Friday, May 18, 2012

Yacht clubs urge the Government to rule out the ' absurdity' of the moorings issue...

The Association of Yacht Clubs of the Balearic Islands (ACNB) has urged the Government to discard the "absurd situation" of the moorings issue and regretted that the Department of Environment has released the basic lines of a decree on funding "without making any consultation with the marine industry. "

Thus, ACNB has asked the Government that "manifest publicly and know their intention not to take it forward, in order to prevent nautical tourists who have planned to spend the season in the Balearics another destination and lessen the conflict in the Mediterranean "because, in their opinion," there is much that is at stake. "
Therefore, ACNB noted that it "disapproves" the way the Government seeks to regulate the anchoring of recreational vessels on the coast of the archipelago and has asserted that some of the measures that have transpired on the future regional rules in this area " violate the basic rights and safety of seafarers "in addition to" deter "the nautical tourists who flock to the Balearic coasts.

In this sense, the association stressed that "the folly of certain rules revealed to the media" as the ban on mooring less than 35 meters deep for vessels over 12 meters, "suggests that this can be a trial balloon, if not a joke. "

In this regard, they have expressed concern over the fact that these "similar occurrences" will be translated into a legal text, and that it "demonstrates a complete ignorance of the marine environment."

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