Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pupils available for non-working profesional training in companies

CAEB/BSEF is carrying out training actions that allow the participants to obtain a Certificate of Professionalism which will increase their options of entry into the labour market. In these actions can participate pupils who have completed 800 hrs of theoretical training in BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION and also pupils who have participated in courses specialized in CREATION OF SMALL BUSINESSES AND MICRO ENTERPRISES (480 hrs of theoretical training at superior level).

Apart from the theoretical training, the said actions include realization of non-working profesional internship in companies (80 hours per pupil in the first case, and 40 hours per pupil in the second case), to be carried out between July and November. The internship don´t suppose an existence of a labour contract between the pupil and the collaborating company, which will receive a subvención of 120 € or 240 € per pupil. The collaborating companies are required to appoint a tutor who will follow up and evaluate the progress of the pupil, whose tasks can not be complimentary to the regular staff of the company. If your company is interested in offering non-working professional training to one or more pupils, please pass us your contact details.

Josep Fortuny Gomila
Director of CAEB Menorca

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