Monday, September 30, 2013

The new framework for the nautical charter is an opportunity for growth

During the Barcelona Boat Show a conference titled “The new legislative and fiscal scenario for the nautical charter sector” took place. It was organized jointly by ANEN and the boat show itself, and was a success in participation. The new normative gives an opportunity for growth by insisting on the necessity to streamline the legislative process and to unify criteria.

The exemption of the matriculation tax for the nautical charter, currently in a legislative process to come into force probably at the end of October 2013, has generated high expectations in all the subsectors that make up the recreational nautical sector.

It is an opportunity for growth for a sector that still needs improvement, specially when it comes to speeding up the administrative processes as well as to unifying criteria for the correct application of the future normative between the different autonomic administrations.

In the meeting two large thematic areas were addressed, each at their own round table where recognized experts in maritime law, representatives of yacht clubs and marinas and directors of service companies related to the charter industry participated.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Barcelona Boat Show highlights the emerging markets

The Barcelona Boat Show opens its doors on the 24th of September, coinciding with the start of the local celebration ´Fiestas de la Mercé´, with a special focus on the emerging markets, as Russia and China, to combat the sluggish domestic demand.

The show, which will go on in the Catalonian capital until the 29th of September, will have 236 exhibitors that will show more than 650 vessels, 60 of them for the first time in Spain, and hopes to achieve 50.000 visitors.

In the press conference, the director of the show, Jordi Freixas, explained that the organization carried out a market research to capture foreign residents and those foreigners with a residence in Spain, with a special attention to Russian citizens, who are becoming more and more prominent in the Costa Brava.

Although no specific activities has been planned for these visitors with high purchasing power, more Russian speaking staff will be available to make these visitors feel at home.

The Barcelona Boat Show asks PP to eliminate the tax from private boats

The president of the Barcelona Boat Show, Luis Conde, urged this Wednesday the Finance Minister, Cristóbal Montoro, to eliminate the matriculation tax on private yachts.

This tax of 12% is levied on yachts over the length of 8 m. He added that in his opinion no other party would act on this. "If this is not done by PP, nobody else will do it. We have to try to make Montoro a sailor, as he is the one sitting on the cash register", Conde said during the press conference  at the presentation of the boat show.

Along the same vein, he explained that the other ministers involved - Pastor and Soria - are already willing to accept the demands from the sector. According to Conde, this lessening of the tax burden would put us in equal footing with our neighbors and would boost the sector by attracting more tourist, and that way increase the tax revenue: "Sun, 8.000 km of coast line, sympathetic people and islands we already have".

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Letter from the president - September 2013

After a busy month of August comes the even more hectic September without giving us a moment of rest. AENIB will participate once again in the Barcelona International Boat Show, the most important event of this type on a national level. On the 20th of September the TRECVET conference will take place, in which many influential persons from both the national as well as the international nautical sector will approach an issue of great importance: the equalisation of the profesional captains qualifications in Spain, Germany and UK. When it comes to the local news, there has been a lot of controversy about the management of mooring buoys. We believe this is a topic of sufficient importance as to ask for the responsable parties to rethink their policies.

From 24th to the 29th of September one of the most important boat shows on a national level will take place in Barcelona. AENIB will share a stand with the Balearic Tourism Agency, giving information about all the associated nautical companies to those who want to visit our island, whether for business or for pleasure. You are welcome to bring us all the material you wish to exhibit at the stand. Over the recent years the Barcelona show has developed into an event equally attractive for the exhibitors as well as for the professionals and visiting public.