Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Azimut 55S, the most innovative sports boat at the moment

*Press release by our associates Marina Estrella

"The most innovative yacht of the year" and "The best general and interior design of the year" in the World Yacht Trophies 2012.

Barcelona, 6th of May 2013. - Marina Estrella commercializes the most innovative and effective yacht on the market at the moment, the Azimut 55S. This new vessel has revolutionized the traditional concept of medium size boats for various reasons: new spatial design situating the three cabins in the middle of the boat, more rigid and light structure by using carbon fibre, introducing a pivoting bathing platform and triple motorization with the new IPS system.

The innovative, surprising and revolutionary caracter of the Azimut 55S was recognized by the sector in the form of the awards "The most innovative yacht of the year" and "The best general and interior design of the year" in the World Yacht Trophies 2012.

The design revolution starts in the machine room, which hosts the triple Volvo IPS-1 system: 3 motors of 435 CV with contra-rotating twin propellers orientated towards the bow, which provide the Azimut 55S with a top speed of over 36 knots, a truly sportive performance.
The election of this revolutionary system of Volvo Penta for the first time in Azimut and in this unusual configuration was fundamental for the project, as compared to the same power of just two motors, the triple installation reduces the volume, length, weight and consumption, and increases the performance, maneuverability and efficiency.

The total output power of 1305 CV is accompanied by a general reduction in weight, due to the utilization of glass fibre and carbon fibre composites in the large areas of the deck and hull, and above all the fabrication of the structural parts in pure carbon fibre. This innovation has reduced the weight of the structure by 37%. The use of carbon fibre composite has lead to a reduction of weight of the hull by 10%, compared to a hull of the same size made of the traditional glass fibre.

The design of the stern is completely new, original and innovative. The bathing platform seems, at the first glance, a normal teak platform that rises about a meter above the sea level. But by simply pressing a button it transforms: the garage door, which is fixed to the bathing platform in L-shape, opens and inclines towards the sea. As a result, the original platform submerges and disappears below the sea level, substituted in few second by a new platform (the internal part of the door, which is also clad in teak), which extends by almost two meters over the sea. To take out or to store a tender, you only need to incline the platform and position the tender on special rollers.

The sliding ceiling window, available both in glass fibre and in big glass panels, makes the boat a unique space with a continuous design, style, materials and colors which are identical both in the salon and in the cockpit. The big teak table can be lowered electrically at the level of the C-shaped sofa. With the help of some cushions the dining area can be transformed into a huge chill out and sun bathing area.

The main deck is designed in one single level. In the forward part, with the aim to gain more comfort and security, the absence of steps has allowed the designers to include a sofa orientated towards the bow, right in front of the windscreen. This ideal space for relaxation and sunbathing is unique in this category of boats, adding extra value to the product.

The crew cabin is situated right in the bow, with access through a hatch from the main deck. This provides the owner more privacy, as the crew doesn´t need to pass through the pilot house to get to his cabin. At the same time, this arrangement offers the crew more privacy, as the bow of the boat is generally less visited, specially at night in the port.

As a result of the change of location of the crew cabin, the VIP cabin, the guest cabin and the main cabin are situated in the middle of the boat, which by being the widest point of the boat provides more volume for these cabins, as well as more stability for the boat.

The light indoors reaches new levels through the horizontal hull windows which provide generous quantities of natural light in the VIP cabin as well as in the guest cabin, while the main cabin has the traditional six windows on each side of the hull, allowing an unprecedented amount of light in.

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