Friday, June 8, 2012

President's Letter - June 2012

Dear partners, 

Recently the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Planning submitted a draft directive which provides power to limit the areas where boats can anchor near Cabrera. If this goes ahead it will be a blow to the industry that keeps tourists away and other potential users as they are suspicious because of a tax and legal framework which is obsolete. Entrepreneurs are not the only ones who are worried.Recently the prestigious Financial Times criticized the registration tax in Spain. In another vein, a few weeks ago the Advisory Council of the Boat Show met (which we belong to) to begin preparing the edition of 2013. AENB presented a set of proposals necessary to move towards excellence and self-financing. A week ago the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Territory introduced a draft decree that would regulate the moorings on the Balearic Islands in order to preserve the seagrass. These occurrences continue to complicate the administration (even more) the legal framework for pleasure boats. This new measure will only do away with the nautical tourists in our waters and the wealth generated at all levels of our islands. 

AENB do not understand the actions of the Government, which from the Tourism Commission are working to strengthen and encourage the sector and now this torpedo from the Department. With this new bill we believe it sends the wrong message saying dangerous recreational boating destroys the seagrass. Nothing could be further from reality. According to a recent study by the CSIC the overall OVERHEATING could end in four decades with 90% of seagrass damaged due to progressive increase in sea temperatures during the summer months. Nor should we forget the dumping of waste at sea does not help. AENB believe that the environmental value generated by these meadows are incalculable and must be protected for the sake of our waters. But why then criminalize the nautical industry when automobiles, air conditioners and water treatment plants that do not work properly kill posidonia more than recreational boats? Is there a hidden agenda or is it merely ignorance? If it is a strategy to achieve more revenue all you get is causing a heavy loss to the whole marine industry and thus, the Treasury itself. 

A few weeks ago the first meeting of the Advisory Council of Palma Boat Show to begin preparing the edition of 2013. During the event, the AENB presented a series of proposals vital to our Show to achieve levels of excellence and a capacity to attract potential customers. We all agree that it is an event-generating business, turnover thus has to be organized in such terms. There is a set of decisions that are part of a business management agile, modern and efficient, sometimes, is incompatible with the public, much heavier because of the nature of the institution. This is a problem that must be overcome by involving the private yachting sector bodies responsible for organizing the fair. Our industry, although it may seem from the outside, is quite heterogeneous and each business has specific needs. That is why in our proposals for the Show is to conduct a promotion and marketing work specific to each category: super yachts and brokers, shipyards and dealers, sports and traditional sailing, diving, water sports, boat repair and maintenance, nautical schools, recreational fishing, institutions, nautical tourism (destination Balearic Islands), marine / marinas, flea market, etc.. They are categories that encompass virtually the entire marine industry in our community and each of them needs a different strategy to reach potential customers. As you see, our proposals aimed at one goal: making the Palma Boat Show one of the key dates in the European calendar, appealing to both exhibitors and visitors.

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