Sunday, June 3, 2012

ANADE asks for coordination between the different administrations that manage moorings

The Association of Sport Ports in the Balearic Islands (ANADE) is committed to "enhanced coordination between the various authorities who have expertise in the recreational boating" and reiterates its readiness "to dialogue and advice" in those topics that his opinion "can be of interest to the Government of the Balearic Islands ", in order to avoid controversy as raised by the decree of moorings.
ANADE says that you can not regulate the anchorage off the coast of the Balearic Islands without first seeking the advice of the marine industry, and without the ministries of Industry Agriculture and Tourism have agreeing the key points of the decree. "If it prevents, as rumored, anchoring within 35 meters deep to the vessels from 40 feet, will occur without any doubt, a flight of nautical tourists to other destinations," said the association in a press release.

In addition, the marinas of the Balearic Islands considered that uncertainty about whether the decree will be approved or rejected, given the almost unanimous pressure the sector is damaging "to the external image of the Balearic Islands at the gates of the beginning of the tourist season."

ANADE "has reiterated on numerous occasions that the marinas are the main stakeholders in an appropriate environmental protection and seagrass meadows," and that "anchorages in the bays are the main attraction of its visitors and transit users" .

It has also stated that it supported the funding regulation that allows the one hand, ensure the conservation of the seabed in balance with recreational boating, and, second, guarantee the right to free anchor with anchor recognized in the Coastal Act where there is no risk of causing environmental damage.

It is important that boaters have the option to choose between using their own buoys or anchors, without, in any case, being forced to use a service they do not want.

The integrated marinas Anade consider it possible to reach consensus between industry and competent authorities for the funding to be free and environmentally friendly. "For that there must be fluent in the dialogue between the parties and not be regulated out of ignorance of reality Balearic of nautical and tourism," it adds.

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