Monday, December 8, 2014

METS with the biggest Spanish representation in its history comes to an end

Recently finished METS, the biggest exhibition in Europe of equipment, materials and systems for the recreational yachting, which took place from 18th to 20th of November, had ANEN coordinating the participation of the Spanish nautical industries. ANEN returned satisfied from the show, as this year the largest number of Spanish companies exhibited since  2007, when Spain participated for the first time.Apart from that, it is worth mentioning that this year the repercussion of some of the companies in the Spanish delegation, like DR SAILS, which received a special mention in the prestigious DAME Awards of design and innovation for  equipment and accessories in the nautical sector, and BAITRA, nominated also for these awards for the propeller THURSTOR that they represent.During METS 2014, the Spanish companies extended their presence in the show area, and apart from exhibiting in the Spanish hall, they were present in other halls, including the one dedicated exclusively to superyachts. The efforts of ANEN in METS were concentrated in coordination and assistance to Spanish exhibitors, as well as to other companies in need of attention; management of bilateral meetings between Spanish and foreign companies (with an objective to open new markets and to extend business opportunities), etc.ANEN participated in the Council meeting of EBIThe ANEN team traveled to Amsterdam because of METS, and participated at the same time in the Council meeting of EBI (European Boating Industry), as well as in various committees of ICOMIA that took place during the show, representing the Spanish nautical sector as a member of both institutions.Read the complete article in ANEN.

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