Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Government regulates the moorings on the Balearic Islands

With an eye to preserving the seagrass meadows and even further improve the quality of our waters, the Balearic Government has presented a decree regulating the anchorage in the archipelago. Before you panic, note that any vessel may anchor in sandy bottoms and continue as before. Whilst those vessels over 12 meters cannot moor on seagrass meadows within 35 meters depth. Above this depth there are no restrictions to moor, says the draft decree. The rule does not apply to protected areas such as Site of Community Importance (SCI), or in waters or areas subject to state and regional ports, as they have their own regulations. 

It is worth mentioning that the Department directed by Gabriel Company prepares a plan so you can anchor in the SCI areas, which may only be made in areas of low environmental impact buoys. Thus, there will be installed 358 buoys in ten different areas for boats up to 25 meters in length from 1 June to 30 September. 
They are free, except those in Cabrera, which will have a progressive price for overnight according to vessel size. The Government planned to incorporate all the information about the areas where anchoring is permitted and the type of funding that can be practiced on nautical charts and GPS navigation systems. Furthermore, it will launch a free tool for mobile devices (iPhone or Android) through which you can view in real time if anchoring is allowed at the place where the vessel is. Also, 20,000 leaflets will be distributed at various points to report the details of the new decree. 

For further information, read the press release from the Department or see the presentation provided through its website.

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