Monday, September 14, 2015

Letter from the president - September 2015

As we are entering the final stages of the high season, the timing is about right to start thinking about the following season. We find initiatives like the Balearic Yacht Destination very positive and welcome. It is necessary to boost the recreational yachting on our islands as an alternative to golf or beach tourism. For that reason we will continue working  to extend the matriculation tax exemption on non-commercial yachts (currently 8 m), in order to be able to compete in equal conditions with our neighboring countries. During the month of August an old problem of illegal charters has received special media interest. AENIB has given several interviews and participated in various discussions over this problematic issue.

Generally this season has been very positive for the nautical sector, but still not quite the same as during the years before the crisis. An indication of the turning tide is the large number of superyachts that have been spotted navigating in our waters. It is very important to promote the Balearic Islands as a nautical destination, it will be a guaranteed investment for our economy. The profile of the nautical visitor is exactly what is needed to deseasonalize the tourism – a tourist with high purchasing power who wish to enjoy the gastronomy, the entertainment and the local culture. During the next Monaco Yacht Show, one of the most influential shows in the world, our islands will be highlighted thanks to the Balearic Yacht Destination. The companies Marina Ibiza, Astilleros de Mallorca, STP Shipyard Palma and Port Adriano will promote Mallorca and Ibiza as nautical destinations, both from a cruising point of view as well as service and refit destinations. Of course we would have liked to see also Menorca and Formentera being represented, but even so we believe it is a great initiative and hope it will serve to increase the awareness and the prestige of our islands. At AENIB we encourage our local government to pay attention, and to continue working to improve in this respect towards the next season.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Balearic Yacht Destination promotes Mallorca & Ibiza

Four of the major nautical companies in the Balearic Islands: Marina Ibiza, Astilleros de Mallorca, STP Shipyard Palma and Port Adriano present the project Balearic Yacht Destination, an initiative to promote the islands of Mallorca and Ibiza as nautical destinations both from the cruising point of views as well as an excellent location for yacht maintenance and refit.

The project will be presented at the Monaco yacht Show on Wednesday the 23rd of September, from 17.00-19.00 hrs on the stand QL10.

The Balearic Islands have become trendy. Mallorca and Ibiza emerge as two of the main tourist destinations of the world... but also among best places to live, according to the international media. Mallorca is the paradise island of tranquility converted into logistical centre of reference in the nautical sector. Ibiza is the fashionable destination of the celebrities of the world in search of the height of luxury.

Complete article: Gaceta Náutica.

Friday, August 14, 2015

II Symposium of Yacht Clubs in November

Real Club Nautico of Palma will host the II Symposium of Yacht Clubs on the 27-28th of November, organized by the Spanish Confederation of Yacht Clubs (CEACNA). Professionals related to port and yacht club management from all over the country are expected to participate.

The event, which is directed to yacht clubs, sports federations, associations and professionals of the sector, was officially presented during the 34 Copa del Rey MAPFRE. Topics like communication strategies, sponsorship of sporting events or relationship between the national/regional administrations and the port entities and non-profit making sports marinas will be discussed.

José Jaubert, the president of CEACNA, referred to a congress celebrated four years ago, and explained that the main objective of this symposium is to analyse the evolution of conclusions drawn in that congress. "We want to decide on the direction we should follow when it comes to legislation, planning and both institutional and sporting development", assured Jaubert.

Complete article: Panorama Náutico.

Monday, August 10, 2015

The consumption skyrockets in the Balearics thanks to the luxury yachts

The luxury end of yachting has had a major impact on the yacht clubs and marinas of the Balearics, as the number of mooring reservations has grown considerably as a consequence of the elimination of the matriculation tax on charter yachts, benefitting specially the yachts above 30 m of length.

Direct effect of the arrival of the superyachts is the arrival of tourists with high purchasing power, generating an economical impact in the market and benefitting specially the restaurants, complimentary services, rent a car, boutiques, department stores and supermarkets in the port areas.

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Letter from the president - July 2015

Even in the middle of the high season news that affect our sector keep popping up. Under the new leadership in the Town Hall the future of the Port of Molinar is once more insecure. In the case Bitácora, where all the accused admitted their guilt, the sentences were announced recently. Minimum sanctions for a group of people that caused great damage to the Balearic nautical sector by embezzling public funds destined for the promotion of the nautical sector. The regional and municipal governments are starting to take shape. From AENIB we plead them to appoint people who are knowledgeable about the nautical sector as heads of the departments that handle nautical issues.

The port of Molinar is going through one of the most critical moments in its long history. At AENIB we have always supported the reform project planned by the management of the club, since we believe it is the best way to guarantee the survival of the club. We understand the opposition to the project by some of the neighbors in the area (after all nobody wants to have a building site in front of their house), but by not carrying out the necessary reforms the port will be in serious danger. We believe that the solution to be adopted needs to be mutually agreed, benefit all parties involved (including the users and entrepreneurs) and allow this historical port to carry on with its activities in the best possible way without any delays.

The Bitàcora case has been concluded after the implicated parties have admitted their guilt. Minimal sentences for a group of people who used tax payers money destined to promote the nautical sector of our islands (in other words, our livelihood), to fill their own pockets. At AENIB we are satisfied that the process has come to a conclusion, and that those who so seriously damaged the image of the nautical sector have been publicly portrayed as corrupt, but we believe that the sentences given were insufficient.

 The regional and municipal governments are being formed at the moment. AENIB has never declared preference for one political option or another, and we will continue the same way. Most important for us is to be able to carry on with our activity in a most productive way possible both for ourselves as well as for the society we live in. We need leaders who have profound knowledge of the sector and who are aware of its strengths in order to take advantage of them; and its weaknesses in order to seek solutions. The efforts of Alberto Pons in charge of the Port Authority during the recent times should serve as an example for his successor: continuous contact with all parties involved, deep knowledge of the sector and its issues, plus a great capacity as a mediator. The nautical sector provides an outstanding opportunity for growth for the Balearic economy. Lets not allow bad management to hamper the growth of such a strategic sector. AENIB, as the biggest nautical association on the islands, is willing to participate in any working group to be created to promote the recreational yachting and nautical tourism as generators of economic activity and jobs on our islands.

Nautical sector requests speedier development of the Royal Decree of professional qualifications

After receiving the draft for a Royal Decree that will regulate the scope of the nautical qualifications required for certain paid professional services, in accordance with the recreational qualifications, the main organisations of the nautical sector will work together  to speed up the process towards the publication of the final normative.

