Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ports IB authorizes an installation of a floating pontoon in the marina Santa Eulália

The director of Ports and Airports, Antoni Deudero, has authorized the installation of a floating pontoon in the marina Santa Eulália del Río in Ibiza. By signing the resolution, Ports IB gives permission to the firm Merlin S.A to install the floating pontoon of 48 m, including a 3 m passerelle, as well as to operate  the 576 square meters of mooring space, located at the end of the dock and sheltered by the surrounding breakwater. 

The pontoon has space for 12 moorings of 12  m by 4 m. The total area occupied by the pontoon is 124,50 square meters. The temporary occupation and operation covers partially the increased demand for moorings in high season and fits in with the guidelines of Ports IB to use to the máximum such areas that can increase the amount of moorings without the need for great construction work for protection.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The charter boat registrations grow by 53% in Spain during the first half of the year

The registrations of charter boats have grown by 53% in the first half of the year, compared to the same period in 2013, according to a statement by the Barcelona Boat Show, based on information provided by the Spanish Nautical Trade Association (ANEN).

In a statement to the media, they detailed that the boats up to 8 m are the most sought after and occupy an 84,11% share of the charter boat market. According to the experts, this important growth is partly due to the crisis, but also because the nautical culture is improving, which means that renting  - called charter in the sector – is becoming an increasingly popular option.

Generally, the future of the sector is looking bright, as long as it is more economical and beneficial to rent a boat rather than buy one.

According to the person responsible for charters at Bavaria Spain and exhibitor at the Barcelona Boat Show, John Rossbach, "the national charter market is very seasonal and the Spanish people charter boats only during the summer vacations".

Balearic Islands is the region with the largest charter season – from April to October – thanks to a presence of foreign clients, mainly from Germany and the Nordic countries.

When it comes to the client profile, Rossbach thinks that "it is very diverse, from couples and families to groups of friends or work colleagues on incentive travel", and the most popular charter type is one or two weeks on bareboat charter, either on a sailing or motor boat.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The final text of the Law of Maritime Navigation has been approved, giving our sector legal independence from the Merchant Navy

On the 8th of July, the plenary session of the Congress approved the final text of the Law of Maritime Navigation, putting an end, at least from the legal point of view to the dependency of the recreational yachting from the maritime transport.

With the entering into force of this law, the legal framework for the activities of our sector will be regulated, our legislation will be modernized and the recreational yachting will be specifically recognized as an independent activity from the transport sector.

The participation of ANEN in the elaboration of the said text has been crucial and very active. The majority of presented allegations have been attended, some of them of special relevance for the future of our sector, like the redaction of a specific chapter that regulates the charter activity, the definition of a recreational vessel or the extension of responsibility of the seller or the constructor of a recreational vessel.

It is worth mentioning our intervention against the amendment to the Draft of Law, presented by the Parliamentary Group of the Popular Party, to modify the article 69 which dealt with the obligation of all the vessels to be signed up in the registry of personal property regardless of their length or activity. The incorporation of the amendment would have meant making all the sales contracts of public status, paying a Stamp Duty and the tariffs of the personal property registry, apart from a delay in the inscription of a vessel in the personal property registry for the lack of coordination with the maritime registry. In practical terms, the sales operations could have become approximately 5% more expensive.

In the end, ANEN managed to get this amendment eliminated from the final text, a result of intense work with the parliamentary groups, the Directorate General of the Merchant Navy and the Ministry of Justice. Eventually, the final text of the Law states that the inscription of a vessel in the personal property registry is optional, not obligatory.
*Information provided by ANEN.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Barcelona Boat Show presents the novelties of the 53rd edition together with ANEN

