Thursday, March 16, 2017

2017 Award to the “Most Outstanding Trajectory”: Nautipaints

The Award to the Most Oustanding Professional Trajectory, this year was given to Nautipaints, for its clear focus on internationalization. Toni Salom, son of nautical entrepreneurs, has achieved with a lot of effort, constance, and creativity, that Nautipaints becomes a synonym of excellence at an international level.

What does this award represent to you and to this company?
For me, obviously, it is an honor to receive the recognition from all my workmates. To see that all my effort has been compensated, motivates me to keep working. This means that I am doing a good work. We always have our doubts at a certain point: if we are doing everything correctly or taking the best decision; and this recognition, confirms it. It is very satisfying for our company, we are a team. Without them, I could not have obtained this recognition. It is shared, and for all of us. And, of course, it helps us continue fighting, so that everyday we can improve and satisfy our customers. This is the target and the motto of NAUTIPAINTS.

According to your experience ¿How has the yacht business changed since 1991?
From my point of view, the yacht sector from 1991 and now, have nothing to do. The companies and their human equipment have specialized a lot. The market has grown enormously. For instance: the volume of companies; but also the size of boats. In 1991, a boat of 24 meters was a mega yacht, and nowadays it is a very common length. But the biggest change has been the importance given to the nautical industry as an industrial network, because before it wasn't recognized; both for the creation of jobs and for its volume of business.

How do you value the current situation of yachting in the Balearic?
I think that all yachting in the Balearic has won recognition. And it is also consolidated worldwide.

What aspects should be improved?
In present society, there is always something that needs to be improved. Everything and all evolve very quickly. We have to renew ourselves, inform us, train us constantly as the rest of the companies do. We are a worldwide reference in all regarding repairing and maintenance of big lenght boats. There should be more investment from the public administration in training and specialization of workers, make schools and training workshops always with the help of employers because they are the ones that know the sector best. Nonetheless, I want to say that the administration has been involved the last years, making efforts to help us in all these aspects. It is necessary to outstand that the international promotion through international Fairs is starting to help us at an economical level, because being present in all the international Fairs, as this is our case, is very expensive. This company is an example for internationalization.

In what sense has hepled to your company work at an international level?
Nowadays, with social networks and globalization, internationalizing the company is not difficult. What a company really needs, is a good staff, that in our case has worked very hard to carry it out. Especially, the growth of itself has made us more professional, and we have also had to learn to work with very high quality standards to compete worldwide.

What difficulties have you found in the process?
Again, the lack of help to train our workers. We have had to create our own school to train them. 

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