Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The most participative edition of the Boat Show drawing to a close

The Barcelona International Boat Show closed its doors last Sunday in Port Vell, confirming the trend towards a recovery of the sector.

During 5 days the show, which exhibited over 650 vessels out of which 120 new products, registered an important volume of business and a great flow of visitors, who were able to participate in the more than 100 programmed activities.

For the chairman of the Show, Luis Conde, "this edition has oozed more optimism, the exhibitors have received more visitors, given more interviews, prepared more estimates and registered more contacts and sales than in previous editions".

Furthermore, he assured that "it is obvious once again how the show reflects what is going on in the sector, as for the first time in six years the vessel registrations are growing, with an increase of 12,8% from the beginning of the year until September".

For his part, the director of the Boat Show, Jordi Freixas, remarked that "it was one of the liveliest editions in the recent years", pointing out a certain change in the visitor profile: "this edition has not only drawn the buyers interested in acquiring a vessel in the coming months, but we have also managed to attract a younger public and families to come and try the multiple activities and proposals we had designed for enjoying the sea".
One of the most successful was the generator of waves in a pool installed in the port, a groundbreaking initiative in Europe and where over 400 people dared to try surfing. This edition had as one of its principal objectives to attract the public to recreational sailing and water sports, and apart from the many activities on offer, a new guide book about towable yachting was distributed among the visitors. This form of yachting and water sports will benefit greatly from the reform of the nautical qualifications approved by the Council of Ministers on the 10 of October.

The show, organised by the Fira de Barcelona in collaboration with the Spanish Nautical Trade Association (ANEN), registered more than 54.000 national and international visitors, the international ones coming mainly from France, Germany, UK and Russia.

Being an annual show, the next edition of the Barcelona International Boat Show will take place from 14th to 18th of October 2015.

Source: Expreso.

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