Monday, May 14, 2012

Proposals made during the XI Forum of Nautical Tourism

The XI nautical tourismI Forum organized by the Royal Spanish Navy League, held on April 26, 2012, proposes a strategic policy to be more competitive with other neighboring countries. Below are some of the messages that were released:

- As Spain neglected nautical tourism, emerging in the industry are Croatia and Turkey and France, Italy and Greece boost its policies to keep tourists, said several experts in the Nautical Tourism XI Forum

- Spain is a predominantly coastal, "the competent authorities can help to realize the potential of nautical tourism to generate employment and wealth," said Juan Diaz, vice president of the Royal Spanish Navy League (RLNE), institution that wishes to be heard to current problems
- The high taxation and the lack of a strong strategic and international policy discourage foreign tourists from our water. Nautical tourism is "the forgotten" Spanish tourism, says Zunzunegui Albert, vice president of FENAN.
- A nautical tourist spends 203 euros a day, while a traditional tourist spends an average of 105 euros a day, according to the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB).

- Large yachts spend 10% of its value in maintenance, which is an important quantity for companies in the area where tie

- The legislation is a competitive disadvantage for the Spanish industry in Europe, especially the registration tax (30% with VAT) for vessels over 8 meters

- Nautical tourism in Spain 1,079 million euros turnover in 2009, employed 16,000 people and generated 107,434 indirect jobs, according AEGY.

- Francisco Javier Aragon, president of the Nautical Tourism Commission and director of the Chair of the Sea RLNE presents the book "Maritime Transportation: in War and Navigation '

Spain has great potential for enrichment through nautical tourism thanks to favorable weather and coastlines. It also represents a diversification of tourist Spanish, which helps meet the objectives for 2020 in this area. However, from the practical point of view (legal), Spain is not an attractive country for tourists to sail, or to create new customers due to "high taxation and the lack of a sound strategic policy."

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