Thursday, July 9, 2015

Letter from the president - July 2015

Even in the middle of the high season news that affect our sector keep popping up. Under the new leadership in the Town Hall the future of the Port of Molinar is once more insecure. In the case Bitácora, where all the accused admitted their guilt, the sentences were announced recently. Minimum sanctions for a group of people that caused great damage to the Balearic nautical sector by embezzling public funds destined for the promotion of the nautical sector. The regional and municipal governments are starting to take shape. From AENIB we plead them to appoint people who are knowledgeable about the nautical sector as heads of the departments that handle nautical issues.

The port of Molinar is going through one of the most critical moments in its long history. At AENIB we have always supported the reform project planned by the management of the club, since we believe it is the best way to guarantee the survival of the club. We understand the opposition to the project by some of the neighbors in the area (after all nobody wants to have a building site in front of their house), but by not carrying out the necessary reforms the port will be in serious danger. We believe that the solution to be adopted needs to be mutually agreed, benefit all parties involved (including the users and entrepreneurs) and allow this historical port to carry on with its activities in the best possible way without any delays.

The Bitàcora case has been concluded after the implicated parties have admitted their guilt. Minimal sentences for a group of people who used tax payers money destined to promote the nautical sector of our islands (in other words, our livelihood), to fill their own pockets. At AENIB we are satisfied that the process has come to a conclusion, and that those who so seriously damaged the image of the nautical sector have been publicly portrayed as corrupt, but we believe that the sentences given were insufficient.

 The regional and municipal governments are being formed at the moment. AENIB has never declared preference for one political option or another, and we will continue the same way. Most important for us is to be able to carry on with our activity in a most productive way possible both for ourselves as well as for the society we live in. We need leaders who have profound knowledge of the sector and who are aware of its strengths in order to take advantage of them; and its weaknesses in order to seek solutions. The efforts of Alberto Pons in charge of the Port Authority during the recent times should serve as an example for his successor: continuous contact with all parties involved, deep knowledge of the sector and its issues, plus a great capacity as a mediator. The nautical sector provides an outstanding opportunity for growth for the Balearic economy. Lets not allow bad management to hamper the growth of such a strategic sector. AENIB, as the biggest nautical association on the islands, is willing to participate in any working group to be created to promote the recreational yachting and nautical tourism as generators of economic activity and jobs on our islands.

Nautical sector requests speedier development of the Royal Decree of professional qualifications

After receiving the draft for a Royal Decree that will regulate the scope of the nautical qualifications required for certain paid professional services, in accordance with the recreational qualifications, the main organisations of the nautical sector will work together  to speed up the process towards the publication of the final normative.

The Spanish Nautical Trade Association (ANEN) with its regional member associations - Nautical Trade Association of the Balearic Islands, Nautical Trade Association of the Community of Valencia, Nautical and Recreational Association of the Canary Islands and Nautical Trade Association of Ibiza and Formentera; as well as the Large Yacht Association, the Spanish Federation of Ports and Marinas, the Recreational Yachtsmen´s Association, the Seamen´s Association of Catalonia, the Spanish Maritime Cluster and the Sea Council of CEOE have taken a joint stand regarding the necessity and benefits of the said Royal Decree for the nautical sector.

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