Tuesday, February 25, 2014

VII Nautical Awards of AENIB – Longest membership: Power Boats Service

Power Boat Service is a company founded in 1982 by Anna and Isidoro Santos. Newly arrived from Cologne (Germany), they opened a nautical workshop in Porto Colom after seeing first hand what great opportunities the move opened up for them. And they were not mistaken… Through the years the company has grown and considerably extended its installations and services. The company is a member of AENIB since 1995 and a great example of a family business that is based on the values so typical of the Balearic nautical sector: determination, commitment and professional approach.

1.- This year you receive the award for the longest membership in AENIB. What does this recognition mean to you?

We are very grateful and profoundly appreciate the collaboration and support that we have received from AENIB since we started our business , then called the Nautical Association of PIMEM, and continue receiving today.

2.- Power Boats Service is a company with more than 30 years of experience. Could you talk about your professional trajectory? Both at the personal level (if you wish) and as a company.

We left Germany in year 1982, came to Mallorca and started a nautical workshop in Porto Colom, after having first investigated the demand and the possibilities in this region, specially regarding the foreign clientele. We started with a small workshop and gradually expanded and adapted the business to the circumstances and to the possibilities of the infrastructure of Porto Colom and surroundings. Currently we have a wintering hall, our own crane for lift outs and launches and our own vehicle for boat transport. Right from the beginning of our professional activity we have been an official service center for VOLVO PENTA as well as for Mercruiser/Mercury. We have also been one of the pioneering members of the IFEBAL boat shows. We have had our ups and downs, and have realized that only through perseverance, discipline and complete dedication to our company we can move forward.

3.- What services does Power Boats Service offer?

Power Boats Service offers reparation and maintenance services for motor and sailing boats, services related to mechanics, fibre, electricity, osmosis, electronics, in other words we offer complete boat service for our clients. We offer also guardiannage of boats in a closed hall, lift outs and launches, transport, sale of new and second hand boats as well as sale of accessories. www.power-boats-service.de

4.- During these three decades of activity you have seen first hand some of the most significative changes in the Balearic nautical sector. How has the sector changed? Was it easier to do nautical business 30 years ago than it is now?

We have lived through peseta, the change to euro, the entry of Spain into the European Community, changes in taxation, the crisis in 1991 as well as the current crisis. It is just as difficult now as it was for 30 years ago to work in the nautical sector, or in any other area. Good professional training is just as fundamental for success now as it was before.

5.- How have the new technologies and technical innovations changed your company and your way to work?

We have continually adapted ourselves to the new technologies through investments and training courses .

6.- Currently, what are the main problems your company faces on a daily basis?

During all of our business trajectory we have encountered bureaucratic and administrative obstacles and political decisions that have considerably affected the running of our business. We have also occasionally suffered from illegal competition from mobile sales operations.

7.- What are the plans of Power Boat Service for the future?

To improve the business we have created, to maintain the high level of quality and professionalism and to keep offering the best possible service to the client.

8.- As a family company, will you consider a generational shift in the direction of the company at some point? Through your more than 30 years of experience in the sector, how do you see the development of the family companies in the Balearic nautical sector?

Yes, there will be a generational shift in our company, as the nautical sector has been and always will be a sector that generates work. One of the great advantages of family companies is the ability to adapt to the circumstances and the necessities of the market.

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