Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Interviews with our members: Lifestyle Charter

LIFESTYLE CHARTERS. Tracey Furness is the owner of the business and has an experience of 15 years in the sector. She talks us about this young company dedicated mainly to charter, but without leaving aside the maintenance and refurbishing of boats. 

Could you talk me about the trajectory of the company? 
As Lifestyle Charters we've been working for three years. Before this company we had another one that worked for 12 years. That is, we've been in the sector for 15 years. Our company is now located in Portals. 

Where does this taste for yachting come from? 
We started our own boat 15 years ago. 

How have you fared the present tourist season? 
Of course it has gone better than previous years; but it has not leveled the seasons before 2007, which was before the crisis started. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Interviews with our members: A1 Sailing Mallorca

A1 SAILING MALLORCA, S.L. The owner, Martin Whyte explains us the way they began his company in Mallorca from their natal England. It is a complex company that was founded in 2005 and offers a great variety of services and products. 

Can you talk me about the trajectory of the company? 

We started in 2005 with A1 yacht from England and started with a yacht in A1 sailing school. Then, after the sailing school we moved to boat cleaning, polishing, varnishing, linen service, maintenance, services and repair. After that, we bought the shop and now we have a chandlery business. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

The marine industry generates 2.9% of GDP in The Balearics

The marine industry contributes 2.9% of the GDP in the islands, with over 792 million euros annually, according to the Maritime Innovation Cluster in the Balearics (IDimar), who stressed the importance of supporting small businesses as "a safe bet to the economic future of the islands."

IDimar is one of the entities from the islands that participated in the Barcelona International Boat Show as a part of the joint effort by the Balearic nautical companies to showcase their latest developments and innovations. 

“Participating in the Barcelona International Boat Show is of paramount importance to the Balearic Islands if we want our nautical sector to retain its leading position internationally," says IDimar.

Letter from the President - October 2012

The Barcelona International Boat Show took place last week and AENB was there to support our businesses. It meant several days of intense work, meetings and constant promotion of our member companies. Though a bit lackluster due to the rain, this year´s show leaves room for optimism. And talking of something else, the new project for The Palma Boat Show will be announced soon. It will be a modern event, aimed at both the customers and the exhibitors and will appeal to all audiences. The proposals provided by AENB last May have had a considerable weight when drafting the project.

More than 50,000 people visited the Barcelona Boat Show during the past week. 700 boats occupied the Port Vell and the Spanish nautical companies were present in this most important exhibition in Spain. It couldn´t be any other way for AENB but to make the necessary effort to be present and give support to the Balearic companies. Barcelona is a show of great importance for the Balearic marine industry. Therefore, and despite not having been able to count on the support of the public institutions, the private sector joined forces to make it possible for our businesses to participate in the show. We expect more companies to join next year in this new initiative.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Monaco Yacht Show 2012 - Review

Monaco - The trend for ever larger floating palaces has been on full display at the Monaco yacht show as the world's biggest yacht, codenamed Project Azzam, nears completion under a veil of secrecy in Germany.

Considered the most prestigious event of its kind in the world, this year's show included a record six mega yachts, notching up an average length of 80.11m. These giants of the seas are around twice the size of the average super yacht, already around 45m in length.

Blue skies, fluffy white clouds, over 130 superyachts crammed into the bay outside of Port Hercule and 90 inside the show harbour. Its sunrise on Day 1 of the 2012 Monaco Yacht Show, and silhouetted against the hazy orange horizon the three masts of the iconic 88 metre ‘Maltese Falcon’ catch the eye as always amongst the gathered fleet.

Meanwhile ashore Prince Albert of Monaco has done the opening honours and there is a definite first day buzz around the stands and the dock. Capt. John Percival of Hoylake Sea School and Council Member of the Professional Yachtsman’s Association said; “Its the busiest first day on the PYA stand that we’ve ever had!”

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Registrations Radio Equipment DGMM

All companies and persons who install, do maintenance on, or repair marine electrical radio equipment on a boat, are required to have an authorization from the Merchant Marine Directorate. The registrations are valid for 5 years. If you registered your company for the first time in year 2007, this year you will have to renew your registration.

You can do this by filling the form you can download here and presenting it with the following documentation:

·          Valid certificate of approval of ISO 9001:2002, for type M1
·          Certified copy of the applicant´s DNI/NIF. In case of a power of attorney, a certified copy of the documental proof of authorization.
·          A certificate to be up to date with fiscal responsibilities (AEAT)
·          A certificate to be up to date  with Social Security payments (TGSS)
·          A statement of the payment of Economic Activity Tax, if applicable
·          A list of technical staff doing work for you. In case of changes, provide qualifications or work experience
·          A statement of the payment of a civil liability insurance. In case you have a new contract, the policy must be added.
·          A list of appliances and measuring equipment, which have to be calibrated and in perfect condition.
·          A list of offered services must be available for consultation

You have to present this documentation at the register of the Delegación del Gobierno, situated in C. Constitución 4 in Palma (tel. 971 989 000). You can also do it online with an electronic certificate, by clicking here.

The contact details of the Merchant Marine technician who can assist you:

Juan Defez Cuevas
Jefe de Servicio de Sistemas y Normativa de Telecomunicaciones
Dirección General de la  Marina Mercante Subdirección General de Seguridad, Contaminación e Inspección Marítima
C/ Ruiz de Alarcón, 1 - 28014 Madrid
Fax:     + 34 915979176

Monday, October 1, 2012

The most marine edition of the Barcelona Boat Show comes to an end

The boats and the sea have been the principal players in the Barcelona International Boat Show 2012. With over 700 boats – between the floating exposition and stands on dry land, the show closes its most marine edition so far, having concentrated all of the exposition in the Port Vell. The technological developments applied to nautical sector, the new charter services to attract new customers in times of crisis and festive activities such as nightly boat parade that attracted hundreds of people have left their mark on this edition.

The new type of show has allowed the visitors to see, touch and even sea trial the boats and the new water sports products. For the president of this edition of the show, Luis Conde, "The Barcelona Boat Show remains the best place to find a boat, as exhibitors go to great lengths to present their news and products with attractive prices and the best purchasing conditions for visitors, who have come in large numbers to enjoy the fair."

According to the show's director, Jordi Freixas, "This new model allows us to head for the future, because we have adapted to the needs of the exhibitors and the visitors. Concentrating all the supply in the port facilitates, despite being more exposed to the weather, the visit of the sailing enthusiasts.