Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Letter from the President - July 2013

Last week we received the news the spanish nautical sector has been waiting for a long time: “The Government will eliminate the matriculation tax for chárter yachts”. We are closer than ever to be able to compete under the same conditions as our European neigbors, which will no doubt benefit the whole community. 

Apart from that, in the middle of June we had a meeting with the new Counselor of Economy and Competitiveness, Joaquin Garcia, to urge him to make some progress with the Nautical Sector Working Group and to continue with the Palma Boat Show project. Thus the month of June has brought along big news, which I will comment in detail in continuation and also bring to the fore other relevant issues.

We have been fighting for years against the matriculation tax, this fiscal monster that leaves us at disadvantage in the European market. Today we can state that justice has been done to the nautical charter with this big step towards the definite elimination of the tax. Soon we in the Balearics will be able to develop all our potential for economic growth. It has required hundreds of hours of work by a formidable team of individuals, as well as numerous meetings and contacts with the political and administrative decisión makers to get this far. We have to remember that this is still a draft only which has to be approved in the Parliament to become a definite law. That said, I believe it is within our possibilities to get rid of this burden before the start of the next high season. This victory would not have been possible without the close cooperation between AENIB, ANEN, AEGY, MYBA and all the entrepreneurs that these associations represent. We have achieved this by joining our forces as a sector.
Few weeks ago AENIB met with the new Counselor of Economy and Competitiveness, Joaquin Garcia for the first time. In this meeting we urged him to continue the work carried out within the framework of the Nautical Sector Strategic Working Group. Since the remodeling of Bauzá´s team in the Government, two meetings should have taken place. We explained to Counselor Garcia that this work is of utmost importance and vital for the economical growth of the islands. President Bauzá himself indicated earlier that the nautical sector is of strategic interest because of its great potential to generate economic growth. During the meeting we also reiterated the importance of the continuity of the Palma Boat Show Organizing Committee, with the next edition of the show in mind. It would be inexcusable to let all the progress done this year to go wasted because of inactivity.

Last month the Future of the Superyacht Conference took place once more. For few days Palma was the hub of the select world of the superyachts. Dozens of technical experts, brokers and designers from all over the world got together to try to envisage what the future holds for these magnificent vessels. That an event of this magnitude is organized in Mallorca should make us feel proud. For one, it strengthens our reputation as an excellent nautical destination, and for the other, the economical impact for our community of this event together with the Superyacht Cup is considerable. The type of visitor who is attracted to this kind of events has very high purchasing power, and will during the event have a much higher expenditure than the average tourist.

A few days ago we were informed that the Balearic Tourism Agency is willing to participate in the next edition of the Barcelona Boat Show and to share stand with the nautical businesses of the islands. In AENIB we applaud this great initiative which will help our companies to achieve better visibility, and encourage you to participate. You will find more informaton in the section “News in brief”.

Another piece of good news is that after several meetings in June a new Collective Agreement of Metal has been signed, substituting the one from 2010. AENIB, as one of the employers collectives, has signed this document. We hope to give you more information soon.

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