The Spanish Nautical Trade Association (ANEN) with its regional member associations - Nautical Trade Association of the Balearic Islands, Nautical Trade Association of the Community of Valencia, Nautical and Recreational Association of the Canary Islands and Nautical Trade Association of Ibiza and Formentera; as well as the Large Yacht Association, the Spanish Federation of Ports and Marinas, the Recreational Yachtsmen´s Association, the Seamen´s Association of Catalonia, the Spanish Maritime Cluster and the Sea Council of CEOE have taken a joint stand regarding the necessity and benefits of the said Royal Decree for the nautical sector.

Complete article in Naucher Global.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Second sentence for corruption against the local ex-minister Buils (Case Bitácora)

So called Bitàcora case, related to the irregularities that took place in the department for Tourism of the local government, was concluded yesterday with minimal sentences. Sanctions were agreed between the public anticorruption prosecutor and the defense lawyers, after a negotiation that forced the accused to confess and to return the money. In exchange the prosecution requested only sentences that would not involve prison. In most cases the sanctions are economical. This case pivoted on Francesc Buils, the ex-minister for Tourism in the past Pacte coalition government, and accused of corruption for the second time.

Miguel Ángel Bonet, previously legal advisor to the Department of Tourism and on whom weigh another sentence for corruption, also admitted his guilt. He will pay a fine and spend six months in prison. The other five accused will also be sanctioned with fines. These are Maria Magdalena Estarellas, Silvia Riera, Cristina Sastre, Micaela Sastre and Baltasar Estarellas. They all reached an agreement with the prosecution, which had requested long prison sentences and return of the embezzled funds. The local government has recovered almost 40.000 euros. After this economical contribution, the prosecution accepted that confession and repair of the damages would be accepted as mitigating circumstances. The economic sanctions to be paid by the accused, on top of this compensation, are around 2.000 and 3.000 euros.

Complete article (Spanish).

Town Hall rejects the extension of the Port of Molinar

As no surprise, the posture of the new town council towards the extension of the Port of Molinar is firm: “The project is plagued with deficiencies. Incomprehensibly, it does not contemplate the extension of the Port of Palma, which should go hand in hand, and besides it supposes a negative modification of the Molinar neighborhood. For these reasons, and true to the policy of zero tolerance towards speculation within urban development, we are going to urge the Port Authority and the Ministry to paralyze, reject and withdraw the project”, stated Antoni Noguera, the Deputy Mayor and head of the department for City Model, Urban Planning and Decent Housing.

On his side, Àngels Fermoselle y Pedro Martinez, members of platform “Al Molinar, Port Petit”, whom he thanked for “being the main driving force behind the new form of governing where the politicians should be on the side of the society”. “Other forms of governing are out”, added Noguera, as if he was still doing election campaign.

A politician from the group “Més per Palma” indicated that a meeting with the Ministry has already been requested. In order to reach a maximum consensus, a working group will be created in which “the future of the Port of Molinar will be agreed upon by the society”.

Complete article (Spanish)

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Changes in the professional nautical qualifications

To be able to convert your calling, what you like to do most and what makes sense to you, to your modus vivendi: that your passion becomes your profession. If we talk about the sea, this target is not so far off with the new legislation. Up until now, to be professionally dedicated to sailing required a PPER (certificate for professional skipper of a recreational vessel), although like in many walks of life, a rule does not necessarily protect against unqualified practices. 

For this reason, and also to get rid of the limitation that prevented many boat owners and captains to get paid for their services and get by economically, a legislative reform was carried out. We would like to draw your attention to one of the principal organizations and a voice of authority in this process. If you have a PPER, you are a captain or a boat owner and you would like to dedicate yourself to, for example, charters, please listen to the conversation we had with the president of the Spanish Nautical Trade Association (ANEN), Carlos Sanlorenzo.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Letter from the president: June 2015

In May we concluded the best Palma Boat Show for a long time (and we should know as we have participated one way or another since the very first show). It just shows how beneficial cooperation between the public administration and the private sector can be. The last few weeks have been very intensive for our companies from a marketing point of view: Palma Boat Show, Best of Yachting Puerto Adriano, Pollenca Race and Boat Show… An excellent way to start the high season and to attract the attention of potential clients. Recently also the elections for the Town Halls, the Island Council and the local Government took place. The results will change our political map quite radically, but at AENIB we will be  working hard to find consensus with the political forces in order keep up with the recovery for which we have fought so much over the years.

The recent elections will transform the political scene of our islands, and seemingly also the way things are done. Over the past months prior to the elections we had meetings with the representatives of the various political parties in order to present them our proposals how to support the nautical activity in the Balearic Islands: simplify the bureaucracy and to strive towards fiscal equality with our European neighbours. We don´t consider these measures ideological but rather rational, and they can only lead to an improvement of the economy of our community. We are not asking for subventions, handouts or special favours, like many other sectors do. We want to be able to work under the same conditions as our competiton, in order to make our islands a must for all sailing enthusiasts. If we invest in the nautical activity, everybody will gain. Nobody should forget the strategic nature of our sector and its capacity of growth.

The Palma Boat Show grows at every edition. More visitors, more tradespeople, more stands, more brands and more business. It is an attractive show for all parties, and also capable of paying for itself – a very important detail in these difficult times. For years the show was seen as a means of making money to finance other events, while there were no real efforts to make it more attractive and the protests of the sector fell on deaf ears. We all know the result: one year the show was cancelled because of lack of interest. But at AENIB we rolled up our sleeves, prepared a new project with the help of our associates and presented it to the Organizing Committee. This project was the backbone on which the current success of the show is built on. Cooperation between the public administration and the private companies has been essential for this success, and at AENIB we plead the new authorities to carry on along the proven track and not to repeat old mistakes. It is of utmost importance for our businesses to be able to count on a successful show that can be a stepping stone for them to attract important international customers.

The ports of Alcúdia, Pollenca, Adriano… during the last few weeks these ports have hosted fairs with high numbers of participants, which shows both confidence on the exhibitor side as well as interest by the public towards the new product on the market.  At AENIB we would like to congratulate the organizers and exhibitors alike, and encourage them to give continuity for these events. We would also like to challenge other municipalities to follow the example and organize their own nautical fairs. It will be a great help to the nautical companies, people will see that yachting is not just for the rich, and it will boost the retail and restaurant activity in the area.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

4.000 people visit the Best of Yachting

“Mission accomplished”. This is the main conclusion of Isabel Teruel, the director of Port Adriano, after the celebration of the Best of Yachting Port Adriano 2015. The second edition of this nautical fair closed the doors having had over 4.000 visitors, almost 1.000 more than last year.

