Monday, November 7, 2016

Letter from the president - November 2016

In the Barcelona Boat Show, great novelties and news for the sector have been announced. In this sense, we have to outstand that the 5th Nautical Congress will be celebrated next March in Palma. This fact is a way to recognize the weight that the Balearic nautical has at a national level. Some days ago, the Gaceta Náutica announced the winners of the Timón 2016 award. This award is an excellent initiative, and AENIB will participate in it, because they are part of the jury. We also have to stand out that the next 30th of November, the Extraordinary General Meeting of our association will be celebrated. That is why we beg you to take time off your busy schedule and attend to it. Moreover, during those days, the first edition of the Nautical Charter Course is being celebrated in Palma, and we have participated in its organization. Besides, from AENIB, we keep working regarding nautical vocational studies, together with the SOIB and JOVENT. 

The Barcelona Boat Show always brings us great expectation, because plenty of novelties are announced. Those news are not only about new products and services, they are also about changes that affect the yacht sector and the next actions that the ANEN will take. In this sense, it was confirmed that the 5th Nautical Congress will be celebrated in Palma next March. This is not a trival issue, because it is the biggest national congress specialized in nautical. From our association we would like to congratulate ANEN for taking that decision, and we also want to value the leadership that our islands have in the national market. As expected, as more progresses are made, we will keep you informed. Regarding the Boat Show, we have to highlight its huge success, because plenty of companies and professionals attended and participated in the event. And a lot of the companies from the Balearic Islands were present. The ones we were there, can say that the activity has increased with respect to previous years. We would also like to point out the impulse that was given to the campaing #embarcate, that it was created to promote recreational boats in our country, and to all the workshops and conferences organized by ANEN. 

In these days, the 1st Course of Nautical Charter is being celebrated in Palma, and although it is still very soon to make an assesment, we can say that we are very satisfied with the level of participation. This reply from our students, plus the true interest for the subjects that are being done, makes us think that the call has been very successful. We have to remember that in the organization of this classroom course, the IME (which will issue an official certification to confirm the participation in this course), ANEN, AEGY and the AENIB have participated. 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Letter from the president - October 2016

Although the high season still has not finished, many of us need to be strong and pay attention to our customers and attend the different boat shows that will be celebrated in the next months. Like the one in Monaco, that finished not long ago. And according to the Balearic companies that participated, it had an excellent rating. Tere will also be another boat show in Barcelona, that will be celebrated in less than two weeks. On the other hand, in our island, the yacht sector awakes again eternal debates like the posidonia. From our part, in AENIB, we continue focused on vocational studies and professional qualifications for the workers of the sector. 

A few days ago, an editorial from one of the newspapers with largest circulation in Mallorca, pointed out that the general director of Natural Spaces and Biodiversity had been ceased from her position. It was because she was inactive when chasing indiscriminate anchoring in posidonia meadows. We do not know if it is an exaggeration of the newspaper, or if it is one of the reasons to cease her. If it was the last case, we do not know where is this data taken from, because the posidonia anchorings are an exception in our sector. It is unfair that people judge one collective for the mistakes of a few. And if any political and simplistic decision would be taken to legislate against anchoring in general, they would be destroying years of work and effort. Not only from the own administration, but also for thousands of people that fight every day to keep recreational yachting to the highest possible level. 

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Letter from the president - August 2016

The yacht sector is working at full capacity this summer in our islands. In order to realize about this fact, we only have to see any of our beautiful coves and beaches and the great number of boats anchoring there. Not in vain, the Balearic Islands are still at the head of the national market when referring to the number of registrations. Those, have grown more than a 9% with respect to the first semester in 2015. These good numbers are helping to boost the turnover of our islands' nautical industry. While our companies work at full capacity to provide service to their customers, they are also starting to attend to large boat shows: like the one in Barcelona, or the METS. 