In a press conference directed to the nautical media, the president of the Barcelona Boat Show, Luis Conde, the director of the show Jordi Freizas and the general secretary of ANEN, Carlos Sanlorenzo, explained to the nautical media the initiatives that are planned for the show between now and its celebration (15 to 19 of October) to promote and to invigorate the event, in a year when the nautical market is finally on the upturn.This year´s news include the promotion of yachting for beginners with a programme of activities and a publication of a practical guide, with an aim to popularise and facilitate the access to yachting.New in the sector of international promotion, there will be an institutional stand dedicated to the United States, a result of a collaboration agreement with The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA).  In the stand, along with American companies, also the Barcelona Boat Show and the Spanish nautical sector will be promoted.When it comes to the themed areas of the show, the updated Village merits a special mention. This year a new concept of space has been created to host fashion shows, tasting of gourmet products, exhibition of Art & Design etc. It will also contain a restaurant and a chill out area with maritime ambience, where the visitors can relax during their visit to the show.

Friday, July 11, 2014

The Barcelona Boat Show will take place from 15th to 19th of October in Port Vell

The Barcelona Boat Show will take place from 15th to 19th of October in Port Vell, an edition the organizers expect to generate opportunities for the exhibitors as the market is picking up, according to the information from Fira de Barcelona, the organizer of this annual event.
The general secretary of the Spanish Nautical Trade Association (ANEN), Carlos Sanlorenzo, emphasized that the show will take place for the first time in six years in a positive market situation.
"Even if the domestic demand is still far from the levels before the crisis, we expect that the proposals the show is preparing, specially with the foreign buyers in mind, give business opportunities to the exhibiting companies", declared Sanlorenzo.
An installation to generate surfing waves stands out among the novelties this year in Port Vell, as well as an official stand of United States, thanks to a collaboration agreement with The National Marine Manufacturers Association.
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Thursday, July 10, 2014

PP changes the Law of the Ports, opposition fears privatization

The Parliament approved yesterday - with the votes of PP only - a series of modifications to the regional Law of the Ports which, according to the opposition, will open the door to privatization, but which according to the Ministry of Tourism improves the law, streamlines the concession processes and reforms and adapts the law to the current reality.
Of the three debates that took place yesterday in the Parliament, the one concerning the new port regulation was of the most political interest. Also the one that caused the biggest confrontation, specially after the representative Veramendi of PP criticized the arguments of the socialist Damiá Borrás. He went as far as to tell him that during the previous government the socialists were not interested in this issue and that "first they gave the ports to UM and only when they realized the amount of corruption they took the control back".
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Monday, July 7, 2014

Letter from the president - July 2014

The month of June was very intensive when it comes to news from the sector. To start with, the latest edition of the Superyacht Cup offered a wonderful display  of the best superyachts in action, apart from making Palma the focal point of international yachting for a few days. On the other hand, we had a meeting with the local government and other entities to push forward the implementation of a quality nautical training on our islands. At national level, we are drafting a report with ANEN about starting a collective agreement for the recreational nautical sector in Spain.

Palma Superyacht Cup 2014 took place from 18th to 21st of June in the bay of Palma. 26 sailing yachts between 24 and 50 meters of length battled for the seasoned trophy which has been disputed in our waters for 15 years already. Further than the sport, the SYC brings an added value to our islands which is difficult to quantify. On one hand, it attracts large yachts that require  maintenance and repairs before and after the competition, benefiting the local businesses. The sailors and other professionals that come to the event make good use of the abundant supply of hotels, restaurants and entertainment of our islands. For  the local residents and sailing enthusiasts it is a great opportunity to get a close look at these majestic yachts. Even more so thanks to the lookout terrace on top the new Moll Vell building, which offers a unique view over the port. Additionally, the Superyacht Cup boosts the nautical tourism, as it efficiently introduces for many people the unique opportunities for recreational yachting in the archipelago.

We have been working for a few weeks already on a draft for a study that will serve as a starting point for a creation of a collective agreement for the workers of the recreational nautical sector in Spain. As a basis for the study, ANEN carried out a nationwide survey last month, in which many of us participated. The collected information will allow  an “x-ray” of the sector to be made in order to find out the different necessities to be taken into account when composing the future collective agreement. We would like to emphasize how important it is  for our sector to have  our own collective agreement, as it will help us to be recognized as an industrial sector in our own right. We will keep you informed on the progress.

