Saturday, July 2, 2016

Letter from the president - July 2016

International promotion, quality training and adequacy to the regulations of the sector's reality. For many years, these have been some of the most important complaints that our association has fought for, and little by little, our hard work is bearing its fruits. Thanks to the understanding between our sector and the public administrations in the last years, we're doing plenty of important improvements for the yacht sector in the Balearic Islands and Spain, working together with ANEN. 

Soon, the new Balearic decree of nautical charter will enter into force. It is a project in which we have also invested a huge amount of effort and resources to provide this sector with appropriate regulations to its reality and needs. In this project, the ANEN has helped us considerably, and we have achieved the regulation of this business completely in one single legal text, because in the previous regulations there were different legal texts. In this same newsletter, you will find a link to the news to the ANEN web. There, you will find an article written by Miguel Ángel Serra, who gives a thoroughly detail of the changes that this new legislation introduces. To sum up, it is kept the possibility to rent vessels and recreational registered boats that do not belong to the EU or are signatories of the Agreement regarding the European Economic Space in the same terms than the ones established in the previous regulation. Moreover, the Balearics register of lessors, boats and recreational boats is created. This register is public, autonomic has an administrative nature. In it, the companies that have made the responsible statement and the boats and declared vessels, will be documented. This register is aimed to control the illegal charter that happens mainly in the sector of small boats.