Saturday, June 4, 2016

Letter from the president - June 2016

During the last month, the association has focused on nautical vocational studies. It is an extremely important project for our companies and for the same future of our sector. We have had different meetings, as well as significant advances that will be said in this letter. Here, we will also comment on the pollution topic that the Emaya emissaries distributed in the whole island dump everyday to the sea. This problem affects us all seriously, but especially to those who live from the sea. 

Nautical Vocational Studies are an important subject strategy for our sector; and, for this reason, they are also significant for our association. As you may know, we've been several years working at an autonomous and national level with the support of the ANEN, and we are trying to achieve two main goals: the possibility that our joungsters can access a quality training that makes them capable of working repairing and maintaining boats. On the other hand, we are also trying that our workers can validate their professional experience with formal qualification. From AENIB we believe that all the resources we are investing in this project will be useful to pontentiate the excellence of our sector, improve even more the reputation of our islands as a destiny, and also help the new generations to find employment possibilities in our sector.