Monday, November 7, 2016

Letter from the president - November 2016

In the Barcelona Boat Show, great novelties and news for the sector have been announced. In this sense, we have to outstand that the 5th Nautical Congress will be celebrated next March in Palma. This fact is a way to recognize the weight that the Balearic nautical has at a national level. Some days ago, the Gaceta Náutica announced the winners of the Timón 2016 award. This award is an excellent initiative, and AENIB will participate in it, because they are part of the jury. We also have to stand out that the next 30th of November, the Extraordinary General Meeting of our association will be celebrated. That is why we beg you to take time off your busy schedule and attend to it. Moreover, during those days, the first edition of the Nautical Charter Course is being celebrated in Palma, and we have participated in its organization. Besides, from AENIB, we keep working regarding nautical vocational studies, together with the SOIB and JOVENT. 

The Barcelona Boat Show always brings us great expectation, because plenty of novelties are announced. Those news are not only about new products and services, they are also about changes that affect the yacht sector and the next actions that the ANEN will take. In this sense, it was confirmed that the 5th Nautical Congress will be celebrated in Palma next March. This is not a trival issue, because it is the biggest national congress specialized in nautical. From our association we would like to congratulate ANEN for taking that decision, and we also want to value the leadership that our islands have in the national market. As expected, as more progresses are made, we will keep you informed. Regarding the Boat Show, we have to highlight its huge success, because plenty of companies and professionals attended and participated in the event. And a lot of the companies from the Balearic Islands were present. The ones we were there, can say that the activity has increased with respect to previous years. We would also like to point out the impulse that was given to the campaing #embarcate, that it was created to promote recreational boats in our country, and to all the workshops and conferences organized by ANEN. 

In these days, the 1st Course of Nautical Charter is being celebrated in Palma, and although it is still very soon to make an assesment, we can say that we are very satisfied with the level of participation. This reply from our students, plus the true interest for the subjects that are being done, makes us think that the call has been very successful. We have to remember that in the organization of this classroom course, the IME (which will issue an official certification to confirm the participation in this course), ANEN, AEGY and the AENIB have participated. 

On anoter level, Gaceta Náutica has recently announced who have been the winners of the first edition of the Timón awards. Those awards were advertised for the first time in the Palma Boat Show. They are a recognition for sportsmen, nautical companies and other organizations that have boosted the Balearic nautical, and have ensured the victory of the Balearic in different sports competitions. From here, we would like to congratulate the canoeist Marcus Cooper, the racer Paula Barceló and the Federación Balear de Vela (Balearic Sailing Federation) for their effort and dedication. We also invite you to participate in the Awards presentation ceremony, that will be celebrated in the Palma Arena in the Balearic capital next 18th of November at 17:00.

The previous month, a trade mission from Holland organized by the association Holland Yachting Group, came to Palma. Its aim was that our refit and repair companies knew their services. It was an interesting initiative that allowed us to get first-hand knowledge of the work that is being done in this country. The slogan they used to make known “Think Yachts, think Holland” called us the attention, because this means that yachting industry is very important for Dutch economy. I think that we should also support this industy in the Balearic and Spain, because it creates jobs and wealth for the community; instead of demonizing it unfairly. 

The past 20th of October, we had a meeting to keep moving regarding professional qualifications in our sector. In this meeting we talked about the unification of traning criterion for all the companies, the ratio of students per course, and some aspects about didactic methodology in training. Besides, we have to highlight that there has been an agreement with the Administration: there will be a training and learning contract completely reimbursed. This fact is a complete achievement that will be benefitial for all the sector. 

Finally, we would like to inform you that the next 30th of November, we will celebrate an  Extraordinary General Meeting to talk about vital topics for the future of our association. This is why we beg you to take time off your busy schedule and attend to it. Shortly, we will send you more information about it. 

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