The figures are a testimony of how well this dedicated event worked, specifically for the professional nautical sector, but also for the public in general, “whether they own a boat or not”, stated Teruel.

Indeed during the three days (22.-24.05) the installations of Port Adriano hosted a large selection of vessels of different styles and lengths, together with various sports- and entertainment activities. This combination of entertainment and business, added Teruel, “has made the companies situated in the port and those who participated very happy, as there was an influx of visitors”.

Complete text at: Mallorcadiario.

Monday, May 18, 2015

1st Pollensa Race & Boat Show 2015

On the 23rd and 24th of May in the Real Club Náutico de Puerto Pollensa, the first edition of the Pollenca Race and Boat Show will take place. It is an event that gives flair and entertainment to the visitors of this exhibition of new boats, the nautical companies of Pollensa, a jet ski race and another one of semirigid tenders, which can be seen from the breakwater of the port. The race course is designed specifically so that the spectators can feel the excitement and speed of a live race close by.

Additionally to this, other activities will take place, like: demonstrations of flyboard and other nautical toys, trips with monitors on sailing dinghies and canoes, catalonian skating, classic racing cars, quads, jet skis, electric karts, circus entertainment and jugglers, fishing competition, giant paella, special menus in the restaurant of the club, night time jamboree and a barbeque on Saturday night, artisan beers, wine, conferences, exhibitions and many other attractions.

It is a first nautical event in Puerto Pollensa related to the presentation of the products on the water sports market, with the sight set firmly on continuity.

Participating brands: ZAR, Fairline, Jeanneau, Sea Ray, Nautique, Bayliner, Goldfish, Wave Runner-Yamaha, Garmin, Spark, Volvo, Mortitx, etc.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Palma, the Mediterranean Yachting Capital

The Palma Boat Show is consolidating itself as one of the top boat shows in Europe. During the 5 days it lasted, show received over 40.000 visitors, exceeding even the expectations of the organizers. The volume of the expected business is also positive, according to the exhibitors themselves. The mood of optimism among the participating companies and tradesmen is such that 75% of them have already booked a slot in the next edition.

This year there were around 3.000 brands distributed in 207 stands (with a long waiting list behind) and a total of 180 vessels, out of which 70 were large megayachts. An all around success, even more so considering that only 4 years ago the show was cancelled due to lack of interest.

The organization of the Palma Boat Show is also pleased with this edition. Jane Thompson, the coordinator of the event, confirmed that there were more visitors, and more importantly, of “higher quality”. Indeed a majority of the exhibitors and brokers consider that “the show was more professional and attracted more potential buyers”.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Letter from the president - April 2015

This month I would like to start with by congratulating ANEN for the III Nautical Congress, which has consolidated itself as one of the most important events of the sector. Various representatives and members of AENIB had the pleasure to participate in the congress and to receive information about the most important novelties first hand.

Another relevant piece of news this month has been the unified opposition of the sector against the rise of the T0 tax. AENIB, as it could not be any other way, has given its total support to the protest. We must also not forget that in a less than a months time the Palma Boat Show will take place. As every year, AENIB will participate again.

The Nautical Congress of ANEN has become one of the most important reference points of the sector. Every year it attracts an increasing number of companies, tradesmen and specialists to debate over the future of yachting. On our website and social networking pages you can find a lot of news and articles about the congress, but for us the most important aspects are the fiscal treatment of the sector and the recovery currently taking place in the nautical sector in Spain and in the rest of Europe.

We talked already at length of the recovery at the Annual General Meeting in February. When it comes to taxation, the Tax Office has quantified the income from the Matriculation Tax at 20 million euros a year - a completely irrelevant figure in macroeconomic terms. This tax only serves to chase our clients away. Less clients in the sector means less VAT and other taxes and fees for the Administration. The Matriculation Tax is counterproductive in every kind of way and we don´t rest until it has been completely eliminated. We have already managed to get the charter yachts exempt, and although it is a great achievement it is insufficient. The same applies with other aspects of legislation and taxation of the recreational yachting, which only forces the potential customers to spend their holidays elsewhere. We have to be rational here – according to the Balearic Government, in 2013 the Balearic Islands received 444.000 nautical tourists with a total spending of 428 million euros. What would happen if Spain applied the same taxation and legislation as our competitors? The nautical industry would the spearhead of the Balearic economy. There would be no match to us.

Monday, March 30, 2015

New promotions of the CIFP Nautical Fishing School of Palma

The Nautical Fishing School of Palma has been educating professionals for the sector for many years, They recently started a course called “Installing and repairing electronic navigation systems and instruments on recreational and sporting vessels” and a third edition of “Auxiliary operations of systems and equipment maintenance on recreational and sporting vessels”. As these courses came to a completion and the new technicians were released to the job market, we  interviewed Toni Mulet from the Nautical Fishing School:

The attendees of the course “Installing and repairing electronic navigation systems and instruments on recreational and sporting vessels” have just left the school. What outlook do these new professionals have in finding a job this season?

Indeed the course is just finished, and we have received very posititive news – we are told that a large part of the group is already working in the companies dedicated to naval electronics.

Also the course “Auxiliary operations of systems and equipment maintenance on recreational and sporting vessels” is just about to finish. How is it going for the attendees of this course?

This course gives a certificate of expert level 1, which covers a variety of basic skills in the areas of mechanics, electricity and rigging. To be specific, right now they are are completing the module of professional  practice of 40 hours of duration. Most probably some of them will continue in a working relationship in the companies where they are doing the practice. 

We are aware that the companies are mainly searching for technician specialized on level 2. However, we believe that this qualification on the auxiliary level can open doors to young people and long term unemployed who want to get in this part of the job market, where opportunities are growing. The fact that with certificates on level 1 they can gain access to jobs on level 2 within the same specialty is a step forward in improving their working situation and future prospects.

Complete interview will be posted soon. 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Balearic nautical sector criticizes the tax increase on recreational boats

The tax increase on recreational yachts, approved by the Ministry of Public Works, was criticized today by the Association of the Balearic Yacht Clubs (ACNB) as being “unjust” and very negative for the competitiveness of the sector.

