Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Chamber of Commerce collects the complaints of the sector against the new nautical tax

The Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of Mallorca, José Luis Roses, has today committed to canalize the petitions of the nautical sector against the increase of the tax T0 for recreational yachts, planned by the central government, because "it endangers the promotion strategy of the Balearic tourism".

Roses made these declarations during the conference organized by the Directorate General of the Ports and Airports of the Government to address the elimination of the matriculation tax on charter yachts, a long term demand by the sector that became a reality a few months ago, according to a statement by the Chamber of Commerce.

Roses expressed his satisfaction over the elimination of the tax and told that he is expecting "to see the possibilities created", for the reactivation of the economy of the islands.

At the event, the president of the Balearic Government, José Ramón Bauzá, committed himself  to "fight against a tax (T0) that reduces the competitiveness of such a strategic sector in the islands".

He also assured that his government will "work to make it easier for yachts to come and for associated services to carry on with their business", in order to "encourage the nautical activity and the tourist sector in general".

In the event participated also the Minister of Tourism and Sports, Jaime Martinez; the Minister of Economy and Competitiveness, Joaquin García; the Director General of the Ports and Airports, Antonio Deudero; the Director General of Commerce and Enterprise, Lourdes Cardona; the Director General of Institutional Relations and Exterior Actions, César Pacheco, and the Manager of the Balearic Ports, David Gómez.

As one of the speakers at the conference, Patricia Bullock analyzed the growth potential and creation of jobs as a result of elimination of the matriculation tax on charter yachts.

Via ABC.

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