Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Government has issued the same amount of charter licenses so far as during the whole of 2012

The Direction General of Ports and Airports has issued a total of 1.461 charter licenses  between January and July 2013, while during the year 2012 the total amount was 1.462.

This information came from the Council of Tourism and Sports in a communique that stated also that yacht charters, which are regulated by ministerial order, have increased by 16% since 2010, when a total of 1.259 charter licenses were issued, followed by 1.288 in 2011 and 1.462 last year.

On the other hand, the Government pointed out that 8 out 10 boats, chartered either by companies or private persons, are spanish flagged. German flagged boats came second with 8%, followed by British flagged boats with 7%.

Likewise, the Balearic institution indicated that approximately three out of four licenses were initiated by charter companies, while the rest were applied by private individuals.

The Government also explained that the nautical charter activity involves the payment of a fee related to the length of the chartered vessel, which can be less than 10 m, between 10 and 15 m and above 15 m, a concept for which the Direction General of the Ports and Airports has received more than 85.500 € by the beginning of July.

Finally, the Balearic institution concluded that, with the aim to enhance all the activity that affects the economic recovery of the community, the Direction General of the Ports and Airports has reduced the waiting period for the charter license, which actually takes between one week and 10 days.

Information from the Europa Press.

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