According to a statement by the president of ACNB, the association has sent a letter to the minister Ana Pastor, asking her to reconsider the increase of the tax. This request is backed up the Association of Marinas and Nautical Installations in the Balearic Islands (ANADE), The Balearic Sports Marinas (PDBA), the Provincial Association of Companies Engaged in Maritime Activities (APEAM), the Nautical Trade Association of the Balearic Islands (AENIB) and the Mediterranean Sailors Association (ADN).

The letter underlines the damage the nearly 100% tax increase would cause to the marinas, yacht clubs, nautical companies and charter companies as well as the whole tourist sector in general. The associations also complain that the decision has been made without hearing all parties affected.

“This fact alone should be sufficient reason for you to rethink this measure against the sector that has been a loyal ally of the country in these difficult times, maintaining with great effort their work force and fighting to produce services that contribute to the creation of jobs and wellbeing”, state the signatories of the letter to the minister Pastor.

They also point out the contradiction between the measure taken by the Ministry of Public Works and “the messages of support to the nautical sector by the president José Ramón Bauza”.

Read complete article (in Spanish) at Finanzas.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

ANEN Nautical Congress – the creation of the brand “Spain of the sea”

Regarding the analysis and evaluation of the current situation, the expert panel at the Congress came to the conclusion that in order to penetrate the public opinion it is necessary to update the x-ray of the sector, adjust the business models of the companies of the sector and adapt new concepts and strategies when it comes to sales and relationships with clients and sailing enthusiasts and to add new forms of communication to promote the leisure services and nautical tourism.

The nautical sector is in a favorable situation to take advantage of the achievements of the recent years. The relationship with the Administration has taken a 180º turn, a proof of this is the involvement in the Congress of the three key administrations whose support the sector is dependent on; Ministry of Public Works (State Secretary of Infrastructures, Transport and Housing and Direction General of the Merchant Marine), Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism (Turespaña) and Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.

The nautical market in Europe is showing a timid growth, supported by the positive figures in Germany and Scandinavia and a slight recovery in Spain, as explained at the Congress by the general Secretary of EBI (European Boating Industry), Mirna Cieniewicz.

Read complete article (in Spanish) at: Passió per la Mar.

Key moments of the III Nautical Congress and access to the presentations

All the presentations that took place during the congress can be found on the website of ANEN. Just click on the link “Presentations III Nautical Congress”.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Letter from the president - March 2015

I would like to start with by thanking all those associates and guests who came to the Annual General Meeting and the presentation of the Nautical Awards. It thanks to people like you, 100% committed to the sector, that we manage to make progress.

Progress has always been one of the principal goals of our association. In the recent years we have participated in some of the most important advances in the sector. This might sound pompous and exaggerated, but in reality it is not. Side by side with ANEN we managed to exempt nautical charter of the matriculation tax. We also managed to get the recreational yachting recognized in its own right for the first time in the new Law of Navigation, separated from the Merchant Navy. We were also involved in the process of modernization of the nautical qualifications.

Right now we are doing the groundwork with ANEN for the future Nautical Professional Training and the Collective Agreement for our sector. Here in the Balearic Islands we have managed to revive the Palma Boat Show and to make name for it internationally. Worth mentioning is also another of our achievements - the simplification of the access to the launching ramps for boat trailers through one single card, given out by Ports IB.

All these achievements are a result of the joint efforts and resources of a great number of people. And this is how you reach your goals: by working hard and by investing time and money. This is why the Balearic Islands have become once again the national market leaders when it comes to boat registrations, ahead of the heavyweights like Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia.

The future might be looking bright for the first time in many years, but it won´t be any excuse for us to take it easy. The association will tirelessly continue to put pressure on the administration in order to eliminate all the obstacles that stay in the way of legal and fiscal harmonization with our neighboring countries.

We are going to carry on working in order to eliminate the matriculation tax altogether, to minimize the fiscal burden of our companies, to achieve high quality training  for our sector and to create a functioning collective agreement for the benefit of everybody. We are going to make a maximum effort so that you can concentrate on your work and on your clients. So that companies like Dinatec or Dahlberg, whose trajectories we pay tribute to today, will continue excelling for many more years to come.

In the section for News in Brief you will find various interviews with the award winners. I would like to say just a few words about each of them

Dinatec  was presented with the award for the Most Outstanding  Professional Trajectory. Toni Socias is well known businessman in the sector. He has dedicated over half of his life for serving the sailors and looking after their needs. His children are continuing in the family  business and we wish them all the good fortune they deserve. 

AENIB also wished to reward the loyalty and commitment of their longest standing members. This year the company Dahlberg S.A received the award for the longest membership. The history of Dahlberg is closely tied to the modern recreational yachting. Its founder, Kjell Dahlberg, was one of the pioneers to open a business specialized in yacht repairs, back in 1972. Nowadays three generations of the Dalhberg family dedicate themselves to the business.

Last but not least, we also wanted to recognize the labour of those public administrations that have shown the most interest in boosting our sector. This year the award goes without a doubt to the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands and to its president, Alberto Pons. We would like to emphasize his good relationship with the companies of the sector, his easy manners and his accessibility, as well as his vast knowledge of the problems of the recreational nautical sector.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Deciphering the latest developments at the III Nautical Congress

The countdown has started for the meeting, which will take place in the Telefónica Tower in Barcelona  (Diagonal 00, Placa d´Ernest Lluch Martin 5),  from 11th to 12th of March.

After the inauguration by the State Secretary of Infrastructures, Transport and Housing, Julio Gómez-Pomar, the III Nautical Congress will embark on the analysis of the data from different perspectives: the Spanish market, actions aimed at obtaining legislative and fiscal improvements and revelation of disciplines and sub-sectors capable of boosting the current image of Spanish yachting.

All this will be debated during the first day of the event, between the representatives of public institutions, Turespaña, European Boating Industry (Mirna Cieniewicz, Direction General of the Merchant Navy, the Professional Organisation of the Tax Inspectors (Julio Ransés Pérez Boga), Ministry of Education (Soledad Iglesias Jiménez), and between marketing and sales experts, nautical designers (Iñigo Toledo, Juan Messeger) and boatyards (Diego Colon de Carvajal).
Once the current state of affairs has been debated, the following question is how the sector can optimize its capacity, products and potential?

