Monday, June 15, 2015

Letter from the president: June 2015

In May we concluded the best Palma Boat Show for a long time (and we should know as we have participated one way or another since the very first show). It just shows how beneficial cooperation between the public administration and the private sector can be. The last few weeks have been very intensive for our companies from a marketing point of view: Palma Boat Show, Best of Yachting Puerto Adriano, Pollenca Race and Boat Show… An excellent way to start the high season and to attract the attention of potential clients. Recently also the elections for the Town Halls, the Island Council and the local Government took place. The results will change our political map quite radically, but at AENIB we will be  working hard to find consensus with the political forces in order keep up with the recovery for which we have fought so much over the years.

The recent elections will transform the political scene of our islands, and seemingly also the way things are done. Over the past months prior to the elections we had meetings with the representatives of the various political parties in order to present them our proposals how to support the nautical activity in the Balearic Islands: simplify the bureaucracy and to strive towards fiscal equality with our European neighbours. We don´t consider these measures ideological but rather rational, and they can only lead to an improvement of the economy of our community. We are not asking for subventions, handouts or special favours, like many other sectors do. We want to be able to work under the same conditions as our competiton, in order to make our islands a must for all sailing enthusiasts. If we invest in the nautical activity, everybody will gain. Nobody should forget the strategic nature of our sector and its capacity of growth.

The Palma Boat Show grows at every edition. More visitors, more tradespeople, more stands, more brands and more business. It is an attractive show for all parties, and also capable of paying for itself – a very important detail in these difficult times. For years the show was seen as a means of making money to finance other events, while there were no real efforts to make it more attractive and the protests of the sector fell on deaf ears. We all know the result: one year the show was cancelled because of lack of interest. But at AENIB we rolled up our sleeves, prepared a new project with the help of our associates and presented it to the Organizing Committee. This project was the backbone on which the current success of the show is built on. Cooperation between the public administration and the private companies has been essential for this success, and at AENIB we plead the new authorities to carry on along the proven track and not to repeat old mistakes. It is of utmost importance for our businesses to be able to count on a successful show that can be a stepping stone for them to attract important international customers.

The ports of Alcúdia, Pollenca, Adriano… during the last few weeks these ports have hosted fairs with high numbers of participants, which shows both confidence on the exhibitor side as well as interest by the public towards the new product on the market.  At AENIB we would like to congratulate the organizers and exhibitors alike, and encourage them to give continuity for these events. We would also like to challenge other municipalities to follow the example and organize their own nautical fairs. It will be a great help to the nautical companies, people will see that yachting is not just for the rich, and it will boost the retail and restaurant activity in the area.

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