Sunday, August 7, 2016

Letter from the president - August 2016

The yacht sector is working at full capacity this summer in our islands. In order to realize about this fact, we only have to see any of our beautiful coves and beaches and the great number of boats anchoring there. Not in vain, the Balearic Islands are still at the head of the national market when referring to the number of registrations. Those, have grown more than a 9% with respect to the first semester in 2015. These good numbers are helping to boost the turnover of our islands' nautical industry. While our companies work at full capacity to provide service to their customers, they are also starting to attend to large boat shows: like the one in Barcelona, or the METS. 

From the 24th until the 28th of October, an interesting course about nautical charter will be celebrated in Palma. It is organized by the IME (Spanish Maritime Institute), and the AENIB is going to collaborate actively. During those days, 16 professionals that belong to the sector, have a recognized prestige and an excellent professional experience at their backs, will offer first quality and updated training about all the necessary aspects to take into account, to work in this sector. In this sense, the agenda contains sections dedicated to the current market situation in Spain and Europe; the business strategy and its particularities, the legal framework in the nautical charter, the aspects regarding the exploitation of boats; and of course, the crucial topic about insurances and accidents. From AENIB we encourage all our associates to attend the course. So that, apart from obtaining an official certificate issued by the IME, it will be an excellent opportunity to be in contact with professionals and entrepreneurs of different sectors related to yachting. In the section of News, you can find the complete program of the event.