Sunday, August 18, 2013

The yacht harbours reach higher levels of occupation than in 2012

The activity level of the yacht harbours and yacht clubs of Mallorca has also been affected by the crisis, specially in June and in the first half of July, although from 20th of July and so far in August " luckily a change in demand has been noticeable. We are in the height of the summer and it makes a difference", as indicated from the Association of Yacht Clubs of the Balearic Islands (ACNB) and the Association of the Marinas and Nautical Installations of the Balearic Islands (ANADE).The manager of ACNB, Rafael Palmer, points out that the tendency has been very similar, except a few cases, in the majority of the yacht clubs, specially when it comes to transit berths, which are rented in the high season and which have a positive effect in the companies income statements.Rental of the berthsThe yacht clubs of Andratx, Sa Rápita and Pollensa mark the pace when it comes to rentals of the berths for medium size boats, together with luxury end of the market, like Portals or Club de Mar. " In June and July there was some uncertainty as how the rental ratios were going to develop, but from the end of July there is a waiting list until the 20th of this month because of the rise in demand, mainly by the foreign clientele.The prices of the berths are very similar to previous years, although there are ports with higher demand than others which contributes to a higher commercialization regardless of whether there is a crisis or not. In any case, as happened last year according to ACNB, "the boat owners, specially of the nine and ten meter lengths, navigate close to the coast, and instead of venturing further afield they opt for closer locations, mainly to reduce the fuel consumption, despite it being cheaper this year."Complete piece of news in Ultima Hora.

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