Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Town Hall rejects the extension of the Port of Molinar

As no surprise, the posture of the new town council towards the extension of the Port of Molinar is firm: “The project is plagued with deficiencies. Incomprehensibly, it does not contemplate the extension of the Port of Palma, which should go hand in hand, and besides it supposes a negative modification of the Molinar neighborhood. For these reasons, and true to the policy of zero tolerance towards speculation within urban development, we are going to urge the Port Authority and the Ministry to paralyze, reject and withdraw the project”, stated Antoni Noguera, the Deputy Mayor and head of the department for City Model, Urban Planning and Decent Housing.

On his side, Àngels Fermoselle y Pedro Martinez, members of platform “Al Molinar, Port Petit”, whom he thanked for “being the main driving force behind the new form of governing where the politicians should be on the side of the society”. “Other forms of governing are out”, added Noguera, as if he was still doing election campaign.

A politician from the group “Més per Palma” indicated that a meeting with the Ministry has already been requested. In order to reach a maximum consensus, a working group will be created in which “the future of the Port of Molinar will be agreed upon by the society”.

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