Balearic Islands represent 16% of the recreational boat market with 367 registrations and an increase of 31%

The Balearic Islands have taken a 16% share of the recreational boat market in the first half of the year with 367 registrations, which means a 31% more than in the same period in 2013.
The Balearic Islands, Barcelona and Cadiz stay at the top of the recreational boat market. Barcelona is in the second lace, with a 11,75% share of the market and an increase by 42,3% of registrations, going from 189 to 269 by June this year.
Cadiz occupies the third place with a 7,3% market share and an increase of registrations by 30,2%, up to 168 compared to the 129 in the same period last year.
In total, 2.289 vessels were registered in Spain during the first half of the year, which means an increase by 14,9% compared to the 1.992 vessels registered up until June last year, according to the information given to the Spanish Nautical Trade Association by the Directorate General of the Merchant Navy.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

The rehabilitation work for Marina Magaluf will get started in 10 days

The rehabilitation work in the Marina Magaluf area will get started in 10 days time, according to the developer of the project, the hotelier Pedro Pascual during the visit of the President of the Balearic government, José Ramón Bauzá, in the different tourist areas of Calvià.
Just to recall, the project of Viva Hotels in Magaluf has been declared of regional interest and plans a construction, in two different stages, of 5 new hotels and more than 15.000 m2 of commercial zone.Read the complete article in Última Hora.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Annual General Meeting of EBI: achieved goals and new challenges for the European nautical sector

On the 19th of June, the Board Meeting and Annual General Meeting of EBI took place in Brussels. EBI (European Boating Industry), which ANEN also belongs to, is the highest representative of the nautical sector at the European level.

In the meeting participated the Secretary General of ANEN, Carlos Sanlorenzo, who is a member of the Board of EBI since June 2013, and Lara Hidalgo, responsible for the legal consultancy of ANEN. They had an opportunity to transfer to the participating members of the European Parliament the reality of our sector and the need for support from the European institutions for its future development.

During the meeting were debated, amongst other things, both the goals already reached as well as the future challenges of the sector in Europe, for which EBI already has some plans, developed jointly between its member associations.

Among the already achieved goals were presented: the publication of the new directive for the recreational vessels (for which all the amendments and proposals by ANEN have been taken into account) in December last year; the adoption of the new directive over tugboat inspections (in order not to be an additional burden for the towing services) in March; the approval by the European parliament, in April, of the stance defended by our Association in the report over CO2 emissions coming from the ships.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ports IB desides unanimously not to go ahead with the planned change to indirect management of the regional ports

The Board of Directors of the Balearics Ports (Ports IB) unanimously approved this morning not to go ahead with the planned transfer into indirect management of the regional ports. The meeting was chaired by the director general of the Ports and Airports, Antonio Deudero, also the manager of the regional port entity, David Gómez, participated in the meeting.

With this decisión, the Board of Directors agreed to paralyze the administrative process of authorization of concessions to occupy and to exploit the port installations of Colónia Sant Jordi, Cala Bona, Porto Cristo, Fornells, Sant Antoni de Portmany and Andratx.

This paralyzation takes place after the Ministry of Tourism and Sports deems appropriate to wait for the results of a study over the development of demand for moorings in the Balearics – currently being processed – to be able to analyze the weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities of port installations in the archipelago.

All this with an aim to chart the necessities of both sporting and recreational, as well fishing and comercial sectors.

Additionally, it is worth pointing out that currently the parliament is processing the modification of the Law 10/2005, of 21st of June of Ports IB, which contemplates the creation of a new General Plan of the Ports as an instrument of ordainment of the ports and their installations.


Another of the points discussed  was the collaboration agreement with the island council of Menorca – through SPEI – when it comes to prevention and extinction of forest fires, rescue and protection services.

Regarding this, the Board of Directors honoured the agreement by assigning to the island council of Menorca two inflatable vessels with towing capacity, apart from providing the human resources for the development of the required activities of vigilance.