Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Burning of a "llaüt" angers the nautical sector

Burning of a llaüt on a bonfire during the recent celebrations of Sant Antoni in Manacor has put the best part of the balearic nautical sector on war footing. The act was deemed deplorable and indicative of "lack of necessary culture to understand the relevance of the elements that are part of the maritime heritage of the Balearic Islands".

The boat was part of a bonfire built by a group of residents participating in a competition of bonfires organized by the town hall in conjunction with this year´s celebrations.

This episode has mobilized the sector to demand the creation of a maritime museum through a manifest written by the Association of the Friends of the Maritime Museum of Mallorca (AAMMM), to which have adhered organizations like the Association of the Nautical Enterprises in the Balearic Islands (AENIB), the Association of the Yachts Clubs of the Balearics (ACNB), the Recreational Yachtsmen´s Association (ANAVRE), the Mediterranean Yachtsmen´s Association (ADN), the Association of Lateen Sail in Mallorca, the Balearic delegation of the Spanish Naval League and the Spanish Superyacht Association (AEGY).

"Our community can not continue any longer without an institution that watches over the protection, the conservation and the diffusion of the culture of the sea", states the manifest, adding that the installations should be located in one of the sites the Port Authority has made available recently, like the old headquarters or the old marina supply store.

According to AAMMM, association presided by Manuel Gómez, the current state of the Balearic maritime heritage is "dramatic", partly because of "lack of sensibility" demonstrated by the Balearic society, which paradoxically "lives literally with its back turned to the sea". Mr Gómez himself concludes that "this is the most urgent cultural necessity of the Balearics".

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