Thursday, July 25, 2013

ANEN drives the defense of the Spanish nautical sector in Europe

During the General Assembly of EBI (European Boating Industry), the main nautical collective in Europe which ANEN is a member of and the sole Spanish representative since its constitution, the General Secretary of our association, Carlos Sanlorenzo was elected as a member of the board.Forming an integral part of this European lobby is of vital importance to us as we try to defend the interests of our sector and reach for objectives difficult to achieve at a national level. Without a doubt, the equal fiscal treatment of the Spanish nautical sector compared to its neighbors stands out as one of our main goals. It is a claim the ANEN team put special emphasis on during the General Assembly of EBI.Regarding this, the first action that the association is going to realize at an European level, is the execution of the resolution of the European Commission, which has qualified the matriculation tax as disproportionate and against the free movement of goods and services, forcing the Spanish State to act upon it.IN the meeting, which took place on the 28th of May, all the other members of the board of EBI were re-elected on a two year mandate until June 2015.Members of the new board of EBI:
- Robert Marx (BVWW-Germany), President 
- Yves Lyon-Caen (FIN-France), Vice-President and Treasurer
- Piero Formenti (UCINA-Italia), Vice-Presidente
- Knut Heiberg-Andersen (NORBOAT-Norway), Member 
- Piotr Jasionowski (POLBOAT-Poland), Member 
- Alan Morgan (BMF-UK), Member
- Peeter Sääsk (AEB-Estonia), Member
- Carlos Sanlorenzo (ANEN-Spain), Member 

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