 To look for answers and to plan strategies for the companies and organizations of the nautical sector, two round table discussions have been planned for the second day of the III Nautical Congress. Professionals from the media and marketing strategists will discuss and debate about actions and successful tools in other activities translatable to yachting.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Annual General Meeting of AENIB and the presentation of Nautical Awards 2015

Cautious optimism could be the phrase to describe the general mood of the 29th Annual General Meeting of the Nautical Trade Association of the Balearic Islands (AENIB). The numbers speak for themselves – in 2014 the number of boat registrations started to increase again in the Balearic Islands. Worth mentioning specially is the increase by almost 90% of the charter boat registrations in comparison to 2013, according to the official information by ANEN. No doubt this is thanks to the elimination of the matriculation tax on charter yachts, achieved after years of hard work by the sector.

In the event participated numerous entrepreneurs of the sector, as well as various authorities, among them the president of CAEB, Carmen Planas, and the director of the  Balearic Port Authority (APB), Juan Carlos Plaza. After concluding the meeting, the presentation of the Nautical Awards of association took place, paying homage to the trajectory, loyalty and commitment to the sector of the various associates and public institutions. Dinatec was awarded the prize for the most outstanding professional trajectory, Dahlberg S.A for their longstanding membership and the APB as the most collaborative public institution, from the AENIBs point of view.

The event started with the presentation by Carlos Hellín of the new nautical program, produced by Rec Blau that will be broadcast with short in IB3. It is a program that keeps clear of the clichés and concentrates on the day to day reality of the businesses and the sailors. 

After that it was turn for the general secretary of the Spanish Nautical Trade Association (ANEN), Carlos Sanlorenzo to explain what actions the association is taking in order to improve the situation 
Of the recreational yachting in Spain. Sanlorenzo aired his frustration about how difficult it was to get anything of importance started during an election year, and that’s why “in 2015 ANEN will be concentrating in the new professional training for recreational yachting and in the new collective agreement for the sector”. The general secretary reviewed also the macroeconomic figures at the national level, stating the 9% increase of vessel registrations compared to 2013. “For the first time in seven are we able to publish positive figures of growth”, stated Sanlorenzo.

Annual General Meeting commenced after the presentation of Mr Sanlorenzo, including the reading and approval of the previous minutes and presentation of the results of 2014 and the budget for 2015. To conclude the assembly, the president of AENIB gave a brief speech, thanking all the associates “for their commitment with the progress of the nautical sector”. Dahlberg stated that “maybe the future is looking a bit brighter for the first time in years, but not for that we are going to relax”, and that the association is “going to put pressure on the administration to get rid of the obstacles that are in our way to legal and fiscal harmonization with our neighboring countries. The president of CAEB, Carmen Planas, also had a few words of support for the gathering of entrepreneurs, and offered them the resources of the confederation.

The attention in the prize giving ceremony was focused on two veteran businessmen of the sector: Kjell Dahlberg and Toni Socias. Both have dedicated over half of their lives to the nautical sector and embody for the association the spirit of venture and professionalism that generally characterizes the nautical companies of the Balearic Islands.  Thus, Socias and his company Dinatec received the award for the most outstanding professional trajectory. Dahlberg in turn received the award for the most longstanding member of AENIB. The Port Authority of the Balearic Islands received the award for the most collaborative public entity. AENIB highlighted the good relationship of APB with the sector and their understanding of the particular problems of the recreational yachting.

Friday, February 20, 2015

AENIB Awards 2015: Dinatec

Dinatec  receives this year´s award for the most outstanding professional trajectory. More than half of his life dedicated to nautical entrepreneurship, Toni Socias is considered one of the veterans of the sector. Currently his two sons run the business. To speak with Toni Socias about this award, we visit him at his shop next door to the Santa Catalina market in Palma.

This year Dinatec receives the award for the most outstanding professional trajectory. What does this award mean to you?

It was unexpected, in a way. But I´m very pleased  to have the trajectory of the company recognised, as we have been involved with nautical business for a long time. Dinatec has been in operation for 23 years, but personally I have been involved with the nautical sector for 40 years. The development has been brutal, the number of changes I have witnessed! Gone are the days when you bought a small boat and were given a mooring as a freebie. Now the waiting lists are huge.

How did it come about to start a company?

I was previously working in the company Socias- Rossello with my brother. At certain point I was ready to step out and start on my own. The first years of Dinatec were exciting, even happy in a way. We had a lot of work. We were quite all-round to start with, but with years we have specialised more towards the electronics, like sounders and radars, and their installation.

And your client profile - has it changed a lot over the years?

Yes. To start with we had mainly local clients. Now we are working also with bigger boats.

We are living in an era of changes in the sector. What effect do you think these changes will have on the sector and on companies like yours? 

I would like to make a point about the nautical qualifications. I don´t think it is appropriate that somebody with only PER can command a boat of 24 m. Lack of skills by the captain can cause problems. The rest seem like positive changes, although it remains to be seen how they will affect the sector.

The latest registration figures place the Balearic Islands as the market leader in Spain... 

Yes, but if you stop to analyse it, it is the biggest boats that increase most. The bracket below 8 meters continues the same as before. I think this is due to the exemption of matriculation tax on charter yachts.

In a few months we will have elections. In your opinion, what should the new administration do in order to support or boost the sector?

I almost prefer that they wouldn´t do anything and let us get on with it the work in peace. Us entrepreneurs we know how the sector works, in what situation we are in and more or less how to make progress. Now we have the problems of extensions of Port Molinar, Club de Mar and Port of Palma. They also want to do something in Moll Vell. But at the end of the day it seems like nothing goes ahead.

To change a subject - what services does Dinatec provide for their clients? 

Mainly installations, maintenance and sale of materials and products in our shop. 

How is Dinatec preparing for the coming seasons? 

With caution, but as always, we will adapt. Even during the boom years we progressed with calm as we could see that the situation could not carry on for long. Although I didn´t think the crisis would have hit as hard as it did.

AENIB Awards 2015: Port Authority of the Balearic Islands

The Port Authority receives the award for the public entity that has collaborated most with the nautical sector. AENIB wants to recognize the work by Alberto Pons as the president of the Port Authority, his approachability and his knowledge of the specific situation of the recreational yachting on our islands. On the occasion of the award, we made contact with Mr Pons in order to get the point of view of the institution in various areas.  