From the 24th until the 28th of October, an interesting course about nautical charter will be celebrated in Palma. It is organized by the IME (Spanish Maritime Institute), and the AENIB is going to collaborate actively. During those days, 16 professionals that belong to the sector, have a recognized prestige and an excellent professional experience at their backs, will offer first quality and updated training about all the necessary aspects to take into account, to work in this sector. In this sense, the agenda contains sections dedicated to the current market situation in Spain and Europe; the business strategy and its particularities, the legal framework in the nautical charter, the aspects regarding the exploitation of boats; and of course, the crucial topic about insurances and accidents. From AENIB we encourage all our associates to attend the course. So that, apart from obtaining an official certificate issued by the IME, it will be an excellent opportunity to be in contact with professionals and entrepreneurs of different sectors related to yachting. In the section of News, you can find the complete program of the event. 

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Letter from the president - July 2016

International promotion, quality training and adequacy to the regulations of the sector's reality. For many years, these have been some of the most important complaints that our association has fought for, and little by little, our hard work is bearing its fruits. Thanks to the understanding between our sector and the public administrations in the last years, we're doing plenty of important improvements for the yacht sector in the Balearic Islands and Spain, working together with ANEN. 

Soon, the new Balearic decree of nautical charter will enter into force. It is a project in which we have also invested a huge amount of effort and resources to provide this sector with appropriate regulations to its reality and needs. In this project, the ANEN has helped us considerably, and we have achieved the regulation of this business completely in one single legal text, because in the previous regulations there were different legal texts. In this same newsletter, you will find a link to the news to the ANEN web. There, you will find an article written by Miguel Ángel Serra, who gives a thoroughly detail of the changes that this new legislation introduces. To sum up, it is kept the possibility to rent vessels and recreational registered boats that do not belong to the EU or are signatories of the Agreement regarding the European Economic Space in the same terms than the ones established in the previous regulation. Moreover, the Balearics register of lessors, boats and recreational boats is created. This register is public, autonomic has an administrative nature. In it, the companies that have made the responsible statement and the boats and declared vessels, will be documented. This register is aimed to control the illegal charter that happens mainly in the sector of small boats. 

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Letter from the president - June 2016

During the last month, the association has focused on nautical vocational studies. It is an extremely important project for our companies and for the same future of our sector. We have had different meetings, as well as significant advances that will be said in this letter. Here, we will also comment on the pollution topic that the Emaya emissaries distributed in the whole island dump everyday to the sea. This problem affects us all seriously, but especially to those who live from the sea. 

Nautical Vocational Studies are an important subject strategy for our sector; and, for this reason, they are also significant for our association. As you may know, we've been several years working at an autonomous and national level with the support of the ANEN, and we are trying to achieve two main goals: the possibility that our joungsters can access a quality training that makes them capable of working repairing and maintaining boats. On the other hand, we are also trying that our workers can validate their professional experience with formal qualification. From AENIB we believe that all the resources we are investing in this project will be useful to pontentiate the excellence of our sector, improve even more the reputation of our islands as a destiny, and also help the new generations to find employment possibilities in our sector. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Letter from the President - May 2016

I would like to start this letter thanking the organization of the Palma Boat Show because, as the president of the AENIB, I have been granted the Marcial Sánchez Bercáiztegui award. As I said at the awards ceremony, this prize is also a recognition to the task that the association has done the last thirty years, struggling for the yatch sector in the Balearics. I would also like to express gratitude for  everyone that has collaborated in the execution of the Boat Show, as well as to all the professionals and companies that have participated. 

More professional, more technical, more useful and more popular than ever. This way we could summarize the Palma Boat Show of this year. It is a shame that the weather wasn't in our favor, but there is nothing we can do against this fact. In any case, these days of the Boat Show have been the clear example of the results that can be achieved if the public and private sector collaborate together. We have built a solid project with the Boat Show, it is a relevance showcase to demonstrate the professonality and quality of the products and services that our companies offer. The Show had more than 200 authorized journalists, and it has succeeded in making many people see the reality of our sector. Yachting in our comnunity is almost accessible to anyone that wants to enjoy it, and this fact has been clearly reflected in the Palma Boat Show. Here, we have been able to see the last novelties of semirigid and small boats, as well as the most complex superyachts through an excellent offer of good navigation clubs and a great variety of water sports. Regarding the rest, I have to say that it is still soon to start valuing in depth the results of the Boat Show, although many of you have made your good sensations accessible to the people. I hope that in the next months all the contacts you have made, transform in jobs and orders, because that is what it is about. As I said before, I should congratulate the organization of the Boat Show because they have done an excellent job.