Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Portbooker develops a price management system for advance booking of moorings

Portbooker , the largest booking portal of moorings which has been established for 6 years, with more than 17,000 reservations processed since May 2006, has developed a system of pricing in order to help the ports to take full advantage of the boats moored on the basis of market demand.

Similar to econometric models employing pricing with airlines or hotels, RevPAM (Revenue per Available Mooring), Portbooker set the price of a stay at a marina based on what the client is willing to pay Thus, such criteria means the price is better the more in advance you book for the same length, size and type of boat. The marina which is a more attractive nautical destination will determine the level of expected demand and the price the customer is willing to pay. The season is the main factor in nautical destinations like the Mediterranean or the Caribbean which have great seasonality, but the model also takes into account the greater linearity of prices in countries like USA, Singapore and Thailand.

The Government regulates the moorings on the Balearic Islands

With an eye to preserving the seagrass meadows and even further improve the quality of our waters, the Balearic Government has presented a decree regulating the anchorage in the archipelago. Before you panic, note that any vessel may anchor in sandy bottoms and continue as before. Whilst those vessels over 12 meters cannot moor on seagrass meadows within 35 meters depth. Above this depth there are no restrictions to moor, says the draft decree. The rule does not apply to protected areas such as Site of Community Importance (SCI), or in waters or areas subject to state and regional ports, as they have their own regulations. 

It is worth mentioning that the Department directed by Gabriel Company prepares a plan so you can anchor in the SCI areas, which may only be made in areas of low environmental impact buoys. Thus, there will be installed 358 buoys in ten different areas for boats up to 25 meters in length from 1 June to 30 September. 

The Financial Times speak against the registration tax that only applies in Spain

"Squeeze the rich can be counterproductive," is the title of an article in May 24th edition of the business daily Financial Times showed their displeasure with the Special Tax on Certain Means of Transport and echoed the damage caused by this tax in the Balearics. In its supplement "Yachting & Marinas" it ensures that the charter industry "has been almost destroyed" in Spain because of the tax payable by vessels over 8 meters. The prestigious newspaper cites a recent report by the National Association of Marine (ANEN) to illustrate its claim : in 2011 this special tax raised EUR 1.5 million, while "normally we would earn 600 million through the extra traffic, revenue from marine, shopping in stores, restaurants and other expenses that had been generated by users of charter who were deterred from operating in Spanish waters. "

Vessels over 12 meters may not anchor in the Posidonia

Vessels over 12 meters in length may not anchor on seagrass meadows within 35m of depth, according to the decree law to protect this native algae,says the Balearic Government, which also prepares a plan for protected areas with the installation of 358 mooring buoys .

According to the decree, released today by the Minister for Agriculture, Environment and Territory, Biel Company, vessels under 12 meters in length may anchor in any area not protected the Balearic coastline, whilst those above this length will have do so on sand unless the depth is greater than 35 meters, where the sea grass no longer grows because of darkness. Above this depth there are no restrictions to fund, says the draft decree.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The organizing committee of the Palma International Boat Show begins preparing for the 2013 edition

The Director General of Trade and Enterprise chaired the first meeting of this committee since in March when they announced the postponement of the show.

The Director General of Trade and Enterprise, Cesar Pacheco, on Monday chaired the meeting of the organizing committee of the PalmaInternational Boat Show. This is the first meeting of the commission since last March they decided to postpone the celebration of the 29thedition to 2013, due to the insufficient volume of applications for registration amongst entrepreneurs.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Yacht clubs urge the Government to rule out the ' absurdity' of the moorings issue...

The Association of Yacht Clubs of the Balearic Islands (ACNB) has urged the Government to discard the "absurd situation" of the moorings issue and regretted that the Department of Environment has released the basic lines of a decree on funding "without making any consultation with the marine industry. "

Thus, ACNB has asked the Government that "manifest publicly and know their intention not to take it forward, in order to prevent nautical tourists who have planned to spend the season in the Balearics another destination and lessen the conflict in the Mediterranean "because, in their opinion," there is much that is at stake. "

Monday, May 14, 2012

Proposals made during the XI Forum of Nautical Tourism

The XI nautical tourismI Forum organized by the Royal Spanish Navy League, held on April 26, 2012, proposes a strategic policy to be more competitive with other neighboring countries. Below are some of the messages that were released:

- As Spain neglected nautical tourism, emerging in the industry are Croatia and Turkey and France, Italy and Greece boost its policies to keep tourists, said several experts in the Nautical Tourism XI Forum

- Spain is a predominantly coastal, "the competent authorities can help to realize the potential of nautical tourism to generate employment and wealth," said Juan Diaz, vice president of the Royal Spanish Navy League (RLNE), institution that wishes to be heard to current problems
- The high taxation and the lack of a strong strategic and international policy discourage foreign tourists from our water. Nautical tourism is "the forgotten" Spanish tourism, says Zunzunegui Albert, vice president of FENAN.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Barcelona Boat Show will be held from the 26th to 30th of September

The Port Vell will become the single location of the next editions of the Barcelona International Boat Show. A new model that seeks to facilitate the visit of buyers and fans and boost the sector. A decision agreed between Fira Barcelona and the National AssociationNautical Anen.

