Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Interviews with our members: Lifestyle Charter

LIFESTYLE CHARTERS. Tracey Furness is the owner of the business and has an experience of 15 years in the sector. She talks us about this young company dedicated mainly to charter, but without leaving aside the maintenance and refurbishing of boats. 

Could you talk me about the trajectory of the company? 
As Lifestyle Charters we've been working for three years. Before this company we had another one that worked for 12 years. That is, we've been in the sector for 15 years. Our company is now located in Portals. 

Where does this taste for yachting come from? 
We started our own boat 15 years ago. 

How have you fared the present tourist season? 
Of course it has gone better than previous years; but it has not leveled the seasons before 2007, which was before the crisis started. 

How does your company approach the next years? 
With optimism and the desire to be able to work harder than this year. 

What services does your company offer? 
We offer charter boats be we also refurbish, apply anti-fouling, polishing, air conditioning, engineering, carpentry, laundry, refrigeration, upholstery, MCA coding, painting, teak decking, gel coat repairs, cleaning, house sale and interior design. In our webpage you can find extended information about all we offer and also the prices and address. 

What are the main problems of the yacht sector in the Balearic Islands? 
The main problem that we see in the yacht sector nowadays in the Balearic Islands is the matriculation tax. We are completely sure that if this tax was dropped we could bring more money to the islands. More tourists would come who would be willing to chart boats and this would be good for everybody. 

Why did you decide to join the AENB? What year? 
We have been members of the AENB since 2010. We decided to join it because we consider that it is very important that the yacht sector of the Isles has a single voice. 

What services do you value most about the AENB? 
What we value most about the AENB is the quantity of information they offer. It is very complete and it helps us to be aware of the many changes that affect the yacht sector.

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