Thursday, July 10, 2014

PP changes the Law of the Ports, opposition fears privatization

The Parliament approved yesterday - with the votes of PP only - a series of modifications to the regional Law of the Ports which, according to the opposition, will open the door to privatization, but which according to the Ministry of Tourism improves the law, streamlines the concession processes and reforms and adapts the law to the current reality.
Of the three debates that took place yesterday in the Parliament, the one concerning the new port regulation was of the most political interest. Also the one that caused the biggest confrontation, specially after the representative Veramendi of PP criticized the arguments of the socialist Damiá Borrás. He went as far as to tell him that during the previous government the socialists were not interested in this issue and that "first they gave the ports to UM and only when they realized the amount of corruption they took the control back".
Read the complete article in Última Hora.

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