Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Letter from the President - May 2016

I would like to start this letter thanking the organization of the Palma Boat Show because, as the president of the AENIB, I have been granted the Marcial Sánchez Bercáiztegui award. As I said at the awards ceremony, this prize is also a recognition to the task that the association has done the last thirty years, struggling for the yatch sector in the Balearics. I would also like to express gratitude for  everyone that has collaborated in the execution of the Boat Show, as well as to all the professionals and companies that have participated. 

More professional, more technical, more useful and more popular than ever. This way we could summarize the Palma Boat Show of this year. It is a shame that the weather wasn't in our favor, but there is nothing we can do against this fact. In any case, these days of the Boat Show have been the clear example of the results that can be achieved if the public and private sector collaborate together. We have built a solid project with the Boat Show, it is a relevance showcase to demonstrate the professonality and quality of the products and services that our companies offer. The Show had more than 200 authorized journalists, and it has succeeded in making many people see the reality of our sector. Yachting in our comnunity is almost accessible to anyone that wants to enjoy it, and this fact has been clearly reflected in the Palma Boat Show. Here, we have been able to see the last novelties of semirigid and small boats, as well as the most complex superyachts through an excellent offer of good navigation clubs and a great variety of water sports. Regarding the rest, I have to say that it is still soon to start valuing in depth the results of the Boat Show, although many of you have made your good sensations accessible to the people. I hope that in the next months all the contacts you have made, transform in jobs and orders, because that is what it is about. As I said before, I should congratulate the organization of the Boat Show because they have done an excellent job. 

During the Boat Show, I also had the honor to receive the Marcial Sánchez Barcáiztegui award, given by the Organizing Committee of the Boat Show. I would like to show my most sincere gratitude. For this reason, in my name and in the name of all the members of our board of directors and all our associates; I consider that this is also a recognition of the three decades of history of our association, and to its tireless fight to improve the yacht sector. It is also a tribute to the same fathers of the Palma Boat Show, because we do not have to forget that our association was born from the hand of a local group of llaüt shipyards and boat sellers that needed to internalize their work and services. It is very clear that we have assumed this target successfully. I consider that this award also recognized the labor of all the companies that work day by day to offer the best service and keep the high levels of excellence and professionality of nautical recreational in the Balearics. An effort that, thanks to all the advances that we have achieved with a public and private collaboration, must be enough to position our sector as one of the economical pillars of these islands. I would also like to dedicate some words to the figure of the man that gives name to this award. I was very lucky to share great moments with Don Marcial, whom I remember as a gentleman in the most extense sense of the word. He was also a great promoter of yachting. They couldn't have found anyone else better to give name to an award like this, and to everything that it represents. 

The Fiesta del Mar that we organized during the Boat Show, sponosored by Motonáutica Balear, also deserves to be mentioned. It really was a wonderful event in which more than 200 businessmen and professionals of the sector met and enjoyed in friendship the good gastronomy of our islands and the excellent night vision of the Palma Boat Show. Moreover, it was an excellent occasion to continue broadcasting the campaign #embárcate from ANEN. It was an initiative to try to get rid of this unfair label of “hobby for rich people” that we always have been bearing. I would like to cheer you up and inform you about this campaign, as well as to parcticipate in, depending on your possibilities. 

Before finishing this letter I would like to praise the Gaceta Náutica for launching a so interesting and important initiative like the Premio Timón, and thank them because they have proposed us to be members of the jury that would be granted. Last but not least, I would also like to value the stunning article about the great impact of sewage pipes to our water, which was published some days ago. It is a danger that affects all of us and must be solved as soon as possible. 

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