Thursday, September 25, 2014

AENIB defends the reform of Club Marítimo Molinar

The nautical association defended this Thursday in the plenary session of the Palma Town Hall the extension of installations of Club Marítimo Molinar. The president of AENIB, Margarita Dahlberg, justified this with various economic studies carried out by ANEN and APB, which highlight the great revitalising effect that an extension of the club would bring along. In this respect, Dalhberg calculates that around 150 new jobs (direct and indirect) would be generated, and that the economic activity of the neighbourhood would clearly benefit.

The president of the association reminded that recreational yachting is one of the motors of the economy in the Balearic Islands and the sector collaborates actively in the growth of the community. She also explained that "at AENIB we have worked closely with the Club Marítimo Molinar de Levante in order to reach an agreement about the extension that preserves the environment, integrates well into the neighbourhood and specially meets the demands of security, which at the moment is not the case".

Dahlberg finalised her contribution at the plenum by stating the necessity to open up the project for the citizens and by assuring that "most important thing is that the Club Marítimo Molinar de Levante, as the oldest nautical entity of the Balearic Islands, is not going to cease to exist".

You can read the original intervention in Spanish behind this link.

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