Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Marina Estrella strengthens its capital with new investors

Marina Estrella, a leading yacht brokerage, distribution, charter and yacht maintenance company of the nautical sector in Spain has reinforced its shareholding structure with the entrance in the company of the French investment fund Hoche Partners and new shareholders.

The entrance of Hoche Partners and new Spanish shareholders supports the company strategy started two years ago of profound restructuring, reform, professionalization and modernization, led by the CEO Francisco Rivas. The French fund and the new Spanish shareholders become the principal shareholders of the company as they will jointly hold the majority of the capital, previously in the hands of the founding Estrella family.

Rivas, who in previous professional phases has been the CEO of Rodman, the president and founder of ANEN (the National Association of the Nautical Enterprises), and a management consultant and strategist for many important companies in various sectors, has been ratified in his position at the head of the company.

"The confidence placed in us by the new shareholders will drive us forward towards the new challenges in the new phase opening up for Marina Estrella", assures Francisco Rivas. "These challenges consist mainly of consolidating our leading position in the import of the yachts of our nine brands: Azimut Yachts, Atlantis, Magellano, Benetti, Hanse, Moody, Sacs and Minorchino, both in Spain and in Portugal, and in our activities of brokerage, charter and services. In addition to these we are making a stake in international development and management of marinas, with various projects in the phase of evaluation. We are very satisfied with the incorporation of the new shareholders, which means an injection of capital and strengthening of our strategic plan".

With this investment in Spain and in one of the principal companies in the sector, the French fund Hoche Partners, specialized in investments in medium size companies with high growth potential in various sectors all over the world, shows their confidence in the sector and in the future of Marina Estrella, whose main objective is to maintain their leading position in the nautical sector in Spain and Portugal and to expand internationally, by taking advantage of their experience and recognized capacity to open new markets and business opportunities.

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