According to the study by a commission composed of representatives of Fira Barcelona, ​​the Organizing Committee of the show and Anen, the celebration of living in the Port Vell only for five days is the best option at the moment, as so complex is the Spanish nautical sector.To attract more buyers with the need to adjust the cost of participation for exhibitors.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The time for change

Coinciding with the press release most of the organizations that are sub-groupedin recreational boating, led by the National AssociationNautical ANEN, Madrid organized a press conference where they presented the report "economic impact of recreational boating in Spainand proposals for growth '.

We are convinced that ANEN, MYBA (Mediterranean Yacht Broker Association), AEGY (Spanish Association of Major Yates), AENB(Nautical Association of Balearic Islands) ... have had in mind the role that the Barcelona International Boat Show has and could have theactivating agent of Spanish pleasure boats, and that part of its activities will focus in the coming months, extending this CHANGE that is needed to the organizer of this event. Modification of dates, location, rates ... are issues of concern, and much, to the exhibitors.

Anchoring in the Balearics

Balearic sailors knew that sooner or later they were going to pay for the mooring buoys installed in areas called SCI (Sites of Community Interest) under the pretext of protecting the seagrass. What they did not expect is that Government of the Balearic Islands, which says it is committed to the marine industry and willing to boost sailing tourism would create more restrictive regulations.

The director general of the Environment and Environmental Education, Neus Lliteras, revealed last April 28th in the specialized program via esRadio and Gazetta Nautica that boats over 12 meters (the vast majority of those performing charter in our islands) may not anchor within 35 meters of depth in areas susceptible to sea grass. He noted that vessels up to 40 feet can freely anchor on seagrass meadows in places that have no special regulation (natural parks and LIC), and that the funding will not have any restriction on sand.

The Barcelona Boat Show rolls back into Port Vell

The Barcelona International Boat Show takes leave of the palace grounds in Fira de Barcelona. The event will be held this year only in the Port Vell of Barcelona, ​​where there will be a combined floating and dry exhibition space . Theshow is also 4 days less in duration and advancing their dates to September.

The economic crisis takes its tollon the Boat Show, which last year celebrated its 50th anniversary.The show led by Luis Conde has decided to reduce its structure to adapt "to the new needs of exhibitors and visitors in a difficult economic and sector."

Tourism entrepreneurs meet with Secretary of State for Tourism

40 Balearic tourism entrepreneurs (including the president of Association of the Balearic Nautical -AENB-Margaret Dahlberg) met on May the 8th with Secretary of State for Tourism, Elizabeth Borrego, who informed them about the actions carried out from her department to help the industry. The meeting, held on the premises of the CAEB, also served to discuss the work carried out between the various ministries to enhance tourism and assured the attendees that are open to dialogue with all parties involved and listening to all your suggestions.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Platform for the marine industry

A total of 37 companies and 61 nautical ports and marinas of the Balearic Islands are part of the platform NauticalEurope (, a web of cooperation presented yesterday in Palma and encompassing nautical supply the Mediterranean islands to boost the sector. The platform brings together a total of 423 companies and 414 ports and marinas of the Balearic Islands, Sardinia, Corsica, Greek Islands, Crete and Sicily.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Morente Francisco: "The marine industry is holding times of crisis with enough dignity '

The president of the Nautical Association of PIMEEF has been present in all talks being held yesterday in Santa Eulalia. Although we evaluated the option of not celebrating it, Morente said they could not miss the appointment with the public this year that marks two decades since it began operating the event. "We think it was worth making the effort to join"

SOURCE: JOURNAL OF IBIZA, 29 APRIL 2012, supplement Boat Show

Paco Murillo - Eivissa
Morente Francisco, president of the Nautical Association of the Company Petita i Mitjana Ibiza and Formentera, facing forward to the celebration of the twentieth Boat Show in Santa Eulalia, where industry representatives of recreational boating in the Balearic Islands show their products before the start of the summer season. The economic crisis also affects sales of boats, but employers Pitiusan are "optimistic" for the future.

Port Adriano Brokers Superyacht Days a Huge Success

Following three busy days at the recently extended Port Adriano superyacht marina El Toro situated only 20 minutes away from the fabulous Palma de Mallorca, the inaugural Superyacht open days event taking place in The Balearics, running from 28th to 30th April, reported a huge success. The event was organised by a group of the top Palma based yacht brokers, and hosted a total number of 42 superyachts, the majority measuring more than 30 metres. These were split exactly 50/50 motor and sail, with two of them at the max 60 metre length that the marina can accommodate. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

AENB signed an agreement with SOIB

The Nautical Association of Balearic signed on March 30 an agreement with Employment Services of the Balearic Islands (SOIB) to collaborate in the field of labour mediation, practices and training for employment.

Thus, a total of 9 organizations collaborate together with the Employment Service of the Balearic Islands, in order to improve planning and management of the training in their respective sectors, and to streamline management and job implementation of an optimal exchange of information for the Employment Service can adapt the design of its training requirements to the real sector.

President's Letter - May 2012

Dear members,

A week ago, The Sepia Fair was held in the port of Alcudia. It was an excellent opportunity for us entrepreneurs of the sea to exhibit our products and to make our services known to the public. Another strong initiative for the yachting business will be the Portals Nautical Weekend, from 26th to 28th of May. In another vein, a few days ago the Board of the National Association of Marine Enterprises (ANEN) was re-elected and AENB continues as a part of it. During the same meeting a report on the Economic Impact of Recreational Boating in Spain was presented. The figures clearly indicate the importance of the sector and what it could contribute to the spanish GDP as well as employment if the currently devastating fiscal situation was equal to that of other sectors and our neighboring countries.