This year APB receives the award for the public entity that has collaborated most with the nautical sector. What does this recognition mean to you personally, and as the president of the institution?

I would like to keep my personal feelings to myself, but as the president of the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands I´m very pleased about the repercussion it has on the sector that is vital for the economy of the ports and the region for the income and jobs it generates.

You took the post as the president at the end of 2013 with a firm intention to improve the public image of the Port Authority. Do you think you have managed do do this?

What I have tried to do is to communicate and to inform about the various things that an institution like this does.  Whether this improves the image of the institution, could be. What is certain, APB is part of many aspects of the every day life of the citizens without them always being aware of it.

One of the other goals as the new president was to reduce the port taxes...

I´m aware of the situation and we are studying ways of not only reducing the taxes, but also clarifying the application processes.  

We would like to know your opinion about the nautical sector in the port of Palma, considering that it generates a good portion of the income of APB.

The nautical sector knows my opinion already. For the port of Palma it means being world leaders in service  and a reference point in quality for our competitors.

Many maintenance and repair refit companies feel that they are left to fend for themselves when it comes to carrying on with their activity. What actions is APB going to take in order to support the activity of this sector?

I don´t share this feeling. We are more than aware of these companies within the sector. In fact, the General Plan of Infrastructures of the Port of Palma contemplates an important increase of square meters to support and to consolidate an industrial activity that we consider Strategic for our future.

During the last years the sector has experienced a series of important legal and fiscal changes. The exemption of the matriculation tax on charter yachts, the new Law of Navigation, the reform of the nautical qualifications, etc. How do you think these changes are going affect the immediate future of our sector? And in the long term?

This is one of the more complicated issues we are facing, as this succession of changes of rules cause confusion. It is difficult for the companies to have a clear vision of the legal framework, which in my opinion is too changeable.

On the 25th of February the new General Plan for the port of Palma is going to be presented. Could you summarise for us what improvements it is going to introduce? How do you think it will be received by the users and the businesses?

Until now the plan has been well received among those to whom we have had a chance to explain it. Basically, the main ideas of the plan are: to remove the heaviest por activities away from the city by constructing a new dock and by landfill to gain more surface, to divide the port in sectors in order to optimise the activities and to invest in a better integration between the port and the city.

What are the future challenges of APB? 

Our vision as a company is to be a reference point in quality when it comes to integrating the port operation with the providing of both basic and complementary services to people and companies.

AENIB Awards 2015: Dahlberg S.A

The award for the most longstanding member goes to a company which is in fact one of the oldest nautical companies on the island. Kjell Dahlberg arrived to Mallorca when the island was just starting to discover the possibilities of mass tourism, and founded in 1972 a company, which was possibly the first one dedicated to yacht repairs on the island. Currently Dahlberg S.A has various divisions and the third generation of Dahlbergs is about to join the company. The award gave us an opportunity to interview Kjell Dahlberg in his home and share some good memories with him. 

1.- This year Dahlberg SA receives the award for the most longstanding member of AENIB. What does this recognition mean to you?

It is fantastic, as I have been around for a long time. The company was among the first ones to start repair "things" on the boats. When I arrived on the island there was nobody who understood about these things. I gained my experience when I lived and worked in Sweden (I´m Swedish by birth), I have also a skipper´s certificate for deep sea fishing, I´m a naval technician.. and also a qualified professional diver.

2.- You arrived on the island in the sixties, if I´m not mistaken. Why did a Swedish youngster like yourself decide to settle down in Mallorca and to start a company?

About 56 years ago I was sailing on a yacht and arrived in Mallorca. We had very bad weather during the voyage, sailed into a storm outside Soller and had to return back to Palma for repairs. We spent an entire year repairing the boat, and by concluding the job I returned to Sweden, although I had already fallen in love with Mallorca... I could also see that there was nobody who understood much about boats... There were mechanics, but they worked mainly with cars and only occasionally repaired boat engines. Their work processes, knowledge and tools were based on the Spanish automotive industry of the sixties. They didn´t have knowledge of the modern equipment we had access to in Sweden at that time. I saw an opportunity to establish my own company, and that´s how I started.

I think I was the first one to open a business of this type on the island. In fact it was quite a challenge legally, as there was no activity in the register that could be applied. Those days it was very difficult for a foreigner to obtain a work permit, so I sought help from a lawyer, who told me that I could obtain a work permit if I registered myself as an artisan locksmith. I wasn´t too bothered, it was a question about obtaining a licence and getting started. Any inaccuracies could be ironed out afterwards.

My first clients were all foreigners; Americans, Germans and English. I spoke English and some German, so I had no communication problems. This was something they appreciated very much. When they came to Spain they didn´t find anybody who would understand them, but there was I and we could talk about the problems they had. I worked mainly with big sailing yachts coming from America, England and Germany. There were not so many motor boats as nowadays.

3.- Do you miss something from the olden days? 

There was more freedom and less controls. As my daughter pointed out to me once - if I wanted to start the same business today, I would not be able to. 

Those days things were repaired. Nowadays things don´t get repaired, they get changed, in the American style.
When I started, everything had to be repaired, among other things because spare parts simply didn´t exist in Spain. I had to devise something myself and try to use my contacts in Sweden and in England to get sent what I needed. This system worked pretty well.

4.- What would you have thought 55 years ago if somebody had told you where the company is today  and that a third generation of Dahlbergs would be involved in the business?

In all honesty I didn´t think much about the future. You had to do your bit every day and work hard. Little by little I became very well known among the yacht owners - without spending a cent in publicity! The clients were happy and that was the best marketing I could have. Today I can say that I´m very proud of both the past and the present of the company, and that as a family we have been able to get through the different periods of crisis, celebrating our 30th anniversary of Dahlberg S.A last year. The future is exciting with the third generation ready to step in, but it is not going to be easy.

5.- In your opinion, how has the nautical sector developed during these past 45 years?

The development is very satisfying , thanks to a strategic location of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean, the highly specialised companies that exist here, the natural environment and the exquisite services available in different sectors. Today the islands are a worldwide nautical reference. But there is still a lot to do, not so much at the business level, more so on the administrative side of things.

6.- On the Balearic Islands there are lots of family businesses dedicated to nautical sector. In yours three generations of the family are involved in the company. Why do you think so many families dedicate themselves to nautical businesses?

