Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Port Authority will decide in two months over the new concession in the port of Palma

The Balearic Port Authority (APB) has a clear picture of the time frame  related to the tender it published last summer for the exploitation of commercial premises in the port of Palma, for which the deadline of presentation of offers run out last week. The president of the public entity, Alberto Pons, confirmed that two proposals have been received, as reported by this newspaper already yesterday. The president is confident that the tender can be decided upon in two months, since there are only two bidders.

The tender is for the two buildings in the fish market area, at the entrance to the Real Club Náutico de Palma (RCNP) and next to the Plaza de San Telmo. The Port Authority doesn´t want any delays with the tender, and therefore - continues Pons - everything possible will be done to speed up the process and to avoid any slowdown in the final stages.

The two options are complete opposites - while the first one proposes  to create a restaurant and entertainment complex in the area, managed by an Andalusian company, the other is lead by Majorcan investors who project a luxury hotel of 42 rooms. Both propose an investment worth about the same, five-six million euros respectively, and the key in the coming weeks is to find out the how big a fee they have offered to the Port Authority in order to gain the tender.

In the meantime, the Port Authority is absolutely satisfied with the interest  the tender has raised among the investors, and refer to next week - when the envelopes with the each of the proposals will be opened - to find out more details. From there on, the APB  trusts that in a couple of months the result of the tender can be decided.

The technical working groups designated for the evaluation of the proposals will be in charge of deciding which one is the better offer, a process that will conclude with a selection of a winner. All with an aim to convert the object of the bidding process, the two nearly derelict buildings in the port into a new element to boost the local economy, whether it will be a hotel or a restaurant complex.

Read the complete article in El Mundo.

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