Wednesday, July 24, 2013

ANEN has a meeting with the Director General of the Taxation and the Director General of Industry

During the month of July ANEN has continued to work to speed up the improvements in the nautical sector regarding the fiscal matters. After the announcement of the imminent elimination of the matriculation tax for the charter yachts, the Association is working on a series of measures to propel the law change in the shortest time frame possible, taking into account how long legal processes like this can take. With this in mind, ANEN, as the only representative of the nautical sector on a national level, will have a meeting this week with the Director General of Taxation, Diego Martín-Abril y Calvo. This will be followed by another meeting next week with Director General of the Department of Industry, Manuel Valle Muñoz.  Carlos Sanlorenzo, the General Secretary of ANEN, will look for more administrative support by passing on to these politicians the proposals for improvements and homogenization at EU level that the sector needs. Both meetings will open new doors for the recreational yachting, highlighting its importance as an industry sector and competitive driving force in the economy.

CEOE reaffirms their support to ANEN in the search for fiscal improvements for the sectorIn line with the demands of ANEN regarding the fiscal framework, the representatives of national employers collective consider it necessary to reduce the fiscal burden of the companies on the road to economic recovery.This was manifested by José Luis Feito, the President of the Economic Commission of the CEOE in the organization´s board meeting last Wednesday- in which ANEN assisted  as a member of CEOE and CEPYME, and which was inaugurated by the Minister Ana Pastor.On behalf of the Board of Directors, CEOE has transmitted their never failing support for our Association with the objective to improve the fiscal conditions of the sector.

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