It is work for which the passion comes from within. We teach our children the love of the sea and the love and implication in our work, they grow up with this attitude. Besides, working in a nautical business is never boring, although often not easy. A lot of knowledge is essential.

7.- Currently, what services does Dahlberg S.A provide for their clients?

We supply, install and repair the brands that we represent. We also have a department of training in electronics and sanitation. We have three divisions at Dahlberg: Naval electronic equipment and telecommunications; Waste water systems, toilets and pumps; and Revision and sales of the life rafts of the brand Duarry.

8.- To conclude, how will Dahlberg face the future as a company? What challenges do you have ahead?

To start with, we need to continue acquiring skills and knowledge in all our specialties. Then to innovate, not only when it comes to the products we should have on offer, but also with the processes as a company and the needs of the market. And naturally we need to continue having excellent relationship with our collaborators and clients.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Letter from the president - February 2015

I would like to take the opportunity to invite all our associates to participate in the Annual General Meeting of AENIB, which will take place on the 19th of February at the headquarters of CAEB in Palma. It is a very important event for the association  as we can take stock of the past year and between all of us decide the direction for the future. On the other hand, the statistics relating to the vessel registrations provided by ANEN highlight the promising outlook of the nautical sector on our islands. We have taken over Barcelona as the region with the biggest market share in recreational yachting. We are also witnessing a worrying tendency by the local government to sanction irregularities at sea.

In a few weeks the Annual General Meeting will take place at CAEB. It is an event of an utmost importance, where our management will be held to account and where we will decide together where we are headed as a sector and as businesses. Therefore your assistance is very important. As tradition mandates, prior to the Assembly we will organise a series of talks relating to the current state of the nautical sector. We are still finalizing the programme, but can tell you already that the general secretary of ANEN, Carlos Sanlorenzo will explain the latest legal and fiscal changes that have taken place in the recreational nautical sector, and give a hint of the challenged that are to be expected. There will be a chance for networking too, while having a glass of wine and catching up with fellows associates and speakers. As we get confirmations from other speakers, we will publish them in our forums in social networks  and through e-mails. We sincerely hope that you will be able to join us!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Interviews with our partners- Echo Marine Service

This veteran company offers the boats autonomy in the consumption of water through water purification from the sea by the process of inverse osmosis. More than two decades of hard work guarantee their professionalism.

(More soon, meanwhile you can read the interview in Spanish here)

Friday, January 30, 2015

Interviews with our partners – Delta Diesel

The experience of Delta Diesel is guaranteed by more than 20 years of existence. The company is specialized in  maintenance and repair of all boats with motor MAN, no matter if they are for recreational or professional purposes. We have had the pleasure to talk to them about the evolution of the nautical business in the last decades, as well as how the company has evolved until the present. 

(More soon, meanwhile you can read the interview in Spanish here)

Thursday, January 15, 2015

The nautical sector puts the sights on Boot Düsseldorf

A new edition of Boot Düsseldorf,  the most important boat show in Europe with 17 halls occupied by 1650 exhibitors from 60 countries will take place from 17th to 25th of January. “The show has really established itself as the leading exhibition of the nautical industry and navigation”, says Goetz-Ulf Jungmichel, the director of the Boot Düsseldorf.  “The sector increasingly concentrates its expectations on the Boot, as a guarantee of success in Europe – the región with most purchasing power. The show attracts around 50.000 visitors from other countries, opening the doors to high quality international clients”.

The visitors can enjoy up to 20 different themed areas, including a Beach World, a Sailing Centre and five activity centres with  covered pools, diving pools plus small and wide artificial rivers. Almost all watersports can be tried: sailing, diving, stand up paddle, surf, wakeboard, canoeing and even fishing.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Balearic Islands overtake Barcelona on the recreational boat market

The regions with the largest representation on the recreational boat market in 2014 were the Balearic Islands (14,78%), Barcelona (10,75%) and Cadiz (7,32%), which recovers the third place occupied in 2013 by Madrid, with a market share of 6,6%. The Balearics thus snatch the first place from Barcelona, as the region with the largest market share on the recreational yacht market.

Similarly, the principal national markets logged increased numbers of boat registrations; 31,54% in the Balearic Islands (634 vessels); 21,9% in Barcelona (461 vessels) and 3,28% in Madrid (283 vessels). In total, the nautical sector closed 2014 with an increase by 9,92% of recreational boat registrations, 4.290 vessels. This is the first year of timid growth since 2007, and after six consecutive years of decline, according to the information provided by the Spanish Nautical Trade Association (ANEN). The rise of registration of charter boats, which has increased by 56,72% compared to the previous year, has clearly contributed to the general improvement of the market. This is mainly due toincentives like the elimination of the matriculation tax for nautical charter, in force since October 2013. During 2014, a total of 373 charter boats were registered, compared to the 238 registered during the previous year. This means an increase by 24,75%, compared to 2007, the year before the crisis set in. 

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New challenges 2015 / ANEN

Letter from the general secretary of ANEN:

As the year changes I would like to take the opportunity to pass you on behalf of the whole ANEN team our best wishes and our deepest gratitude for your support and your trust in our work as your representative.
We start from a point of having overcome the two most important challenges of the past year: the hard reality of the crisis and the updating of our legal framework, with the publication of the new General Law of Maritime Navigation - which recognises for the first time the recreational yachting as a separate nautical entity - and the reform of the nautical qualifications, which allows us to compete in improved conditions with our European counterparts.

Additionally, our capacity as the national association representing the industrial and entrepreneurial nautical sector has been strengthened by the influx of new members: 60 new associated companies and integration of new regional associations, like the Union of Nautical Companies from the Community of Valencia.
We have to take advantage of this inertia in 2015 and therefore can not miss any opportunity to face new objectives. Our experience in all areas of action and our representative weight towards the administration has grown and will continue growing if we keep going in the same direction under the banner of ANEN.
Some of the objectives have already started to take shape. As you know, on a legislative level we have started to work with Direction General of the Merchant Navy on the text to provide professional scope for the nautical qualifications.

Regarding employment, the future National Collective Agreement for the Nautical Sector, a project driven by ANEN, has already set up the initial negotiations, enabling us to continue the process until the constitution of the agreement. On top of that, in the coming weeks we will incorporate a Nautical Job Exchange into our website. 

