Friday, November 7, 2014

The sailing club Fanautic opens a branch in the port of Marina del Cantábrico de Raos

The company Fanautic Club is going to open an operation in the port of Marina del Cantábrico de Raos with both sailing and motor boats. In charge of welcoming the club to Santander this Wednesday were the president of the Port Authority, José Joaquin Martinez Sieso; the Mayor of Santander, Iñigo de la Serna and Fernando Echavarri as the sailors´representative.

According to the press release by Fanautic, the port of Marina de Cantábrico is the first port in the Cantabrian Sea to have a permanent base of the club.

The statement goes further to explain that the "great nautical tradition", the "incomparable conditions" for sailing in the Bay of Santander, and the "recent success" of the World Championships of Sailing have propelled the move to the Cantabrian capital.

Popularizing yachting

In their own words, the Fanautic Club has as its main objective to "popularize" yachting among the population and to help to "boost" the economy of the companies of the sector. They go on to explain that business formula has been adapted from the Anglo-Saxon economies.

The associates can sail whenever they want to

In the welcome reception, the representative of Fanautic Club, Diego Orallo, explained that for less money than what a mooring costs, each associate can enjoy a number of voyages per month, according to their subscription. "Just as you don´t need to own a golf course to play golf, you don´t need to own a boat to go sailing", says Orallo, who explained that the associates "can sail whenever they want to without having to worry about a mooring, an insurance or maintenance".

Access to the boats is managed through a modern online reservation system. Additionally, the management tool 'iClub' will serve as a support to form a national network of correspondence between different ports in Spain, and this will enable the associates to sail in different destinations "in the near future".

The club already has bases in Mallorca, Barcelona, Costa Brava, Valencia, Marbella, and the next opening will take place in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. According to Orallo, this will help to boost the nautical tourism between regions, as already happens with other activities like golf. "A circle of tourism different from the rest is going to be created", says Orallo.

This outlook is shared by De la Serna, who pointed out that there is a niche in the market for this kind of activity. "For a city like ours which wants to grow and to continue developing the sailing activities in the bay, it is an additional attraction", he added.

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