Friday, June 28, 2013

The Government will eliminate the "matriculation tax" on commercial yachts

The Ministry of Treasury and Public Administration Services, on the proposal of the Ministry of Public Works will modify, through a Law, the Special Tax on Certain Means of Transport (IEDMT), popularly known as the "Matriculation Tax". The elimination of the tax is applied to recreational yachts above 15 destined to commercial use.

The Special Tax on Certain Means of Transport, regulated in the Law of Special Taxes, levies a tax of 12% of the value of a private yacht above 8 m and commercial yacht above 15 m on its first registration.

Spain is the only country amongst our neighbors that levies this tax, on top of the VAT, which means a loss of competitiveness of our charter sector. The yachts dedicated to the activity of charter limit their stay along the Spanish coast and in Spanish ports during the season, and avoid staying here in the winter, resulting in de-location of the companies that do business with these yachts.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Barcelona Boat Show sets its promotion plan in motion

After various meetings of the communication working group of the Show Organization, consisting of the Barcelona Boat Show and ANEN, various plans for the promotion strategy have been developed for the next edition of the Show.

As it was announced in a press conference on the 21st of June by the General Secretary of ANEN, one of the priorities of this edition of the Show is to attract more foreign clients.

With this in mind, the Show will carry out, apart from the promotional work in its international delegations, a promotional campaign in the main Spanish yachting harbors to encourage the visits from the residents of foreign origin that often frequent these harbors. These actions are backed up by public relations exercises in the more prestigious ports and marinas, with an aim to strengthen the image of the Show in events with a high participation of foreign VIP clients.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The structure of the new building at Moll Vell is finished and the rest of the work will be completed before Christmas

The reform of the Moll Vell will be finished before Christmas. The structure of the building is now completed, and the silhouette that will be welcoming the passers-by from the direction Avenida Antoni Maura can be clearly observed. Also the wide flight of stairs that give continuity to the said passage all the way up to roof terrace of the new building is ready, giving access to an unobstructed view of both the old harbor and part of the adjacent boatyards.

The first phase of the construction was very complicated, although everything has progressed without incidents, according to our sources at the construction. We are talking about the basement, situated on an artificially gained ground and below the sea level, giving fears of possible water leaks, as the materials previously used were not that reliable.

The transformation of the Moll Vell area next to the old town was initiated in November last year with the demolition of two existing buildings, the old restaurant La Lubina and the offices of various consignees and nautical companies.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pupils available for non-working profesional training in companies

CAEB/BSEF is carrying out training actions that allow the participants to obtain a Certificate of Professionalism which will increase their options of entry into the labour market. In these actions can participate pupils who have completed 800 hrs of theoretical training in BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION and also pupils who have participated in courses specialized in CREATION OF SMALL BUSINESSES AND MICRO ENTERPRISES (480 hrs of theoretical training at superior level).

Apart from the theoretical training, the said actions include realization of non-working profesional internship in companies (80 hours per pupil in the first case, and 40 hours per pupil in the second case), to be carried out between July and November. The internship don´t suppose an existence of a labour contract between the pupil and the collaborating company, which will receive a subvención of 120 € or 240 € per pupil. The collaborating companies are required to appoint a tutor who will follow up and evaluate the progress of the pupil, whose tasks can not be complimentary to the regular staff of the company. If your company is interested in offering non-working professional training to one or more pupils, please pass us your contact details.

Josep Fortuny Gomila
Director of CAEB Menorca

Monday, June 17, 2013

The next edition of the Palma Boat Show will grow by 15%

The Director General of Commerce and Enterprise, Lourdes Cardona, had a meeting this morning with the Organizing Committee of the Palma Boat Show to evaluate the last edition, the first collaboration between the public and private sectors, and to discuss the novelties that are planned for next year.

The event, which celebrated its 30th edition this year and is considered to be the number one national show and third most important at the European level, was a great success, thus securing its continuity. "The change of the format has been a success and it has strengthened the whole industry as well as the local businesses with a connection to the nautical sector and other complimentary services", Lourdes Cardona pointed out.

