic Government, José Ramón Bauzá in the text for “The European Strategy for increased growth and employment for the coastal and maritime tourism”, a report related to the promotion of nautical tourism and other tourist products involving the sea.

The modifications presented by Bauzá, in his role as a member of the Regional Committee, have as their objective to favour diversification of seasonal tourism by boosting the nautical tourism and new tourist products related to marine environment, the local government informed in a statement.

Other modifications refer to the promotion of watersports  within the activities of coastal and maritime tourism, and introduction of traditions and local customs within the new tourist products. 

The modifications for the report were drawn up by the Direction General of Tourism  and the Direction General of Ports and Airports in the local Ministry of Tourism and Sports, and will be sent to the Spanish Parliament and the European Commission to be taken into account when planning changes into legislation.


Letter from the president - October 2014

A few days ago AENIB joined the plenary session of the Palma Town hall to express the support of the association for the reform of Club Maritimo Molinar. The association considers the reform essential not only for revitalizing the area, but also to keep alive the oldest nautical entity of the Balearic Islands. In this newsletter we also deal with the recent decision to allow charter activity for non-EU flagged yachts in the Balearics, the approaching Barcelona Boat Show, the adaptation of the British Large Yacht Code into the Spanish legislation and other current issues.

At AENIB we are convinced that the reform of Club Maritimo Molinar is essential. The recreational nautical sector is one of the most important segments of the Balearic economy (the ever-increasing number of new vessel registrations in the islands provides sufficient proof of this). According to the calculations by the professor of geography at UIB, Onofre Rullán (Diario de Mallorca 26/09/2014), the club could achieve 11 million euros in benefit with the extension of the port, which would mean double return on the initial investment. The upgrade of the port would bring along revaluation of the whole area, increase the commercial activity and generate around 150 new jobs (between direct and indirect ones). AENIB has been collaborating with the Club to plan a renovation project that respects the environment, is open to the public and fits in with specific environment of the El Molinar neighborhood. We believe that this project is a great opportunity, not only for the nautical sector, but for the City of Palma itself. The reform should be carried out, otherwise we run a risk of losing the oldest nautical entity of the Balearic Islands.

A few weeks ago the local government authorized charter activity for non-EU flagged vessels in the Balearic Islands. The decision is a result of numerous meetings that AENIB, with the support of ANEN, had with the corresponding authorities to highlight the necessity of opening up our charter market to said vessels. According to the new regulations, non-EU flagged vessels above 14 m of length can offer charters in the Balearic waters, when evidence is provided that EU-flagged yachts of similar characteristics are not available. The owners have to apply for a license and comply with corresponding requirements in order to carry out charter activity. We believe this is a very positive development that will position the Balearic Islands as a nautical destination a bit closer to our competitors.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The recreational craft registrations increase by 12,80% during the first three quarters of the year

During the September 2014 the increase is 6,20% more than in September 2013.

- From January to September 2014, 3.756 recreational craft have been registered in Spain, 426 more than in the same period last year.
- By the length of the yachts, a stronger growth is noticeable in the segments above 12 m. The registrations of vessels above 16 m increase by 48%, and the segment between 12 and 16 m grow by 28,80%.

- The Balearic Islands register the biggest growth up to September this year - 35,66%, with 582 registrations, followed by Barcelona with a 23,60% growth and 419 registrations.

The recreational craft market in Spain shows a total of 3.756 new registrations in the period between January and September this year, which indicates a growth of 12,80% compared to the same period last year.

The month of September, which marks the end of the nautical summer season in Spain and therefore the closure of the transactions taking place in the summer,  shows also positive numbers with a 6,20% growth compared to September last year. In September a total of 240 vessels were registered compared to the 226 last year.

The information is extracted from the "Recreational Market Report. January-September 2014" edited by ANEN and based on the information collected by Direction General of the Merchant Navy.

Nationwide statistics

By length, the vessels above 16 m continue growing most in 2014, with 37 new registrations between January and September, 48% more than in the same period in 2013 (25 registrations). The segment between 12 and 16 m shows a second largest increase (28,80%), with 85 registrations, compared to the 66 in the same period in 2013.