On the other hand, we have signed an agreement with the Ministry of Education with an aim to create, under the counsel of ANEN, new competencies for professional training, specialised in the nautical sector.
And carrying on with the Nautical Congress, which has already consolidated itself as a reference point and a must for the tradespeople of the sector on a national level, we are already working on the organisation of the III edition, which will take place again in Barcelona, on the 11-12th of March.

With this brief review of our activities, I would like to reassert as the secretary general of ANEN and on behalf of the whole team at the Association, our gratitude and our excitement, hope and support for the next 12 months.

Carlos Sanlorenzo
General Secretary

Monday, January 12, 2015

The Molinar yacht club starts an information campaign about the new project

The 'Club Maritim Molinar de Llevant' will start an information campaign to explain the modified expansion project of the installations to those interested. Every Saturday between 11 and 14 hours a dozen of panels with photos of the current premises compared to the virtual images of the proposal will be exhibited outside the club. "Those who approach the club will be able to see how the port is supposed to look like, and there will also be somebody to explain the details and to answer questions", as indicated yesterday by the president of the club, Rafael Vallespir.

He specified that the project "is now pending that the Port Authority will write a report that contains all the documentation after the comments period and a statement by the town hall, to be sent further to the Ministry of Public Works for a decision". 

With a reference to the conclusions by the municipal technical commission, which found deficiencies that "require modification" of the project, Vallespir  confirmed that "their recommendations have been taken into account, but maybe they didn´t read the project in depth", according to the president.

The architect of the extension, Jordi Herrero, emphasized  that such contributions "are positive and  will be adopted without a problem, as they mean an improvement. They will be useful to strengthen certain aspects of the project, not to renounce it. The project has been planned "from an urban point of view" so that the residents of Molinar  can take maximum advantage of the installations thanks to a creation of a public area on the roof top terrace of the club house as well as the widening of the walk way, which at the moment is cut off by a wall that separates the yacht club from the bicycle lane.

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Port Authority will decide in two months over the new concession in the port of Palma

The Balearic Port Authority (APB) has a clear picture of the time frame  related to the tender it published last summer for the exploitation of commercial premises in the port of Palma, for which the deadline of presentation of offers run out last week. The president of the public entity, Alberto Pons, confirmed that two proposals have been received, as reported by this newspaper already yesterday. The president is confident that the tender can be decided upon in two months, since there are only two bidders.

The tender is for the two buildings in the fish market area, at the entrance to the Real Club Náutico de Palma (RCNP) and next to the Plaza de San Telmo. The Port Authority doesn´t want any delays with the tender, and therefore - continues Pons - everything possible will be done to speed up the process and to avoid any slowdown in the final stages.

The two options are complete opposites - while the first one proposes  to create a restaurant and entertainment complex in the area, managed by an Andalusian company, the other is lead by Majorcan investors who project a luxury hotel of 42 rooms. Both propose an investment worth about the same, five-six million euros respectively, and the key in the coming weeks is to find out the how big a fee they have offered to the Port Authority in order to gain the tender.

In the meantime, the Port Authority is absolutely satisfied with the interest  the tender has raised among the investors, and refer to next week - when the envelopes with the each of the proposals will be opened - to find out more details. From there on, the APB  trusts that in a couple of months the result of the tender can be decided.

The technical working groups designated for the evaluation of the proposals will be in charge of deciding which one is the better offer, a process that will conclude with a selection of a winner. All with an aim to convert the object of the bidding process, the two nearly derelict buildings in the port into a new element to boost the local economy, whether it will be a hotel or a restaurant complex.

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Balearic Islands will have its own rules to sanction irregularities at sea

The Balearic Islands will have its own penalty system for nautical, maritime and underwater activities with an aim to avoid infractions going unpunished, as happens with the scattered normative we have currently.

The sanctions vary between 60 and 60.000 euros. The minor infractions go from 60 to 500 euros; the serious ones from 500 to 5.000 euros; and the very serious ones from 5.000 to 60.000 euros. The persons or legal entities that commit the infractions will be the ones responsible for them.


The judiciary system establishes that a recreational vessel can´t carry more passengers than allowed by the vessel´s certificate - it is considered at serious infraction. It is also considered to be an infraction to carry out an activity without an authorisation, in the event that the legal requirements are not complied with.


The sea schools, navigation courses, canoeing centres and jet ski charters fall also under the new regulations. Special emphasis is put on on the instructors to have the corresponding qualifications.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Letter from the president - January 2015

The year 2014 will be remembered for the great number of good news received, fruit of the hard work carried out in previous months and years. We have managed for the first time in the history of this country to achieve a specific legislation for recreational yachting, to get the nautical qualifications adapted to the current reality and better harmonized with our neighboring countries, to get the lighthouse tax (T0) limited so that the weekend visitors don´t need to pay for a whole month, to have a Palma Boat Show that exceeded all expectations, to get the matriculation tax eliminated from all the charter yachts... These victories highlight the hard work carried out by us, both at the national level together with the board of ANEN, as well as regionally by ourselves. Just as important is the daily work we carry out within CAEB and the Chamber of Commerce, not forgetting the regular meetings with the policy makers. In absolute numbers, this year we have assisted in 112 meetings and events up until the end of November.

All this would not have been possible without the innumerable hours of work and resources invested in it by the association. Therefore you, through the membership fees you pay, are an integral part of all these achievements.

At AENIB we firmly believe that we are on the treshold of a new period of prosperity in the whole sector, prosperity where you contribute with your daily toil to push your business forward. Thanks to you, our association has had the necessary weight to make your and the rest of the nautical empresarios´voice heard at all levels of the Public Administration, to convince them how important it is to have legislation and fiscal policies adapted to our reality. This is our objective, this is what you have given your mandate to us for, and we are not planning to disappoint you. Together with ANEN, who are our strongest allies in Madrid, we are going to work to make this country and these islands a first-class nautical powerhouse.

2014 goes with a bang, leaving us with a challenge to reach a bit higher next year. We happily accept the challenge and will fight harder than ever for the wellbeing of your companies. Even more so as it is the election year with both the general and municipal elections coming. Already a few months ago we started a series of meetings with the main political parties of our islands, informing them of your needs and suggestions. AENIB is an important lobbying force, fighting to tumble the walls of ignorance that stand between the legislators and our day-to-day reality. This ignorance hampers our growth and prevents many locals and visitors alike to enjoy our seas. We point out to the politicians that we are not trying to get subventions or any other handouts, we simply want to compete in equal conditions to our neighboring countries. Once we achieve that, we will leave our rivals far behind.