Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Interviews with our members: A1 Sailing Mallorca

A1 SAILING MALLORCA, S.L. The owner, Martin Whyte explains us the way they began his company in Mallorca from their natal England. It is a complex company that was founded in 2005 and offers a great variety of services and products. 

Can you talk me about the trajectory of the company? 

We started in 2005 with A1 yacht from England and started with a yacht in A1 sailing school. Then, after the sailing school we moved to boat cleaning, polishing, varnishing, linen service, maintenance, services and repair. After that, we bought the shop and now we have a chandlery business. 

How have you fared the tourist season that is about to end? 

It's been hard as the previous years. However we have noticed that it has been slightly better than the last years. 

How does your company approach the next years? 

We are expanding, in no time at all two boats are coming to our shop. Moreover, we are expanding the services we offer such as landscape gardening, construction, etc; we are not only centered in the yacht sector. 

What services and products do you offer? 

Apart from what I have mentioned before, we offer from boat cleaning (interior and exterior), security checks, polishing, varnishing, linen service, to marine engineering like engine generator, air conditioning, repairs, electrical engineering, stainless steel work, rigging, halyards and mastwork, We also do carpentry, electrical appliances repairs and installations, boat refurbishment, osmosis cure and repairs, black water and diesel tank cleaning and its appropriate repair and installation and treatment to avoid the anti-fouling of shafts and propellers. 

What are the main problems that you bump into when you do your job?

The main problem is the administrative one. We have to do everything twice because for the boats that we have in the British flag we have to make all the British charter requirement but when we are in Spain we have to pay again and it is the same type of requirement. We are in the European Union and if the certificate in English is correct, we do not understand why in Spain is not valid. 

You have been members of the AENB since 2010. What impelled you to join us? 

The concept of the AENB seemed a good idea to us. I think that all the businessmen of the sector should stick together and have a voice as one body, it is better. 

What do you value most about being our member? 

The work you are doing with the government for the matriculation tax and making people listen. I think that is the most important thing. This way, the government understands the problems that are causing us.

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