The show has the most competitive pricing in Europe. The exhibitors pay considerably less than in other European fairs of the same category, the reason being that it is managed by the public sector and is not seen as a business venture. The aim is to offer a show open to all segments of the public and to support the nautical sector of the islands so that it can generate activity. At the same time, a great effort is made to make the event finance itself. Not having closed the accounts of the 30th edition of the show yet, the Council of Economy and Competitiveness expects moderate results. The department directed by Joaquin García together with the rest of the organization have agreed to invest these funds in the promotion of the next year´s event.

AENIB´s first contact with the Government´s new counselor of Economy and Competitiveness

La Asociación de Empresas Náuticas de las Islas Baleares (AENIB) se ha reunido esta mañana con el conseller de Economía y Competitividad, Joaquín García, para hablar sobre el futuro del Boat Show Palma y también sobre la Mesa Estratégica del Sector Náutico, de la que AENIB forma parte activa.

Se trata de la primera reunión que mantienen ambas partes desde que García fuese nombrado conseller hace poco más de un mes. García ha resaltado la importancia del sector náutico para la economía balear y ha trasladado su receptividad a los problemas que han expuesto en esta primera toma de contacto los representantes de AENIB. Durante el encuentro se ha hablando de dinamizar el sector, de trasladar la importancia que tiene en un entorno como el de las islas, y de cómo puede generar valor añadido en el modelo de turismo que como isla tiene Baleares.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Ministry of Public Works announces a reduction in port fees

The Minister of Public Works, Ana Pastor, has announced a package of measures that includes a reduction of port taxes. With these measures, the Ministry is attempting to contribute to the adjustment of prices demanded by the export sector, "without putting at risk the self-sufficiency of the port authorities".

This is how Pastor put it during the inauguration of the new container terminal in the port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and explained that the objective of these measures is to make it easier for the companies and the ports to achieve their objectives regarding competitiveness, infrastructures and the relationship between quality and cost.

Besides the revision of the fees, the head of the Ministry indicated that these measures include the revision of certain conditions that regulate the concessions in the ports, with the aim to reduce their financial difficulties and favor their competitiveness in the market, for example "by revising the conditions when the results haven´t been as expected", she clarified.

As a third measure, the package includes the elimination of obstacles that are still related to the port services, and which, in her opinion reduce "in many cases" the competitive edge of these infrastructures.

Read the complete article in Ultima Hora.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

29,1% of the visitors to the last Barcelona Boat Show had an intention to buy a boat

According to an opinion analysis carried out by Fira de Barcelona, 29,1% of the visitors to the last edition of the Barcelona International Boat Show, which took place in 2012, came to the Show with an intention to buy. This number represents an increase of 9,4 points compared to the previous edition in 2011.

The survey, based on over 300 interviews, reveals that out of the total number of visitors with an intention to buy, 38,6% wanted to acquire nautical accessories, 34,1% motor boats and 15,9% sailing boats.

The report reflects also that 44,7% of the public visit the Show to find out what is new, and 43,7% come because they are nautical enthusiasts. The sectors attracting most interest are the motor and sailing boats, as well as the Shopping Area. 66,2% declare that they are quite or very satisfied with the Show, and that it has covered their needs satisfactorily. Also bringing the dates forward to September and concentrating the Show in Port Vell is valued positively.

The Yacht Club of Sa Rápita opens up a new dry dock to increase space

The Yacht Club of Sa Rápita inaugurates this season the first dry dock of Mallorca. It is a project that allows the users and members of the club to get an easier access to the sea with boats from 4 to 9 m. Thanks to this new system the Yacht Club has increased its space by 60 places.

Read the complete article in Diario de Mallorca.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mutual understanding and practical results define the meetings of ANEN with their associates

The tour of meetings of the General Secretary of ANEN with the member associations and companies in the sector continue in the Autonomous Communities, the latest one taking place in Galicia.

Marina Dávila hosted hosted one of these meetings, where more than 20 companies took part, between associates of ANEN and representatives of other entities in the sector. The main subjects discussed were the various legislative actions ANEN is working on, for example the future normative regarding the professional licenses. Also fiscal issues were addressed, as well as the participation in the next Barcelona Boat Show etc.

The Community of Valencia and the Basque Country are the next destinations on the agenda of this programme, which has proven to be very effective. Using the format of workshops, the meetings are dealing with and finding solutions to problems in situ, whether related to normative or fiscal legislation, or problems with the Maritime Authorities, which are followed up by personal meetings with certain Harbour Masters.

