Thursday, January 16, 2014

The future Law of Maritime Navigation: ANEN defends the interests of the nautical sector at CEOE

On the 9th of January the National Association of the Nautical Enterprises (ANEN) participated in the meeting of the Spanish Confederation of the Employers Organizations (CEOE), reported NAUCHERglobal which is also a member of this organization. The main objective of the association was to demand a better legal position for the nautical sector within the framework of Draft of Law of the Maritime Navigation.

In the meeting, the general secretary of the association, Carlos Sanlorenzo, presented and justified the changes suggested to the text of this law, which no doubt will have a great impact on the future of the nautical sector in Spain. The proposal by ANEN had been prepared in cooperation with the Spanish Federation of Associations of Tourist Marinas (FEADPT), and was well received and accepted by those present. This support is of great importance when it comes to final decision about the definite wording of the said law.

The other members of the organization also presented their allegations, one of the more important amongst them being the one related to the notarial process that has been planned to solve the serious problem of abandoned recreational vessels. 

The rest of the allegations concentrated basically to regulate specific aspects of the nautical sector in the new legal framework, with the purpose of granting the sector judicial stability and differentiated treatment from the activity of maritime transport. All these allegations were accepted by the members of CEOE.

Report by Naucherglobal

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