Sunday, June 23, 2013

The structure of the new building at Moll Vell is finished and the rest of the work will be completed before Christmas

The reform of the Moll Vell will be finished before Christmas. The structure of the building is now completed, and the silhouette that will be welcoming the passers-by from the direction Avenida Antoni Maura can be clearly observed. Also the wide flight of stairs that give continuity to the said passage all the way up to roof terrace of the new building is ready, giving access to an unobstructed view of both the old harbor and part of the adjacent boatyards.

The first phase of the construction was very complicated, although everything has progressed without incidents, according to our sources at the construction. We are talking about the basement, situated on an artificially gained ground and below the sea level, giving fears of possible water leaks, as the materials previously used were not that reliable.

The transformation of the Moll Vell area next to the old town was initiated in November last year with the demolition of two existing buildings, the old restaurant La Lubina and the offices of various consignees and nautical companies.
After the demolition of the old buildings, the construction of the basement and the structure of the new building, and the elimination of the tarmac on the parking lot in front of the Port Authority, now is the time to remove the rest of the exterior paving. The work is carried out simultaneously in various points and levels in the 15.000 m2 construction site. Also the enclosures, mostly of glass are going to be installed soon, as well as the divisions between the various commercial premises that make up the building of 1.600 m2.

Under the construction are 6 commercial units of 160 m2, which can be used as either commercial premises or offices and also grouped together, and a large restaurant of 400 m2 situated on the ground floor and basement.

Still pending are the waterproofing of the building, all interior flooring and installation of all the service channels, which will be situated below a false ceiling.

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