The working meetings where alongside our associates, representatives of other companies participate, provide a great opportunity to attract more members into our association, which strengthens ANEN as the main collective of the sector.

Link to the original article.

Port of Pollensa will host a nautical fair in fishermens benefit in October

Port of Pollensa will host for the first time on the 12th of October a nautical fair of second hand goods with the aim to collect funds for the fishermen of the Moll in these difficult times of the crisis. It is an initiative promoted by the website that offers help for sailors,, which will be in charge of the programme together with the Town Hall of Pollensa, the Yacht Club of Pollensa and the fishermen themselves.

"The idea to organize this event came about as a result of an article published in Ultima Hora last year, alerting to the difficult economical situation that the fishermen of the Moll and Cala Ratjada are going through", explains the responsible of, Sebastiá Danthez. "We thought that if we join our forces we will achieve more than separately", says Danthez.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Letter from the President - June 2013

The month of May was very intensive for the nautical sector. We started the month with the Palma Boat Show, a success when it comes to both exhibitors and the number of visitors, and we finished the month listening to the serious declarations by the President of the Port Authority, accusing the nautical sector of handling large sums of black money. And in the middle, a magnificent report in the prestigious newspaper El Pais, defending the nautical sector. Lets deal with these issues one at a time.

The Palma Boat Show was a success. The media, the political class and the entrepreneurs agree on this. Besides, the number of visitors was excellent, at least 30.000 people. As if not enough, this year, for the first time in history, a member of the royal family visited the Show. Support of this kind is priceless. The association was there too at the ground level, giving support to all of you according to our best possibilities, taking photos of your wonderful stands to post them in the social media, and sharing experiences with a number of entrepreneurs. We learned about your new products and joined in your fantastic parties. It is during moments like these when you finally see the fruit of all the hard work during the past year and realise what a great Show we managed to put together. The truth is, without you this Show would not have been possible. Therefore, in the face of the next year´s Show, we ask you to let us know your opinion again: what would you like to improve, what else would you include / take out and what kind of Show you would like to have in 2014? We commit ourselves, as members of the Organizing Committee and with your help, to work towards a Show that is each time more attractive and profitable for everybody. 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Barcelona Boat Show is starting to look for exhibitors for September

The Barcelona Boat Show has started to sell exhibition space and services to national and international firms for the 2013 edition, which will take place from 24th to 29th of September in Port Vell, Fira de Barcelona has informed in a statement this Friday.

The Show will coincide with the celebrations of Mercé, the patron saint of the catalan capital, and with the Mediterranean Tall Ships Regatta.

"We have started our commercial campaign with a very positive response from the companies in the sector, which confirms the success of the model initiated in 2012, concentrating all commercial activity in the Port Vell during the month of September", assures the director of the Show, Jordi Freixas.

According to the results of a survey done by the Fira de Barcelona, 80,4% of the exhibitors of the last edition have given a positive evaluation to the new format, the Show has a high repetition rate (93%), and almost half of the annual sales of the exhibiting companies are generated during the Show in Barcelona.

Read the complete article in Europa Press.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

News from e3 Systems: The Consortium: 3 Experts – 1 Solution

An Agreement was signed between Aage Hempel Netherlands, Tijssen Elektro and e3 Systems at the end of May to form The Consortium. The Consortium is a collection of 3 expert technical companies, each with their own pedigree and skill sets, all of which are backed by a wealth of experience. 

These companies have joined together to offer a new build service for super yachts that uniquely lasts for the full life cycle of the yacht. It starts at the yacht’s Concept, progresses through Construction and continues until the yacht finally stops Cruising. 

The Consortium has an extensive geographic spread. Some companies have offices where yachts are built and others where yachts cruise. Thus the Consortium can provide their services at a lower cost due to their local presence through every stage of the yacht’s life. The three professional companies of the Consortium can move fast, be flexible and provide turn-key solutions. The Consortium is happy to provide a single simple solution or a sophisticated complex package for yachts of any size. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Schedule of actions by IDI for the Internationalization Plan of Mallorca

The Internationalization Service of IDI informs about the planned actions regarding the Internationalization Plan for the Balearic Enterprises.

You can consult the document here.