Wednesday, June 12, 2013

29,1% of the visitors to the last Barcelona Boat Show had an intention to buy a boat

According to an opinion analysis carried out by Fira de Barcelona, 29,1% of the visitors to the last edition of the Barcelona International Boat Show, which took place in 2012, came to the Show with an intention to buy. This number represents an increase of 9,4 points compared to the previous edition in 2011.

The survey, based on over 300 interviews, reveals that out of the total number of visitors with an intention to buy, 38,6% wanted to acquire nautical accessories, 34,1% motor boats and 15,9% sailing boats.

The report reflects also that 44,7% of the public visit the Show to find out what is new, and 43,7% come because they are nautical enthusiasts. The sectors attracting most interest are the motor and sailing boats, as well as the Shopping Area. 66,2% declare that they are quite or very satisfied with the Show, and that it has covered their needs satisfactorily. Also bringing the dates forward to September and concentrating the Show in Port Vell is valued positively.
The study also demonstrates the fidelity of the public to the Show, as 86,2% had visited it in previous editions and 86,8% assure that they will be back in 2013. This information corresponds with the results of the survey done to the exhibitors, which indicates a high degree of loyalty at 93%, and the fact that almost half of the annual sales (44%) of the exhibitors are generated during the Show.

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